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Aveda Nutriplenish Review In 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on February 14, 2022

  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • Has different products for thick and fine hair 
  • Ideal for curly and straight hair 
  • Supercharged by superfood

Let’s Talk About The Aveda Nutriplenish Range:

 Another one of Aveda’s most popular collections is the Nutriplenish range. Hydration is supercharged by superfoods, and the Nutriplenish collection is infused with an omega-5 rich superfood blend that helps replenish and hydrate for lush, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. 

 Nutriplenish offers benefits for both thick and fine hair with its two collections within their range of deep and light moisture. The deep moisture contains 2.5 more butters and oils than the light moisture, so every hair type can benefit. 

This range works on hydrating the hair and nourishing strands with superfoods; it deeply nourishes and restores depleted, dull and dry hair with nutrient-infused hydration and shine. 

This is the ultimate SOS kit your hair needs when needing a bit of moisture TLC. 

The light moisture is perfect for those with loose hair types like type 1a through to 3a, and then the deep moisture is perfect for tight curly and coily hair from 3a to 4c hair types.

So let’s break down the full collection in more detail and discuss these brilliant products– there’s one for every hair type. 

How Aveda’s Nutriplenish Works:

There are two different types of Nutriplenish within the range, light and deep moisture, and they work on different hair types to offer catered benefits to that hair type. For some hair types, some moisturizing products are too heavy. 

Luckily the Aveda range understands this, so you can still benefit from the moisture but don’t need to worry about it weighing your hair down. Or for thicker hair types, you don’t need to worry about it not being enough moisture. 

Aveda has found the perfect balance, but let’s break down the light and deep moisture in more detail. 

Nutriplenish Light Moisture:

The Nutriplenish Light Moisture line is a nourishing, fast-absorbing, superfood-infused formulate for hyperhydration and next-level nourishment. It contains lightweight oils to replenish moisture without weighing the hair down.

Each product in the light moisture range contains organic pomegranate oil, mango butter, and coconut oil. Pomegranate oil is an omega-5 rich oil to help hydrate and revitalize dry and depleted hair. The mango butter is a lipid-rich butter to nourish and smooth dry hair, and coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish the hair, revives protein loss, and help with moisture retention.

Nutriplenish Deep Moisture:

The Nutriplenish Deep Moisture line is very similar ingredients-wise to the light moisture, but it contains 50% more nourishing butters than the light collection, and it is specially designed for hair that craves a serious moisture boost from a richer formula.

It is better suited for those with curly hair or tighter coarse textures as it is much more moisturizing and heavier than the light moisture range. This range also offers more intense detangling during the shampooing process and offers more softness and manageability.

Coarse hair structures need less washing and more hydrating, so using deep moisture is much better as it keeps hair hydrated for longer plus, it contains leave-ins within the range to keep hair hydrated between washes.

The Nutriplenish range is also sulfate-free and silicone-free, making it safe for all hair types.

The range offers a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, oil, deep or light moisture masque, deep conditioner curl gelee, and daily moisturizing treatment– I will break each product in the range down; shortly, so keep reading!

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What’s In The Aveda Nutriplenish Collection?

The Nutriplenish range is one of Aveda’s most popular and biggest range of them all as they offer two different formulas for the same product for light or deep moisture. This is so these products can be used on any hair type.

At the moment there are ten products in total but five types. So for each type, there are light and deep moisture options.

Aveda Nutriplenish Shampoo:

In every Aveda range, there is always a trusty shampoo and conditioner. This moisturizing shampoo is super gentle, and instead of stripping moisture and natural oils from the scalp, like other shampoos, it rather nourishes and replenishes moisture.

Aveda has two Nutripenish shampoos, one is for light moisture and the other for deep moisture, so this shampoo is perfect for thick hair that needs more moisture than regular shampoos can offer. This shampoo has 50% more butters than light moisture!

Both the light and deep moisture formulas contain omega-5 rich pomegranate, which works to nourish dry, depleted hair. It is also rich in punicic acid, which helps to make hair follicles stronger and helps promote blood circulation to your scalp.

Pomegranate even offers natural UVA and UVB protection!

The certified organic coconut oil also helps penetrate deep into the strands to help with moisture retention, restore protein loss, reduce frizz and strengthen hair strands from within. It will work with the other ingredients to keep your strands hydrated.

The mango butter infusion is packed with fatty acids like coconut oil which help to nourish and fortify the hair from the inside out. It is rich in vitamins A and E and has an extremely moisturizing and regenerative effect on both the strands and scalp.

It can even be used on dry curly hair as it is silicone and sulfate-free and mega moisturizing for dry strands. Since curly hair is already lacking in moisture, this shampoo can help nourish and replenish curls, so they have a bit more bounce.

While the ingredients are great, the pure-fume aroma of cocoa, certified organic ginger, cardamon, and other flower and plant essences leave your hair feeling fresh and smelling addictive. You won’t stop smelling your hair after using this one.

