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Cremo Shave Cream Review In 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

  • Close comfortable shave
  • 90-day supply
  • Variety of scents
  • Rich and all-natural

Let’s Talk About Cremo Shave Cream:

Are you tired of razor rash, burns, and bumps when it comes to shaving?

Well, listen up because the best way to counter this is by using a high-quality shave cream to ease the friction between your razor and your skin.

And, after doing some research into Cremo shaving cream I think we might have a winner on our hands that can solve this problem we’ve all suffered with at some point.

Cremo shaving creams are uniquely formulated to give you a close, comfortable shave without the risk of nicks and cuts, regardless of whether you use a manual razor or an electric shaver.

This is all thanks to the Cremo “rich, concentrated, formula” that allows almost any blade to glide effortlessly over your skin. this results in a clean, nick-free shave every time so you don’t look like your face has just been butchered.

The beauty of Cremo’s shaving cream is that there are a ton of options too with four types (original, moisturizing, cooling, and skin clearing) and eight different scents. These include original, refreshing mint, coconut mango, French lavender, sandalwood, sage & citrus, silver water & birch, and unscented.

In this review, I’m going to touch upon each of these scents and Cremo’s shaving cream in general so you can make an informed decision on whether this is the shaving cream for you.

Types of Cremo Shaving Cream

There are a few different variants of the Cremo shave cream however, they all largely do the same thing. The primary difference is the scent but some are advertised as being more effective at moisturizing, cooling, etc.

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This is, as the name would suggest, the original formula from Cremo. The creams in this range have a subtle scent and protect you from nicks and cuts. The scents in this range include:



Sage and Citrus

Silver Water & Birch


This type of Cremo shave cream is designed to better moisturize your skin. the formula works great for soothing sensitive skin and preventing any dry flaky skin that irritates easily.

Coconut Mango

French Lavender


This formula is brilliant for preventing and healing any irritation. It soothes any soreness from razor burn while creating that protective layer for your razor to glide through. It also contains menthol to really help your skin shine and reinvigorate.

Refreshing Mint


This shaving cream type from Cremo is formulated to help clear your skin and prevent the build-up of debris and dirt that can lead to ingrown hair, razor bumps, and acne.


Who’s It For?

The great thing about Cremo’s shaving cream is that it can be useful for just about every type of guy thanks to the wide variety of types. Whether you just want a simple cream or a more focused one that deals with specific issues then Cremo likely has a shaving cream for you.

Another great pull factor for me was the variety of scents. The problem with many grooming products is when they have a potent scent. These are always subjective and so while one person may find the scent a plus, it may well put another off of an otherwise good product.

With Cremo however, you can choose from a range of pleasant and unique scents or if you’re not fussed about it smelling good then there’s always the classic or unscented models which have no distinctive smell.

It’s also versatile in that it works with most types of razor or shaver so you don’t have to turn it down just because you prefer one type of shaving tool. 

The bottom line though?

Cremo shaving cream is for guys that take the upkeep of facial hair (or lack thereof) seriously. this is a top-quality cream that makes shaving an easy task and no longer a chore.


Benefits Of Cremo Shaving Cream: 


Cremo’s shaving cream works efficiently with a whole host of razor types making this incredibly accessible for any guy regardless of whether he has a cheap disposable razor or a higher-end one.

Something For Everyone

Cremo has a few formulas for their shaving cream and each has minor tweaks to make them more effective at tackling different issues. The original formula is fairly bare-bones but gets the job done while others like moisturizing and cooling help with more sensitive skin types that are prone to dryness and irritation.

Variety of Scents

Cremo’s shaving cream has one of the widest arrays of scents we’ve seen with shaving creams. The scents are also relatively unique while maintaining that subtlety so you don’t open the cap and get bombarded with a strong smell that overpowers your nostrils. For me, this was one of the best things about Cremo as it felt like I could customize my shave that little bit more.


Why We Love Cremo’s Shaving Cream At Beautists:

There’s just something about Cremo’s shaving cream that stood out to us. Not only is the packaging slick, but so is the cream itself. The way razors glide through it is something to behold and if we’re being honest we didn’t expect much from this at first.

Initially, I thought the scent variety was a bit gimmicky and that they most likely all had a very similar smell but I was pleasantly surprised at how different they actually were.

The cream itself feels cool, fresh, and soothing when applied, which speaking of, is very easy to do. And on top of that, it lasts a long time so you don’t have to keep replacing it every few weeks.

 And it’s extremely popular on Amazon too with each scent having thousands of positive ratings. however, after looking at Cremo as a brand, we didn’t find this surprising as their products always seem to perfrom well. (learn more about Cremo in our brand review)

Now, this one might not be the groundbreaking be life-changer when it comes to shaving creams but what is? However, what this shaving cream will do is help you get a clean cut with as little effort and as little pain as possible.

So, if you’re tired of all the other shaving creams not giving you that fresh, smooth look you’re dying for then try out Cremo’s, it may just be the one for you.

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