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Best Aloe Vera Gel For Hair [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on March 21, 2022
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Aloe vera is known as the magic plant; it comes with heaps of benefits for nourishing both your skin and hair. Aloe vera has taken the world by storm for centuries for its magnificent medicinal, healing, and nourishing properties.

The 100% natural ingredients of the pure aloe vera gel can work wonders on hair.

If caring for a plant seems impossible for you, trust me, I’ve killed my fair share of plants over the years; then, I have found some of the best aloe vera gels on the market for healing properties and helping to nourish the hair and scalp.

Aloe vera is a humectant and emollient, so it retains moisture from the environment to keep your strands hydrated and helps to retain this moisture within the cuticle by creating a seal over the ends. It is perfect for those with curly hair too.

But that’s not the only thing aloe vera is brilliant at…

Aloe vera is deeply nourishing and can help skin irritation and itchy scalp. It can reduce dandruff and unblock hair follicles that may the blocked with oil while also improving the condition of the scalp overall; this can help promote hair growth.

I have selected some of my favorite aloe vera products on the market for hair. Plus, since aloe vera is so natural and gentle, it is also safe to use on sensitive skin and problematic scalp. It is perfect for those with thicker hair that needs that moisture boost.

But enough of me rambling on; the buying guide section at the bottom is for that. Let’s delve in!

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Top Picks Of The Best Aloe Vera Gels For Every Hair Type


Seven Minerals Store Organic Aloe Vera Ge

best organic aloe vera gel for hair

Now you already know that aloe vera is the wonder plant for healing, nourishing, and promoting healthy hair growth, but when buying the plant itself, it is slippery and hard to use. We tend to opt for a bottled version, but again, it is full of chemicals and not right.

I’ve tried more aloe vera gels than I can shake a stick at, but Seven Minerals has shocked me with their aloe vera formula.

However, out of all of the aloe vera gels I have tried, this one has to be my favorite. The natural ingredients within the bottle. This cold-pressed formula and 100% natural thickener make this aloe vera gel easy to apply without being sticky or watery.

It even includes an e-book of 30 different DIY recipes plus tips and advice such as how to tame frizzy hair, how to reduce dandruff, how to use aloe vera as a conditioner, and more. So not only do you have the benefits of using aloe vera, but a guide on how to use it too.

But let’s talk about the benefits of this incredible aloe vera gel.

This aloe vera gel can be used on your skin and hair. It moisturizes and hydrates both skin and hair and soothes irritation. It offers conditioning qualities and nourishes the hair from the inside out; it is perfect for curly hair as it hydrates and tames frizz.

It is so good for your hair and skin that it just sucks it up; for hair, it leaves a lightweight hold of styles, too, without looking greasy.

Plus, because of the alkaline properties of the aloe vera, it helps maintain the pH levels of the scalp and the hair; this helps promote healthier hair growth and helps to keep hair hydrated and moisturized for longer periods, protecting it from humidity too.

It can even protect those luscious strands from some heat damage (still recommend a heat protectant on top, though), but it improves the overall condition of the hair and nourishes it from within. This organic and natural formula is winning.

To top it all off, unlike other brands, it is free of Xanthan, Carrageenan, and Carbomers.

  • Highest quality and 100% natural formula
  • Can be used on hair and skin
  • Nourishing, moisturizing, and hydrating
  • Helps tame frizz and condition hair
  • None

Latest deal: Seven Minerals Store Organic Aloe Vera Gel


NaturSense Organic Aloe Vera Gel

best aloe vera gel for natural hair

We all deserve to experience the highest potency of fresh aloe vera, rich with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes for the healthiest, most hydrated, lustrous hair. This aloe vera gel by NaturSense is made from 99.75% organic aloe vera.

So while it is 0.25% less organic than the previous aloe vera gel by Seven Minerals Store, it comes with many benefits.

For starters, it is freshly grown, harvested, and produced in the USA and free of any harsh chemicals, thickeners, and preservatives like other brands that offer little to no aloe vera gel in their formula. Unlike Seven Minerals, it does contain Xanthan.

But don’t worry, this is a natural thickener and not harmful to the hair, but it is why this one is only 99.75% organic, and the other brand is 100% organic as it does not contain this natural thickening chemical.

But enough about talking about which one is more organic and which one is not, let’s talk benefits!