Aveda Nutriplenish Conditioner:

Of course, there is also their brilliant conditioner within the range; Aveda offers light and deep moisture, so let’s talk about each.

Light Moisture Conditioner: The light moisture is a creamy, lightweight formula with a vegan superfood blend that conditions and replenishes dry hair with nutrient-powered hydration that leaves hair visibly healthier.

It is packed with luxurious omega-5 rich organic pomegranate oil, which nourishes dry, depleted hair. Just as I spoke about, it also offers UV protection and helps with the detangling process; if you have tangle-prone or curly hair, this is super handy.

It also contains certified coconut oil within both formulas, which is liquid gold for any hair type. It helps restore protein loss, is super moisturizing, and helps with moisture retention as it creates a seal over the ends.

Coconut oil also strengthens the hair from the inside out, repairs broken strands, soothes the hair cuticle, and even helps with the detangling process. It has a low molecular weight and easily penetrates into the scalp.

The mango butter is also packed with essential fatty acids like coconut oil, which leaves hair soft and smooth. Mango butter is rich in vitamin A and E, which has a deep moisturizing and regenerative effect on both the strands and scalp.

Deep Moisture: The deep moisture alternative offers the same ingredients as the light moisture but contains 50% more butter and oils to make it more suitable for thicker hair types in need of more of a moisture kick.

It conditions and replenishes dry hair with nutrient-powered hydration.

Coconut oil and mango butter are extremely beneficial for thicker hair as they are extremely moisturizing. Mango butter helps replenish the hair with moisture, while coconut oil helps with this moisture retention.

This is crucial for coarser hair types which tend to be found in thicker hair types as the moisture isn’t lost as quickly as it enters.

Aveda Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner:

Every girl needs a leave-in conditioner in their routine, especially those with curly, dry, coarse, or just all-in-all damaged hair. Healthy hair is super moisturized, so by keeping the hair nourished and moisturized, you can also unlock the healthiest hair possible.

But this lightweight leave-in conditioner means business.

The Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner is weightless and works to hydrate and replenish hair for 72 hours while also working to detangle hair. It makes the detangling process a breeze and even offers heat protection from thermal styling up to 230ºC / 440ºF.

The naturally derived ingredients even protect the hair from the sun, which is always a bonus as sun damage is not your best friend. The sun actually strips the natural moisture from your hair, causing the hair to become brittle and exposed.

So by this leave-in conditioner having a heat protectant, it is always a huge bonus in protecting hair from the sun’s drying effects.

Aveda Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Treatment:

In between washes, sometimes our hair becomes dry, and it needs a moisturizing treatment; well, this daily moisturizing treatment helps to keep hair moisturized without weighing it down or leaving it greasy. 

It is perfect for those thirsty locks that need that little extra moisture, perfect for coarse hair types that often lack moisture and need a little extra. It locks in 4x more hydration in comparison to untreated hair. 

This treatment will come under deep moisture collection. 

It is infused with a superfood blend of oils and butters to nourish all types and textures of dry hair– perfect for curly and coily hair as in-between washes; moisture is often lost as the natural oils from the scalp cannot reach the ends.

So using this daily treatment on coarse hair will make a world of difference for keeping hair moisturized. 

This 99% naturally derived leave-in treatment helps hydrate all textures of dry hair. Just like the leave-in conditioner, it provides protection up to 230 degrees so you can wet down the hair, use this treatment and then restyle for an endless good hair day. 

This treatment contains 8x the superfood complex of oils and butters, containing mango butte,r organic coconut oil, organic pomegranate, and sand ginger– which isn’t found in the other products within this line.

The sand ginger provides a natural UV filter to protect hair from the drying effects of the sun. It provides hair with the rich, buttery moisture that it craves and leaves your hair feeling flawless every single day. 

It is the perfect addition for those that struggle to retain moisture within dry strands.

Aveda Nutriplenish Masque 

Just like the shampoo and conditioner, Aveda offers a light and deep moisture masque to suit every hair type. They both work to replenish moisture into the hair and nourish the hair strands, but the deep moisture has 2.5 more butters and oils. 

Light Moisture Masque: This light gel-cream hair masque with 4x the hydration surges hair textures with nutrient-rich moisture without weighing it down. It restores depleted, dull, and dry hair, leaving hair soft and smooth. 

When used in an Aveda trial, “97% said hair feels manageable, 95% said hair feels softer, 93% said hair feels moisturized, nourished, replenished and restored,” and “90% said hair looks healthier” when compared to untreated hair. 

Aveda used this on fine to medium hair, straight, wavy, curly, and coily, and found that the light moisture was best for looser hair types, and the deep moisture was better for very textured hair that is dry to very dry. 

Deep Moisture Masque: The deep moisture masque is a decadent superfood-infused hydration masque that deeply hydrates, treats, and replenishes moisture. This rich cream masque deeply nourishes depleted, dull and dry hair. 

It contains the same ingredients as the light moisture but with 2.5x the butters and oils in comparison to the Nutriplenish light moisture treatment. This means it is better for thicker and coarser hair types as it is more moisturizing. 

