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How To Use Aloe Vera On Hair:

Aloe vera for hair, skin and medicinal purposes has been used for centuries as a remedy ingredient in most beauty products, and there’s no wonder as to why!

It is the godsend for hair and skin that needs a little bit of TLC.

But for this guide, I am going to run through all the ways that you can use aloe vera on your hair. Whether you have dry curls, thick coarse hair, or problematic scalp, aloe vera is here to save the day.

This guide is mainly for my curlies, coilies, and wavies out there. If your curls are a little thirsty, have seen better days because of harsh weather, or need a bit of loving, then aloe vera is the one you should be looking for in your DIY hair care.

There are hundreds of benefits of aloe vera for curly hair, but that’s a whole other guide!

Want curls to be hydrated, defined and your scalp to feel renewed? Don’t we all! Luckily with aloe vera, that is very much possible, plus you don’t need to break your bank!

Let me show you a few different ways you can use this yummy aloe vera goodness on your hair!

how to use aloe vera

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera gel is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. It originates from Arabian Peninsula but grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates all over the globe.

In layman’s terms, aloe vera is known as the “wonder plant.” Many uses are made from the gel obtained from the plant’s leaves, and it has serious benefits on hair and skin.

It has been used for centuries for its healing properties.

Each aloe vera leaf is made up of three layers. The inner gel actually contains 99% water, which is why aloe vera gel is so hydrating and helps with moisture retention.

Plus, the rest of the plant is made of the amino acids glucomannans, sterols, lipids, and vitamins. Fun fact of the day the middle layer is actually made of latex!

Natural Vs. Store-Bought Aloe Vera:

You can either buy aloe vera gel products, or you can make your own by owning an aloe vera plant, and if you love owning a plant, then you can benefit from the air purifying qualities as well as the amazing hair benefits.

But if you’re a bit like me and cannot keep a plant alive to save the life of you, then buying an organic aloe vera gel online is super easy and not too expensive either.

Many people commonly use aloe vera gel to treat burns, moisturize the skin, but aloe vera has also been benefiting hair, especially curly hair. Many curlies use it in their hair care routine because of the deeply moisturizing and hydrating goodness of the ingredients.

As long as you buy 100% organic and at least 99% natural aloe vera from the store, your scalp and hair can still benefit from what store-bought aloe vera gel has to offer.

Most of these organic aloe vera gels contain natural preservatives, so it does last longer, but make sure you watch out for additives or non-natural ingredients.

The good thing about buying an aloe plant rather than using aloe vera gel from the store is that you only need to water the plant once every two weeks!

It is super easy to look after and comes with so many health benefits and benefits on hair strands. So over buying online, invest in a good aloe plant!

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Curly Hair

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel On Hair:

There are a few ways that you can use aloe vera on your hair, whether it is as a gel, scalp treatment for scalp irritation, conditioner to combat hair loss, and promoting hair growth.

You can either buy aloe vera gel online or if you want that extremely natural DIY and benefits from the rich ingredients inside the gel, then you can buy an aloe vera plant itself and use the gel inside the leaves. You just need to first know how to get the goop out:

How To Remove Aloe Vera Gel From The Plant:

You’ll want to remove 2-3 leaves from the plant at once, remove the thicker leaves from the outside and inspect them for any mold and ensure they are healthy. Don’t touch the roots. Just remove these leaves from the plant directly.

Slice open the leaf by cutting off the ends and spiky sides and then split it down the middle. Scrape the insides into a bowl and separate the gel from the chunks and then blend or use a milk nut bag to collect the gel and pop it in a storage gel.

Pree Poo Treatment For Curly Hair:

Since aloe vera is a humectant and emollient, it means that it is extremely hydrating and beneficial for curly hair. It can moisturize, deep condition and protect curls during the washing process and help hair retain moisture.

Aloe vera is also a great DIY detangler, so by using this as a pre-poo treatment in sections, it provides slip and makes the curly detangling process much easier for curls. The yummy goodness can even improve the condition and leave curls healthy.

  • – Start by opening the leaf and chopping it into chunks; you’ll want to split each aloe square in half to get to the yummy goodness. If its easier to apply, you can also blend the gel, so it is much easier to use on your curls in sections
  • – Use your hands to massage the gooey aloe goodness into your itchy scalp, and then work in sections to massage it into the ends. You can even add a few drops of castor oil, coconut oil, or argan oil (depending on your hair porosity) for extra goodness.
  • – Leave the treatment on your hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair like usual.

Using Aloe Vera As A Detangler:

Aloe vera is also a great natural detangler. It eases through tangles by improving the condition of hair and creating a natural lubricant for hair, creating the slip needed to detangle even the most stubborn of knots within the hair.

It will add a slippering coating to your hair, making it much easier to remove tangles through brushing or combing. It also helps improve elasticity and strengthen the hair from within so it detangles with minimal breakage.