It absorbs quickly into the hair, leaving no sticky residue. It also helps increase elasticity in the hair by stimulating collagen production. It is a natural exfoliant for the scalp to help with itchy scalp and dry skin– it is brilliant for problematic scalp.

It can be used as a hair conditioner, loose styling gel, or even a treatment for dandruff. I personally love this one for curly hair as it provides a lightweight hold on the hair while deeply nourishing and hydrating the scalp and ends.

You can leave it on the scalp as a scalp treatment for 10 minutes, on the entire hair for 4-5 minutes for a conditioning treatment, or even a small amount on the ends of your hair as a hair gel. The anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for improving the condition of the hair.

It is never sticky and runs on your hair like silk; it should be a staple in your hair care routine; whether it is to help with skin ailments or to benefit the hair in many ways, this aloe gel is pretty incredible for many uses.

I’ve used it on my hair a handful of times, and I found that it repaired my brittle hair after a few uses; applying it with castor oil and tea tree oil was my favorite reparative treatment for my hair, especially after years of bleaching.

  • 99.75% organic aloe vera gel
  • Suitable for hair and skin
  • Deeply hydrating and moisturizing
  • Adds shine and repairs from the inside out
  • Not 100% organic

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Amara Beauty Store Aloe Vera Gel

best aloe vera gel for hair growth

Next up is yet another organic cold-pressed aloe vera gel by Amara Beauty. It is yet another brand that uses the highest quality aloe vera; just like NaturSense, it is also 99.75% organic, but the last 0.25% are food-grade preservatives.

It can be used on skin and hair for many benefits. For starters, aloe vera, in general, is extremely hydrating, moisturizing, and nourishing for the skin, hair, and cuticles. It can help with sunburns and restore lost moisture within the skin and hair.

After all, UV rays are as harmful to hair as they are to the skin. They strip hair from natural moisture from the hair shaft and damage the hair’s protein and cuticle. Many of us often forget the damaging effects of the rays on our hair.

This can result in dry, brittle ends, frizziness, split ends, dullness, and even thinning. Plus, with curly hair, this happens a lot quicker, and damage can be worse as curls tend to lack moisture due to the texture of the hair.

But no need to fear; aloe vera is here.

Aloe vera can provide a natural UV protectant over the hair, as well as repair the hair from previous UV damage. It is non-sticky and absorbs quickly into the hair without leaving any greasy residue, so you use it and then enjoy your days out in the sun.

Just like the other two aloe vera products I have reviewed, you can leave aloe vera gel in your hair as a treatment or use it as a gel. There are many benefits of the aloe vera juice gel for both your hair and skin.

If you love pool time and catching some rays, like myself, then you’ll love the benefits of this aloe vera gel. I found that the moisture was restored after using this product on my hair, and my skin felt amazing after getting a little burnt in the sun.

Your scalp, hair, and skin will thank you for using this pure aloe vera gel, especially if you have an itchy scalp, dry skin, or dry hair. You’ll be shocked by the benefits of this aloe vera gel after some sun exposure.

  • Protects from UVA and UVB rays
  • Restores hair after a day out in the sun
  • Can improve overall hair health
  • Can help with scalp and skin irritation
  • None

Latest deal: Amara Beauty Store Aloe Vera Gel


Costa Farms Aloe Vera Indoor Plant

best aloe vera plant

If you love keeping plants and don’t have any aloe vera plants yet, then you’re living under a rock. If you’re looking for 100% natural hen, investing and looking after an aloe vera is key to the best aloe vera gel and most natural aloe.

House plants have that magic quality that makes any space more inviting. So if you’re thinking of the benefits of an aloe plant for your hair and skin then, getting an aloe vera plant is a great option. It has many benefits for your body as well as air purifying.

Since aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it can help protect your skin and nourish the hair follicle from within. This is what makes aloe vera plants so great, as the air benefits from it, and so does your body.

Using your own aloe vera plant is super easy for some great DIYs too!

All you need to do is remove 3-4 leaves at a time, choose the thicker leaves from the outer sections of the plant and ensure they are all healthy. Most nutrients are found at the base of the leaf, cut the outside and leave it to drain.

You’ll then want to cut the aloe vera gel into cubes and then blend in the blender until it collects together to form a gel. You can mix with coconut oil for a deep conditioning treatment or apply directly as a scalp or hair growth treatment.

This natural aloe vera can also be used as a natural hair gel for curly hair. It has a lightweight hold and massively helps with moisture retention and repairing the hair follicle from within. It does not build up on the hair, nor does it leave a greasy residue.