Both formulas are safe for color-treated hair as well as all hair textures as, just like the rest of the range, it is silicone and sulfate-free. They also both contain pomegranate seed oil, mango butter, and coconut oil like the previous products too.

Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil:

Onto the hairstyling, and this is one of my favorite products out of the range as it is 100% naturally derived and full of yummy goodness for the hair. It is a concentrated blend of five power oils, offering multiple uses for all hair types.

This hair oil contains coconut oil, mango oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and pomegranate oil, which comes with heaps of benefits, some of which I have spoken about already above. But all of these oils are super lightweight and penetrating. 

So they are perfect for every hair type. 

Avocado oil for starters penetrates and infuses each individual hair strand with moisture, jojoba moisturizes and balances the scalp, mango oil boosts moisture and adds shine to the hair, coconut oil restores protein loss, infuses the hair with fatty acids, helps detangle, strengthen, and helps with moisture retention. 

Finally, pomegranate oil revitalizes brittle hair and even helps protect hair from harsh UV rays. These oils in one hair oil come with heaps of benefits and work as liquid gold for hair; they can be used in multiple ways; here’s a couple of ways you can use it:

As A Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Doing a hair oil treatment before you shampoo is a great way to nourish the hair and protect it during the shampooing process. Some curlies even use it to help with detangling to provide a bit of slip on the hair. 

Before shampooing, apply evenly to dry hair from root to tip before getting in the shower. You can even apply it the night before, before popping your hair into a protective hairstyle. This will work wonders overnight, and when you shampoo the next day, your hair will feel strong and as fresh as a daisy. 

As A Leave-In Treatment: If you want that little extra hydration and shine, you can apply to towel-dried hair. Just use a couple of pumps and apply evenly to the mid-lengths and ends. It can help with the detangling process and keep hair strong and shiny. 

Just try to avoid applying to the root, as this can leave a greasy look. 

For Post-Styling Shine: Many of us love using hair oil to give our hair a bit of shine after styling. Especially for those with curly hair, applying hair oil to scrunch out the crunch is an excellent way to soften the curl and lock in shine. 

Just apply evenly to the hair, avoiding the roots after styling, and then you’ll be left with luscious locks. 

Overnight Oil Treatment: This kind of goes into the first one; as I suggested, you can apply to your hair overnight before putting your hair into a protective hairstyle, and then the next day, shampoo and condition like normal.

I personally recommend an overnight oil treatment on those with curly hair; it nourishes and strengthens strands as well as protects them from the shampoo the following day. Since curly hair is extremely fragile, this is highly recommended! 

For A Hydrating Scalp Massage: Nothing beats a good scalp massage, but there are so many benefits of doing a scalp massage for your hair; for starters, it stimulates the scalp and helps promote blood flow which can help aid hair growth.

It also ensures that all of the yummy goodness from this oil is fully absorbed into the hair. You can use this oil as a hot oil treatment to help open up the pores and the cuticles within the hair so that the goodness can be absorbed. 

Aveda Nutriplenish Curl Gelee:

The last product from the Nutriplenish range is the Curl Gelee which hydrates, defines, and elongates curls and waves while nourishing the hair with a nutrient-powered superfood that is packed with hydration. 

It is infused with a nutrient-rich superfood complex with mango butter, organic coconut oil, and organic pomegranate oil, which work to deliver nourishing moisture, shine and hold. It provides a flexible hold of a gel but hydration and moisture of a conditioner.

Mango butter is rich in vitamin A and E; it has a deep moisturizing and regenerative effect on both strands and scalp. It fortifies strands from the inside out, softens dry hair, reduces breakage, and smooths split ends.

Rich in vitamins A and E, Mango Butter has a deep moisturizing and regenerative effect on both strands and scalp. It fortifies strands from the inside out, softens dry hair, reduces breakage, and smooths split ends.

Coconut oil is perfect for high porosity coils as it helps with moisture retention. It helps restore protein loss and repair strands from the inside out. It is the holy grail for hair care as it comes with fatty acids and strengthening ingredients to nourish your hair.

All of these ingredients smooth and seal the cuticle to lock out frizz and promote the curl pattern without flyaways. It eve helps defend hair from humidity and reduces frizz for up to 24 hours. You’ll be left with shiny, moisturized, and defined curls.

This Curly Gelee provides textured hair with a light hold for natural bounce and movement.

Why We Love The Aveda Nutriplenish Range At Beautists:

While yes, we do love the Be Curly Range, Aveda’s entered a whole new territory when it comes to their Nutriplenish collection. Unlike the be curly range, the Nutriplenish can be used on any hair type and offers different levels of hydration for each need. 

Their naturally derived range has a product for everything; whether you need a shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or styling product, there is one for each hair type. Aveda has also included their most natural products within this line.

Their blend of nourishing ingredients supercharges the hair and restores life. It is deeply nourishing and deeply hydrating. You’ll love this whole range if you struggle with moisture retention or just want a bit of a hydration kick.

So whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coily hair, there is a product for you! 

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