For curly hair, we need as much slip as we can get for the detangling process. Since we can only detangle our curls while wet, it is more likely to get damaged, so aloe vera provides slip, increases elasticity, and creates a film over the hair to prevent breakage.

So here’s how you do it.

  • – Cut the aloe vera leaf-like usual but strain so you’re left with aloe vera juice. Part your hair into four sections or more if you have extremely thick hair. Focus on one section and spray the aloe vera juice generously onto the ends of your hair.
  • – Use a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb and gently smooth out strands and detangle any knots. Or you can leave it on hair for 30 minutes and detangle as best you can beforehand and after– this is great for stubborn knots.

Using As A Hair Mask:

Aloe vera can also be used as a DIY hair mask for damaged hair. It can be blended with coconut oil which is an emollient that can help retain moisture, help with protein loss and strengthen the hair from within. Shea butter is another brilliant ingredient to use for moisturization.

Olive oil for high porosity or argan oil for low porosity hair is another ingredient you can mix in to create this hair mask. Argan oil is a penetrating oil, so it can work to repair everything within the cuticle, while olive oil is deeply hydrating too.

  • – Cut and scoop out all of the contents of the fresh aloe vera gel like before and blend the contents in a blender, adding three tablespoons of olive or argan oil. These ingredients are godsends for locking in moisture within the strands.
  • – You can either add a tablespoon of castor oil, coconut oil, or shea butter to the mix for a little extra hydration mix and then strain the mixture to remove any clumps and then pop into a jar or spray bottle- depending on consistency.
  • – Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse off and then shampoo, condition, and style as usual.

DIY Aloe Vera Gel:

For curly hair, using aloe vera as a gel is extremely beneficial. It provides a light hold while offering all of the juicy benefits of hair strengthening, moisturizing and hydrating. It provides a light and non-greasy hold to the hair.

  •  1/2 cup aloe vera gel
  • – 20-30 drops of your chosen essential oil

If you’re using aloe vera gel straight from the plant, the first thing you’ll need to do is blend it up until it forms a spreadable gel; I like to add my essential oils to the blender, so it’s easy to mix. Aloe vera makes a great DIY hair gel.

It should be quick a thick consistency, but it should still be easy to use; adding the essential oils to the mixture should help thin the consistency slightly to make it easy to spread.

If you prefer to use store-bought aloe vera, it should be stabilized to extend shelf life, it should last at room temperature for at least three months, but fresh aloe vera should last a week or two if refrigerated.

Aloe Vera For Hair Growth:

The top thing I get asked is, does aloe vera help promote hair growth? While yes, there are many benefits of aloe gel aiding hair growth by improving the condition of the hair, but there is actually no scientific evidence to support this.

But the best way to aid healthy hair growth is to be consistent; aloe vera can massively improve the condition of the hair, which over time can help aid with hair growth. It unclogs hair follicles and improves the condition of the scalp that can help make hair grow faster.

It can work to promote the growth of your hair by relieving the inflammation of the scalp and keeping the hair moisturized. Hair will appear to be longer as well as it can help nourish the ends of your hair, so split ends are less visible, and hair is stronger.

Hydration is key for healthy hair and building a healthy skin barrier; it won’t speed up the rate that your hair grows as that’s down to your DNA, but it will improve the overall appearance of your hair so that it looks visibility stronger and hence longer.

It won’t snap off or split when it gets to a certain length, as the natural hair is strengthened by the yummy goodness of the aloe vera gel. The nutrients and vitamins will strengthen the hair from within to improve its condition and overall appearance.

Applying aloe vera gel and leaving it to sit on your scalp and ends for 20-30 minutes once a week can help improve the condition of the hair and promote the growth of hair as it improves the overall environment and condition of the hair. 

How To Use Aloe Vera On Hair

How Often To Use Aloe Vera On Hair:

You can use aloe vera gel every time you wash or style your hair; it depends on what you are using it for. If using it as a gel, you can use it every time you style your hair.

But if you’re using it for healing properties such as sunburned skin and scalp, or to help with scalp irritation and remove dead skin cells, then using it once or twice a week is recommended.

You can mix aloe vera gel with other ingredients such as coconut oil for high porosity hair or argan oil for low porosity hair for even more hydration benefits.

If you are replacing your shampoo or conditioner with aloe vera gel, then you should use it two to three times per week, depending on how often you usually wash it.

For a hydrating hair mask, use it when mixed with other ingredients for more benefits and use it once every week or two either before or in replacement of conditioner.

The great thing about aloe vera is that it is so natural that it won’t damage your hair, so you can use it as often as you feel your hair follicles need it.

aloe vera for curly hair


So there you have it, all the different ways you can use aloe vera on your hair for the ultimate benefits of hydration, renewal, protection, and even detangling.

If you want a low-maintenance air purifier then invest in an aloe vera plant. It is easy to look after and has many more benefits than purchasing aloe vera online.

Give aloe vera a try in your hair routine to improve your hair health. You’ll love the benefits of this yummy goodness inside of the best aloe vera gels.

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