For all my green thumbs out there, aloe vera plants are a great investment for air purification, decoration as well as the many benefits on your hair and skin. Plus, it only needs watering once every two weeks, so super easy to look after.

I know what you’re thinking, and I would be skeptical about buying a plant on Amazon, but you can order worry-free; it comes well packaged and damage-free. It also ships out quickly, so you can benefit from this aloe plant a few days after ordering.

I’ve got this plant sitting on my bathroom window; it is still thriving months after!

  • 100% natural plant, no harmful ingredients
  • Air purifying plus benefits on skin and hair
  • Extremely hydrating and moisturizing
  • Well packaged and arrives damage-free
  • Some customers did find damage but only in rare cases

Latest deal: Costa Farms Aloe Vera Indoor Plant


Being Naturals Aloe Vera Gel

Last but certainly not least is yet another strongest and purest aloe vera gel on the market. But instead of being just aloe vera gel like the other brands, Being Naturals also include stem cell, manuka honey, and tea tree oil infusion for additional benefits.

It is made from freshly cut aloe vera juice, not powder, so you can buy with confidence that you are getting yet another extremely natural and organic product. It is also naturally sulfate and paraben-free, meaning it is safe to use on curly hair.

These ingredients absorb into the hair or skin quickly and leave no greasy residue, so hair is left silky soft, and manageable. The added stem cells and manuka honey help with hair growth and cell renewal and regeneration and come with heaps of benefits.

So let’s talk about each in more detail, shall we?

This aloe vera gel is perfect for damaged, weak, lifeless hair as the stem cells within the formula can help make weak hair follicles stronger and healthier and restimulate old follicles which helps combat hair loss and promote hair growth. Stem cells are often used to treat baldness and are a great way to regrow hair without transplant or surgery.

Manuka honey comes with its fair share of benefits for hair too. It is a humectant and emollient like aloe vera and they go hand in hand to attract and retain moisture. Both ingredients are also extremely nourishing and can revive damaged hair.

Manuka honey also works with aloe vera to help support dry, flaky scalp, it also comes with many healing properties.

The final ingredient is that can promote hair growth is tea-tree oil. It promotes blood flow to the scalp and helps with scalp care. Just like aloe vera, it can balance the pH level of the scalp to promote the healthiest hair possible.

So this formula comes with its fair share of benefits on hair and especially hair growth and repair.

  • Extremely reparative and restorative
  • Infused with stem cells, honey, and tea tree
  • Helps promote hair growth
  • Natural formula
  • None

Latest deal: Being Naturals Aloe Vera Gel

Best Aloe Vera Gel For Hair- A Buyer's Guide

Now you know why aloe vera is known as the wonder plant. Using pure aloe vera gel in your hair routine or even skin routine comes with many benefits and seriously improves the condition of your hair. It comes packed with nutrients and vitamins.

Whether you love a good ol’ DIY or want to go more natural with your hair care then purchasing aloe vera gel is a great way to start. Aloe vera gel can benefit any hair type but especially curly hair as it is the driest hair type of them all.

Due to the texture, natural oils cannot reach the ends of curly hair, so using super moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, honey, coconut oil, etc to attain and retain moisture within the hair strands.

Aloe vera gel is also beneficial for all hair porosities as it is super lightweight and won’t weigh hair down. It creates a seal over the ends, making it extremely beneficial for retaining moisture in coarse hair but it is light enough to not buildup on low porosity hair.

The best aloe vera gel for ultimate benefits is organic, natural organic aloe vera gel. You’ll want to watch out for companies packing their formulas with preservatives and chemicals that are either too harsh or just don’t benefit the hair.

In this buying guide, I’m here to guide you through how to find the best aloe vera gel for hair and how to use it on hair to reap the benefits. So stay tuned, your healthy, luscious locks await.

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera gel is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. It originates from Arabian Peninsula but grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates all over the globe.

In layman’s terms, aloe vera is known as the “wonder plant.” Many uses are made from the gel obtained from the plant’s leaves, and it has serious benefits on hair and skin. It has been used for centuries for its healing properties.

Each aloe vera leaf is made up of three layers. The inner gel actually contains 99% water, which is why aloe vera gel is so hydrating and helps with moisture retention. Plus, the rest of the plant is made of the amino acids glucomannans, sterols, lipids, and vitamins.

