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The Reason For Using Top Coat Nail Polish

Last Updated on June 25, 2022
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

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Topcoat? Do I really need it? Why use top coat nail polish

Top coats are one of the most important steps in your manicure, it provides a layer of protection in your nails, not just for longevity and durability of the manicure but also the color, finish, and overall appearance of your manicure. 

If you’re asking yourself, are they really that important? Let me tell you, yes they are essential.

It’s like going out of the house without a case on your phone, if you’re clumsy like me you know that’s risky business. 

So what’s the bottom line?

A topcoat is designed to minimize chipping for longer, and protect the nail beds, some can even penetrate through and strengthen your nail bed underneath. 

But let’s break it down, as to why top coats should be a part of every manicure. 

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So what’s the purpose of a topcoat?

Good top coats does so much more than make your nails look shiny but adds an extra bit of protection to your manicure, but what is the actual purpose of a top coat?


If you go to the salon you will notice that they will always seal the manicure with a top coat simply because it makes your manicure last so much longer. If you get told that a top coat isn’t important they are lying, it helps keep everything in place and protects your nails from chipping for longer. 

Topcoats also protect your nails from UV rays from the sun, if you’re going on holiday and don’t want your nails fading within the first couple of days then I would invest in a trusty top coat- especially if you have vibrant colors. 

Your hands going through a lot throughout the day, from constantly having to wash your hands to just washing the dishes a top coat will protect your nails and prevent them from peeling or chipping. 

Pair a trusty topcoat with some cuticle oil and you’re good to go. 

Improves performance

To get the most of your manicure, with long-wearing nail polish I would use cuticle oil daily, and wear gloves if you’re using water for long periods of time will help prolong the shine and durability of the nails. 

If you’re using regular nail polish you should take extra care and reapply topcoat every couple of days to help the nail polish last longer than a few days. Apply a thin layer of a topcoat for optimum protection. 

With a high-quality top coat, you will find that it will massively improve the performance of your manicure. 

Improves the finish

Anyone can tell you that topcoat improves the durability of the nail polish but it also improves the finish overall. If you go for a shiny top coat you will achieve a glossy finish, with a matte topcoat you will achieve a more smooth, textured finish. It is all down to preference.

You can even get glitter topcoats to give a glittery finish, or pearl topcoat to boost the pearlescence, like inside a shell. 

The options are wide, so not only will a topcoat improve the durability of the nail but also transform the finish as a whole. 

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Even Out Mistakes: 

When doing a home manicure, it’s so easy to make little mistakes, accidentally smudging it on another finger when it’s not quite dry- it can be frustrating.

A top coat can help achieve the best results and disguise some mistakes. It minimizes any smudges or mess-ups as it smooths the surface of the polish to give the nails an even finish.

Don’t panic if you smudge a nail, in most cases, it can be camouflaged and smoothed out with a top coat!

Doing this and applying cuticle oil daily will help preserve your manicure for longer while also restoring the shine.


A fast dry top coat can seal in your nail polish color underneath, so if it hasn’t fully dried yet there is still some form of protection. 

It prevents any smudges or accidental knocks and catches. It is still good to be careful for the first day after applying a manicure, and not get nails wet for at least 6 hours but with a top coat, you won’t need to worry about the smallest knock ruining your manicure. 


Applying a topcoat doesn’t have to be a tedious and boring task, it can be quick and easy and if you do it right you won’t regret it, it will transform your nails and keep them shiny for longer.

It’s a step that as much as we wish we could skip it should be always be included as no one likes a fresh manicure that had chipped within the first day.

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