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Zoya Nail Polish Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on September 9, 2021

  • Non-toxic formula
  • Lasts up to 11 days chip-free
  • Wide color range to choose from
  • Rich, deep pigment finish

Zoya Nail Polish Review

Getting a good nail polish tops the bucket list of every nail enthusiast. After all, an array of gorgeous nails gives off an irresistible aura. We all drool over well-manicured nails, splattered with a touch of resplendent colors. However, getting a nail polish that can give these dreamy effects often creates a bit of confusion. Well, I have always been an advocate of  Zoya nail polish, a chemical-free nail lacquer committed to building a vibrant nail color without the fear of chipping or harming our delicate fingers. This masterpiece on your fingers has been rated the best in the world by an independent women’s health journal.

Thoughts on reviewing this product

Very few products have shaken the fashion industry, like the Zoya nail polish. I was too thrilled to review this brand because it’s like a holy grail of nail products. At every application, it gives off a glossy and long-lasting appeal. Zoya nail polish is rich in the formula, eliminating any form of toxic effect on the skin. I’m also incredibly impressed with its ability to stick to your fingers without chipping off easily.

Formula: Zoya puts the consumers well being first in making its nail polish. It infuses non-toxic components to ensure that while you get your beautiful shades, your fingers are kept safe from harsh chemicals. The usual formaldehyde, DPB, which has harmful effects, is left out. Furthermore, Zoya has a long wear time, with minimal chipping and wear.

Pricing: You can get a bottle of Zoya nail polish products for just $10. However, if you wish to invest in a collection of Zoya products, at $25, you can get your supply. You have mini bottles of polish in your group, a jar of nail polish remover, and top and base coats. At such low prices, Zoya polish ensures that everyone can have a copy of their favorite Zoya products.

Packaging: Everything about Zoya nail polish makes you applaud the producer’s ability to model his products to suit consumers’ tastes. Zoya polish has an exquisite design that is also tough. These well-crafted bottles portray every shade in a unique light. They are keeping customers lost in the turmoil of beautiful colors.

Colors: Zoya nail polish enthralls me with its different hues. Each color is a toxic-free, rich, and deep pigment that doesn’t lose its pigmentation over-time. Every shade tells its own story. Each color is a unique offer to accompany your skin tone from red to white or even nude.

Let’s take a look at two eccentric colors that the eye.

Zoya Lisa

Take cranberry sauce, its luster, and put it in a transparent bottle; you got Zoya Lisa. This is a deep shade that warms its way with all skin types. It invokes the festive feelings of summer, exuding a unique impression whenever you wear it. Zoya Lisa comes in two layers, both lasting long, without the slightest hint of wear.

Zoya Soleil

 This unique color goes by the theme ” a warm sparkling cider metallic.” It exudes the majestic aura associated with the golden color. By design, it’s intent is to look magnificent on your fingers. It is toxic-free like every Zoya product and lasts a long period of wear. Zoya Soleil gives you a regal appearance while ensuring that your hand is devoid of toxic chemicals found in other products.


Take colors, blend them in aesthetic ways that astound even the most critical eyes, then you got Zoya nail polish. I am particularly thrilled by the health considerations made in its development. We rarely see producers put health at fore when making nail polish.

However, Zoya is a brand with a difference. Each Zoya hue has an average shelf life of eleven days, of which you can not experience any single sign of chipping or wearing off. In my opinion, Zoya outshines its peers with a wide margin. Its prices are somewhat reasonable for the quality it packs. If you are a beautician, nail enthusiast, or connoisseur Zoya is a brand that should always be present on your shelf.

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