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China Glaze Nail Polish Review 2021

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Last Updated on September 9, 2021

  • Durable formula made with Kaolin
  • ‘7-free’ formula
  • Amazingly long-lasting for the price
  • 36% more fiber bristles for more precise application

China Glaze Nail Polish Review

Nail polish products need to look good for a decent amount of time on the fingers, and many brands on the market offer compelling options currently. However, I wouldn’t expect that you pick some random off-the-shelf nail polish merely because it’s “good”; real aesthetic benefits and a lustrous profile are a real plus you should check out. It is why the China Glaze nail polish features on my review.

Why China Glaze Nail Polish?

It has a unique formula revolving around kaolin (China clay); kaolin being a popular ingredient that gives high shine and durability. It is also a natural ingredient, and I’m a big advocate of natural elements in nail polishes (or other beauty products, for that matter).

The one other highlight of the China Glaze brand is the reformulation. The company has decided to strip the old formula for a “7-free” one. It means that seven chemicals are absent: toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, TPHP, DBP, xylene, and formaldehyde.

Why is China Glaze Nail Polish Better Than other Brands?

The edge comes from the new “7 free” formula. It is all in a bid to keep the product as natural as you could have it and remove chemicals that are harmful down the road. The product delivers nail protection with reduced chipping occurrences as well.

Pricing: China Glaze nail polish has a fair price; at $7.50, it’s not the cheapest drugstore nail polish out there, but the long-lasting coverage and hue options do more than prove the money’s worth.

Packaging: China Glaze products come in a package that matches the look as well; in the box, there is a new brush, which the manufacturer says is thicker, with up to 36% more fiber than previous products. The bristles should get you more spread in fewer strokes and enhance your precision.

Color: There are so many swatches to consider; it could be confusing which one to settle on if you are trying out the brand for the first time; I love how the brand categorized them into collections to help you quickly begin your search. The Jollywood and Spellbound collections offer some of the best-selling swatches of the brand, but you could also pick based on the specific hues and moods you please, such as Pink & Purples, Neons, Neutrals & Muted, or Reds & Corals. However, some exciting swatches stand out, like the Santa Monica Claus and Celebri-tree; red gold, and emerald tinsel shades, respectively. Additionally, China Glaze thinks its best-selling swatch is the neon pink Nail Polish in Thistle Do Nicely polish.

Fave Color 1 – Celebri-Tree China Glaze Nail Lacquer

As far as the Celebri-Tree nail polish is concerned, it’s got a cool shimmery look and vibe. It almost glistens in the outdoors and sparkles when it catches the light. Users often comment that it gives a Christmas tree vibe (the name “Celebri-Tree” is not far-fetched after all) and lasts long. One coat of the polish does the trick already, and two gives you enough assurance; also, the formula dries quickly.

Fave Color 2 – Santa Monica Claus China Glaze Nail Lacquer

The Santa Monica Claus continues on the festive narrative of the product above. It delivers a shimmery look, and the red-gold hue leaves a glossy aesthetic, which matches well with the quick-dry formula, giving a desirable pop.


The China Glaze nail polish pitches a kaolin-based formula that lays on fine and lasts long, a departure from the conventional gel-based options from other brands. The deliberate omission of 7 chemicals is a big deal if you are conscious of your beauty products’ ingredients. Typically, a single coat feels fine for most people, but others think it covers a bit thin; I’ve noticed that 2 or 3 more coats work optimally, just like most other nail polishes.

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