Fun fact of the day the middle layer is actually made of latex!

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair:

What does aloe vera do for your hair, and what are the benefits of using it? Well, aloe vera works wonders for both the hair and skin. It is packed with essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that nourish the hair from the inside out.

It is much more than a cute plant on your windowsill. It has been used for centuries for health benefits and medicinal purposes; it is best known for healing burns, skin irritation, and wounds but has become so much more in recent decades.

It is rich in fatty acids as well as nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and is known to improve the overall health of your hair, as well as promote healthy hair growth of your hair itself. Adding earth aloe gel to your routine comes with many benefits.

Aloe vera topically treats skin, hair, and nails with its extremely restorative ingredients. But here are the top benefits:

Aloe Vera Is Extremely Hydrating:

Aloe vera gel is made up of 99% water and packed with nutrients for the hair. It is both an emollient and humectant, so it helps retain moisture within the hair follicle. It is ideal for the curly hair type as it is so hydrating and moisturizing.

By aloe vera gel is a humectant, meaning it works with the environment to draw moisture from the air and keep hair hydrated. It also creates a seal over the end of the hair to lock in moisture and help retain moisture in the cuticle– perfect for those with high porosity hair.

Due to its moisturizing properties and nourishing vitamins, aloe vera juice and gel can help promote healthier hair the vitamins hydrate and restore damage within the cuticle. If you suffer from dry, brittle ends, then aloe vera can help restore this lacking moisture.

It also moisturizes the scalp too, not just the hair. It helps unclog pores so moisture can really penetrate into the scalp and offer all the yummy goodness to improve the overall condition of the hair, so it is hydrated and restored.

Helps Aid Natural Hair Growth:

Aloe vera gel is rich in vitamins and enzymes, which have the ability to draw dead skin cells away from the scalp, unclog the follicle and promote a healthy scalp environment.

These same enzymes then work to lock in moisture into the hair while stimulating the hair follicle. This can massively help with hair loss and cell regeneration which helps repair the hair from within.

If you mix aloe vera gel with coconut oil, you can have the ultimate benefits on hair growth as coconut oil repairs the hair and scalp within and helps with protein loss.

Aloe vera gel even contains a chemical that is very similar to keratin that works to rejuvenate the hair to strengthen the hair strands from within and prevent breakage.

This helps you achieve those luscious long curls you’ve been dreaming of!

Cleanses The Hair:

Suffer from a greasy scalp? Well, another cool benefit of aloe vera gel or juice is that you can leave aloe vera gel on your scalp, and it will work to cleanse and unclog pores filled with oil. It is great for those looking for a mild, natural cleanser.

For example, for some curlies, sulfates are far too harsh for hair, so switching natural is ideal, and aloe vera is the suitable ingredient for the job. Mixing aloe vera gel and apple cider vinegar is a great way to cleanse the scalp and remove buildup.

It will leave hair looking soft and shiny.

Helps Heal Dry & Itchy Scalp:

Using aloe gel as a scalp treatment is also extremely beneficial for tackling dry and itchy scalp. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients can help reduce dandruff by deeply conditioning and unblocking hair follicles that may be blocked by excess oil.

Using aloe vera on your scalp a few times a week is highly beneficial for treating dry scalp. Massaging it into your scalp on its own or mixed with tea-tree or peppermint oil can help stimulate blood flow and tackle a problematic scalp.

When your scalp is dry, dandruff is likely to follow. So by treating your dry scalp with aloe vera gel and massaging it into the scalp should help with this issue. Applying aloe vera to naturally curly hair will help remove dead skin cells by balancing out the pH on the scalp. This also helps fight scalp inflammations too.

Balances The pH of The Scalp:

Aloe vera gel works wonders for balancing the pH on natural hair. Aloe vera is slightly acidic, so it can balance the scalp and hair after using hair products that are alkaline in nature, like shampoos and styling products.

Over time these products can cause damage to the hair because the pH is unbalanced. Aloe vera can restore this balance and promote healthier and happier hair. Pairing with apple cider vinegar is great for oily skin and scalp as it can rebalance this pH as well as cleanse.

Helps Tame Frizz:

Aloe vera gel can help cure frizzy hair in a flash. It helps improve the overall condition of the hair and prevents dryness-related frizz as it deeply hydrates, which is yet another reason why it is so beneficial for curly hair as it helps tame frizz at the root.

