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E.L.F Nail Polish Review in 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

  • Vitamin E for healthier nails
  • Super cheap
  • A beautiful blend of colors 
  • Easy application

E.L.F Nail Polish Review

So I decided to review this nail polish that has written its pages with its quality. With the e.l.f nail polish getting a manicure and pedicure from the comfort of your home is so easy. Today, there are numerous products in the market, but only a few give that satisfaction to the user. Selecting any of the colors will fit into any complexion and blend true any skin tone.

The e.l.f nail polish has been a stand out amongst all others as it has the edge over brands. This product got a 100 percent review and recommendation from me. The groundbreaking bristle design in this e.l.f. Nail polish set glides color on flawlessly and smoothly. 

I am reviewing this product has been a thing for me because I am passionate e.l.f nail polish and how unique it comes—imbued with potent vitamin E for more robust and healthier results in a blink of an eye. Most users got addicted to the brand because its application steps are quite elementary.

This revolutionary piece of work has made its mark with its splendid nutrients that pops out life in your nail, giving it that dazzling beauty. This e.l.f cosmetics nail polish pack offers a superior value, with nutritional value slides to guide you through the ingredients. Manicure at home? Steps to achieving a wonder are that the nail is fast and comfortable from your couch’s comfort, either as a learner or a professional. The different color variants show on the slides for an easy selection of the color that best fits your natural glow.

Worried about the price? Labeled at $1.00 each per bottle, the pack contains ten modified bottles, going for $10.00, a price that you get more value for less credit. The price tag is at the top corner for easy location

Color: The polish comes in a regular small bottle with the name at the bottom’s shade, and the different colors are viewed through the rigid polymer out cover, which is transparent for glances of the paint.

E.L.F nail polish brand became universal in the wide variety of color that exactly fits into any skin tone, even deep brown, light skin, and caramel. However, your skin tone is, this wide range of color from gold star to smoking hot and even O.P.I. Malaga wine will leave you smiling at your fingers.

Let’s dive into some fantastic colors that will surely leave you overwhelmed

OPI Malaga Wine- A Dark And Lovely Color

It is a gorgeous dark red color best worn in winters to bring out that fearless beauty even in extreme weather. It’s a staple color, and I am sure everybody who comes across it will want to own a piece because of its blend with the skin. Its favorable combination is with the gold glitter; the combination is out of this world, especially for parties.

Chic Confetti- A Mixture Of Color Sparkles:

The shade in the bottle looks to me like pictures sparkles of celebration. The little sparks of blue, silver, red, green make it exciting to wear. The glitter’s size is less compared to the dark red one, and as a result, it is handier to apply. Like the golden one, I like to use this with a combination of different nail paint.


When you narrow your search for the brand with a masterclass, the E.L.F nail polish has to be your top choice. With arrays of variant color that suits all occasion, fits all dress and blends into all skin tone. With a prize so affordable that you are worry-less.

The 10-color variation indeed gives you that boost of confidence to sparkle in any outfit or occasion. This E.L.F brand is my pick any day

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