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Sinful Colors Nail Color Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Chip-resistant
  • Super high value for the price
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Easy to apply

Sinful Colors Nail Color

A beautiful manicure is every girl’s dream, to see their nail glow to the strays of the sun. The eye-catching nails set a standard for those trying to imitate such style. Professionals take credit for their works on nail garnishing. Many a brand has pushed many lookalike products into the market, trying to match up.

Amongst the many that try to produce nail polish, only a few hits perfection; the sinful colors didn’t have a single sin as its product is polished divine. This brand has won many hearts with super-intelligent formulas, most professionals make it their established brand, and it is an all-high demand for beginners.

Since this brand is ceaseless in color production and distribution, it is impossible not to get addicted to its color. Despite its color variants, it never compromises on quality and uniqueness. Let’s talk about why this brand stands out and why I decided to review it.

Why I choose the Sinful Nail Polish?

Many brands today want to make a name but forget to create a unique product. This brand did both. As a fashionista who loves to glitter and enjoys reading about fashion blogs, and updates, looking into the beauty stores, no product caught me staring like the sinful nail polish. The vast array of colors is like a panoramic view that suits all your color combinations. Also, its long-wearing and chip-resistant features allow the polish to last despite contacts with the odd element.

Why does the Sinful Nail Polish Stand Out?

The sinful nail polish is an exquisite lacquer that adds its unique flavor to make you look good. Its formula is known to be the same one used to make the award-winning nail lacquer. This sinful nail polish adds spics and style to your appearance, giving you that boost of confidence to swag on.

This polish contains long-wearing and chip-resistant ingredients, which are gentle on the nails. The sinful nail polish formula is toluene and DBP-free, making it t last for 7-11 days. It also features an Italian designed brush that is engineered to deliver a professional touch.

Pricing: The recommended retail price of this polish is from $3.96 – $4.95. with such quality, finesse, and a  flat rate. It always a hot cake in the beauty store. If even if you are on a budget, you will the store smiling, while the quality of the nail polish will leave you glittering

Packaging: The product initially comes in a transparent, classy bottle that quickly attracts any buyer to glance at the compositions. The thick glass wholly covers the content and preserve it from accidental or air damage.

Color Variance: For such a diverse product like this one, its color range is massive, fitting into any choice and color of combination you so desire. The 32-shade array of colors are stunning, owning to the fact that all colors are compatible. Let’s see some excellent colors.

Snow Me White:

This sinful nail polish comes with an innocent white touch that resonates with other charming colors that echo with different lovely colors to give that burst of flavor excitement. Thimbleberry and gogo girl colors are best to combine with this white to provide you with a perfect look.

Beaches & Cream

A wonder touch of light peach and faded cream to protrude that beauty out of your fingers. The color combines with ruby red, gold, and Amethyst, which allows you to enjoy your nails without them chipping off.


Are you a beginner? Or a professional, it doesn’t matter because the sinful nail polish perfects all nails without blemish. The nail ingredients aid the longevity of nails without chipping off. For such a price as $3.96 – $4.95, you get a soothing quality that will keep you shinning, always smiling.

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