It gives curls shine, and a soft texture as well as makes frizz more manageable. It also creates a film over the ends of your hair to help prevent humidity-related frizz. It forms a seal over the hair, which helps attain and retain moisture within the hair.

Can Be Used As A Styling Gel:

For my curlies out there looking for a light hold without it weighing down your natural hair, then aloe vera gel will be your best friend. It is a great DIY hair gel recipe for curly hair and those looking for something not too heavy, a natural finish, but a hold that will last for days to come.

Aloe vera gel alone has some great benefits for your hair. The main one is that it strengthens hair; it has many active ingredients to strengthen your strands. It can also protect your hair from UV damage; it forms a seal over the cuticle, which can help protect it from UV and heat damage.

It is a brilliant moisturizer and scalp conditioner, but it also offers light hold, making it a brilliant gel for curls. Any hair type can benefit from using aloe vera as a hair gel, especially if you’re looking for a light hold on the hair.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Curly Hair

How To Use Aloe Vera On Hair:

There are a few ways you can use aloe vera on hair, as a gel, as a scalp treatment, as a conditioner, or even as a cleansing treatment with apple cider vinegar to unclog the hair follicles and remove excess oil from the scalp.

You can either buy aloe vera gel online, or if you want that extremely natural DIY and benefits from the rich ingredients inside the gel, then you can buy an aloe plant itself and use the gel inside the leaves. You just need to first know how to get the goop out:

How To Remove Aloe Vera Gel From The Plant:

You’ll want to remove 2-3 leaves from the plant at once, remove the thicker leaves from the outside and inspect them for any mold and ensure they are healthy. Don’t touch the roots. Just remove these leaves from the plant directly.

Slice open the leaf by cutting off the ends and spiky sides and then split it down the middle. Scrape the insides into a bowl and separate the gel from the chunks and then blend or use a milk nut bag to collect the gel and pop it in a storage gel.

Pree Poo Treatment For Curly Hair:

Aloe vera is extremely hydrating, which is extremely beneficial for curly hair. It can hydrate, moisturize, and deep condition curls while also protecting them during the shampooing process and helping to retain moisture.

Aloe vera is also a great detangler, so by using this as a pre-poo treatment in sections, it provides slip and makes the curly detangling process much easier for curls. The yummy goodness can even improve the condition and leave curls healthy.

You can use aloe vera in your DIY detangler or even as a DIY leave in conditioner

  • – Start by opening the leaf and chopping it into chunks; you’ll want to split each aloe square in half to get to the yummy goodness. If its easier to apply, you can also blend the gel, so it is much easier to use on your curls in sections
  • – Use your hands to massage the gooey aloe goodness into your scalp, and then work in sections to massage it into the ends. You can even add a few drops of castor oil, coconut oil, or argan oil (depending on your hair porosity) for extra goodness.
  • – Leave the treatment on your hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair like usual.

Using Aloe Vera As A Detangler:

Aloe vera is also a great natural detangler. It eases through tangles by improving the condition of hair and creating a natural lubricant for hair, creating the slip needed to detangle even the most stubborn of knots within the hair– aloe vera is a great DIY detangler!

It will add a slippering coating to your hair, making it much easier to remove tangles through brushing or combing. It also helps improve elasticity and strengthen the hair from within so it detangles with minimal breakage.

So for curly hair or thick hair, aloe vera can be extremely beneficial when it comes to detangling.

  • – Cut the aloe vera leaf-like usual but strain so you’re left with aloe vera juice. Part your hair into four sections or more if you have extremely thick hair. Focus on one section and spray the aloe vera juice generously onto the ends of your hair.
  • – Use a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb and gently smooth out strands and detangle any knots. Or you can leave it on hair for 30 minutes and detangle as best you can beforehand and after– this is great for stubborn knots.

Using As A Hair Mask:

Aloe vera can also be used as a DIY hair mask for damaged hair. It can be blended with coconut oil which is an emollient that can help retain moisture, help with protein loss and strengthen the hair from within. Shea butter is another brilliant ingredient to use for moisturization.

Olive oil for high porosity or argan oil for low porosity hair is another ingredient you can mix in to create this hair mask. Argan oil is a penetrating oil, so it can work to repair everything within the cuticle, while olive oil is deeply hydrating too.

  • – Cut and scoop out all of the contents of the aloe vera gel like before and blend the contents in a blender, adding three tablespoons of olive or argan oil. These ingredients are godsends for locking in moisture within the strands.

