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The secrets Behind Applying The Perfect White Nail Polish

Last Updated on June 25, 2022
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

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The best tips and tricks of how to apply white nail polish perfectly

Nothing’s better than a fresh summery white nail, with sunkissed skin it makes us look and feel good. Can it get any better than that? 

My favorite set in the summer has to be white nails, but the application can actually be very tricky, every tiny mistake you make leaves an unforgiving mark and can ruin the whole manicure.

That may be a tad bit dramatic but we’ve all been there. 

But instead of spending hundreds on a fresh manicure from the salon lets me show you some tips and tricks to how to apply those white beauties perfectly. 

You won’t want to miss this. 

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Step by step guide to applying your white nail polish:

Step one: getting the right polish

Firstly you want to find the right white nail polish. You’ll want it to be fairly thick so you don’t have to apply more than two coats to each nail, it will take ages to dry.

Make sure you have a good quality brush to apply with. Cheap low-quality brushes will cause ridges in your manicure so the polish doesn’t apply smoothly.

Avoid buying quick-drying formulas as they can actually cause roughness on the finish.

Check out my guide for the best white nail polish.

Step two: place the varnish in warm water for 20 seconds

Before using your white nail polish place the bottle in warm water for 20 seconds, it will loosen the product making it easier to apply. Then roll in your hand until all of the contents are mixed, do not shake.

Step three: apply a good base coat

People often miss out the base coat step but it is so important, especially for white nails.

The best way to avoid streaks and get a smooth finish is to start with a ridge filling base like Ella+Mila Nail Ridge-Filler Base Coat. It will allow you to have a smoother application. and allow the white nail polish to adhere to the nail.

Step four: patience

Once you’ve applied the base coat apply a thin layer of white nail polish. Make sure you leave an extra couple of minutes between each layer as white nail polish is known for taking longer to dry. 

Apply a stroke down the center, one to the left then right, then apply another stroke down the middle to even it out.

After waiting for between 3 and 5 minutes apply the second coat and make sure you seal the edges to prevent peeling.

I would recommend doing 2-3 layers of nail polish or until you get to the desired opacity. Bear in mind the more layers you do, the longer it’ll take to dry.

Step five: topcoat

Wait for the final layer to dry, you can run them under cold water to be sure then apply a layer of strong topcoat to protect your nails and to make the finishing touches.

Find yourself the best topcoat here.

Make sure you don’t get your nails wet under warm water for at least 6 hours after the manicure, it will help make it last longer.

Re-apply the topcoat every few days to refresh the manicure and restore its durability.

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