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Essie Nail Polish Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on September 9, 2021

  • Long-lasting when applied with Essie Topcoat
  • Gives a glossy and shiny finish
  • Easy application
  • 250 shades to choose from

Essie Nail Polish Review

As a nail make-up enthusiast, my look is never complete without the right nail varnish. The appearance of one’s fingers, which are one of the human body parts that people see easily see, tells a lot about one’s fashion. Hence, having my nails look fabulous is what I crave for always.

When it comes to nail polish, I always go for colors that describe my character, fierce and delicate, mild but feisty, and one brand that provides not just the color but texture that fits my personality is Essie. Their nail polish formula ensures color coverage; it is also chip and fade resistant. The is one reason I will continue to be an advocate of Essie’s nail polish products. Their 2020 Fall collection is exquisite, and after trying their Winter 2020 collection, I am here to let you know a few secrets as I review this brand.

The Price for Class

Essie’s Nail polish is tagged at $9.00 each, while its base and topcoat are pegged at $10.00. Its colors range from sheer to metallic and glitter, and choosing a color is easy as the price is uniform. There are also combinations of colors like “You’re So Cupid”, a combination of pink and fuchsia and these beautiful combinations still go for the same price.

Essie is known for its standard-sized brushes that make it easy to coat your nails as they are neither too big nor too small. A lot of creativity also goes into Essie’s bottling. It is easy to hold in the palm and has the brand’s name etched creatively on it for easy identification.

My Essie Nail Polish Favorites

When my skin loses its tan during winter, finding a color tone that matches my skin and mood is not difficult as Essie meets my needs. There is also a color shade for every season or mood. Let’s take a look at two of my favorite colors from the winter collection.

Love at First Frost
This baby blue nail polish is the perfect fit for the winter. It is suitable for pale or dark skin tones and lasts for as long as two weeks without clipping. It is easy to apply even for amateurs as it offered flawless coverage with easy brush strokes on the nails.

In a Gingersnap
One color that can give off the feisty and warm look for the winter is this rosy red nail polish flecked with glistening gold pearl. Even without the use of a coat, it stains perfectly and doesn’t chip off easily. Its a great fit for different skin tones and a perfect fit for giving off a feisty vibe.

My Conclusion

Finding a brand that focuses not just on producing nail polish but also on helping you maintain your cuticles might be difficult. However, Essie meets all of my needs with its long-lasting shades. Its nail polish costs just $9.00 and gel couture costs $11.50. On the other hand, base and top coats cost $10.00 while Apricot Cuticle Oil costs $9.00 and helps you maintain strong and healthy nails. For a nail polish that is easy to dry and long-lasting as Essie, the pricing is stable.

With over 250 shades, there is a color to match any mood or personality. There are also color combinations, and more shades will be released, so there are many creative shades to pick from. Essie has also been in existence since 1988 and has decades of experience to perfection under its belt. Essie also has a better performance in longevity than other nail polishes and is also toxic-free. 

Personally, Essie is one brand that suits the needs of my nails and moods, and I will definitely stick to it.


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