  • – You can either add a tablespoon of castor oil, coconut oil, or shea butter to the mix for a little extra hydration mix and then strain the mixture to remove any clumps and then pop into a jar or spray bottle- depending on consistency.

  • – Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse off and then shampoo, condition, and style as usual.

DIY Aloe Vera Gel:

For curly hair, using aloe vera as a gel is extremely beneficial. It provides a light hold while offering all of the juicy benefits of hair strengthening, moisturizing and hydrating. It provides a light and non-greasy hold to the hair.

  •  1/2 cup aloe vera gel
  • – 20-30 drops of your chosen essential oil

If you’re using aloe vera gel straight from the plant, the first thing you’ll need to do is blend it up until it forms a spreadable gel; I like to add my essential oils to the blender, so it’s easy to mix. Aloe vera makes a great DIY hair gel.

It should be quick a thick consistency, but it should still be easy to use; adding the essential oils to the mixture should help thin the consistency slightly to make it easy to spread.

If you prefer to use store-bought aloe vera, it should be stabilized to extend shelf life, it should last at room temperature for at least three months, but fresh aloe vera should last a week or two if refrigerated.

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Hair Growth:

The top thing I get asked is, does aloe vera help aid hair growth? While yes, there are many benefits of aloe gel aiding hair growth by improving the condition of the hair, but there is actually no scientific evidence to support this.

But the best way to aid hair growth is to be consistent; aloe vera can massively improve the condition of the hair, which over time can help aid with hair growth. It unclogs hair follicles and improves the condition of the scalp that can help make hair grow faster.

It can work to promote the growth of your hair by relieving the inflammation of the scalp and keeping the hair moisturized. Hair will appear to be longer as well as it can help nourish the ends of your hair, so split ends are less visible, and hair is stronger.

Hydration is key for healthy hair and building a healthy skin barrier; it won’t speed up the rate that your hair grows as that’s down to your DNA, but it will improve the overall appearance of your hair so that it looks visibility stronger and hence longer.

It won’t snap off or split when it gets to a certain length, as the natural hair is strengthened by the yummy goodness of the aloe vera gel. The nutrients and vitamins will strengthen the hair from within to improve its condition and overall appearance.

Applying aloe vera gel and leaving it to sit on your scalp and ends for 20-30 minutes once a week can help improve the condition of the hair and promote the growth of hair as it improves the overall environment and condition of the hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long to leave aloe vera on hair?

When it comes to leaving aloe vera on hair as a treatment, you should leave it on your hair for around 30 minutes. But that being said, you can leave aloe vera on your hair for as long as you’d like; it will only benefit for up to 30 minutes after, though.

You can also use aloe vera as a hair gel for curly hair, so you can leave it on your hair until the next wash day. It is super lightweight and does not leave a greasy residue on the hair; it can be used on either hair porosities too.

How how do you cut the aloe vera plant for hair?

When cutting an aloe leaf from the plant for your hair, it is best to remove the entire leaf and keep the plant looking good. Cut the leaf as close as possible to the main steam and harvest the leaf as close as possible to the bottom of the plant.

Older leaves tend to be thicker, so pick 3-4 leaves from the outside of the plant; they are the ripest and best for nutrients. Slice the leaf in half and scoop out the gel from the inside and cut into cubes, and then cut in half.

For the juice, you should squeeze the cube through the muslin cloth to squeeze the liquid out of the gel. For the gel, you should blend the cubes in the blender for a well-blended gel and apply directly to the scalp and ends of the hair, and massage in.

How do you store aloe vera gel for hair?

Aloe vera will last a few weeks after you have blended and stored it in a jar if refrigerated. If you want to preserve the aloe vera for longer, you can freeze it and then defrost it when being used. You should keep it in an airtight container.

Create enough for a couple of uses; then you should never need to worry about it going bad. 


So there you have everything you need to know when buying the best aloe vera gel for hair. Anyone can benefit from using aloe gel in their hair care routine, whether you have curly, straight, wavy, coily, thick, or thin hair.

Whether you want to improve the health of your natural hair, benefit from the detangling properties or protect your luscious locks from damage, it is a great natural alternative to unlock the ultimate capabilities of your hair.

So choose any of the aloe vera products I have selected for you today, whether that is the aloe vera gel or an aloe plant– aloe vera can be used in both your skin care and for all hair types. So give it a try today; you’ll love the results!

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