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Smooth Viking Review In 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

  • Premium ingredients
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Wide variety of beard products
  • High-quality and great value

Everything you need to know about Smooth Viking Beard and Hair Care

As the name suggests, Smooth Viking wants to bring back the “Viking spirit” with their collection of premium beard and hair care products for the modern man. These include everything from styling creams to beard oils and brushes.

Their aim is to have guys groom their beards with the same care and quality as the Vikings of old who took considerable care when it came to grooming.

If you proudly wear a beard and want it to look majestic then this is where SMooth Viking can help. they have a vast selection of premium beard and hair care products that will give you exactly what you need to transform your look into the “stuff of legend”.

They chose the name ‘Smooth Viking’ because “Vikings weren’t just a bunch of ragged, unkempt dudes with cool helmets. They were actually some of the most hygienic, well-groomed people of their time.”

Now, I personally think the name is genius and it’s very eye-catching much like their packaging which has a sleek and modern look but has classic colors that help that Viking heritage shine through.

Vikings used combs, tweezers, razors, and various other grooming utensils and valued personal hygiene as they bathed once a week which was outlandish for the time. Smooth Viking have followed suit and designed quality products that rival those of the Vikings.


What Smooth Viking Can Offer You


The simple fact is, if you’re a guy who has a beard that’s your pride and joy then Smooth Viking’s products are going to appeal to you. While they do specialize in beard care they do also have a wide range of hairstyling products too so even those of you who prefer a clean shave can get something from these guys.

Premium Ingredients

We’ve all heard this before with other brands but Smooth Viking’s beard care products aren’t made with any toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals which is worth noting when many brands today opt for these kinds of ingredients that have adverse impacts on your hair.

Every hair product by Smooth Viking is of high quality and we at Beautists think this is something that all brands need to strive for.

No-Nonsense Guarantee

Smooth Viking says that its mission is to provide “legendary customer service that stands the test of time.” I’m all for customer service, especially with online retailers as there will always be times when someone is unfortunate enough to be sent a dud and need a replacement.

It’s common for many brands to just never reply to customer queries or find ways to avoid giving their money back so Smooth Viking are in the minority when it comes to customer service as they genuinely deliver on their promises which you can see on their Amazon pages’ reviews.


I was surprised at the array of products that Smooth Viking has on offer. While their target audience is guys with beards, they still have a big collection of more general hair products from the Smooth Viking hydrating hair cream to your basic hair clays and gels.

They also have grooming tools with the beard brush and comb being the most popular of this range. however, if you’re serious about your beard then there’s the Smooth Viking beard kit.

Best Sellers by Smooth Viking

Smooth Viking Styling Clay

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If you want a natural high-hold hair clay to provide texture to your hair then Smooth Viking’s hair clay is what you need.

Unlike other hair products, this styling clay will help you keep your hairstyle intact whether you’re out for a run or working out in the gym.

Many hair products weigh your hair down and make it feel matted and heavy but Smooth Viking’s hair clay, as well as its other products in this range, feel healthy, lightweight, and natural.

Whether you have short, long, wavy, curly, or thick hair, this matte hair wax clay is for you. Apply it on dry or damp hair and make your hairstyle last all day!

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

This beard oil will hydrate your skin, condition your facial hair, and boost your beard’s growth in a healthy, natural way so it looks as stylish as the well-groomed Vikings of old.

Many balms, creams, etc. are and dry out your beard so I was surprised at the high-end feel of this leave-in beard oil that really softens and conditions the roughest of beards.

This one absorbs quickly and really penetrates the facial hair with a great deal of effectiveness. Plus, it’s formulated with a powerful blend of herbal hydrating agents such as Jojoba, Argan, Castor, Sweet Almond, Olive and Avocado Oil.

This is THE beard oil to have.

Smooth Viking Beard Brush

Smooth Viking specializes in beard brushes and so this is where the real draw was for us at Beautists. You can feel the care and quality that’s been put into these and your beard will thank you when you first use one of these on it.

It removes the beard of flakes and residue with its Black Wild Boar bristles to get rid of flakes and residue, while also shaping and styling your beard just the way you like it.


Is Smooth Viking for me?

If you’re a guy with a beard that you like to keep looking healthy and manly like the Vikings of old then Smooth Viking is the way to go.

They specialize in beard products and they aren’t overpriced either so you don’t have to empty your bank account just to keep looking fresh. 

The beard brush is the main attraction for me personally as it looks sleek and glides through even the coarsest of beards without scraping at your skin or tugging at your hair too hard.

Of course, there are not just beard products as they have a wide range of hairstyling products too which promote a strong hold while retaining that fresh and healthy matte-finish.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smooth Viking worth it?

Absolutely! The pricepoint is fairly standard which can sometimes be an annoying bracket to budget for as the quality can greatly vary with the more standard priced gear. Fortunately, Smooth Viking has given fantastic value for money and one look at their Amazon review will reassure you that you’re getting a good deal.

Is Smooth Viking a good brand?

It’s certainly not one of the mainstream brands but I found Smooth Viking to be something of a hidden gem. It may not be at the forefront of any hair care discussions but it does provide a lot of things that many of the more popular brands sometimes lack or fail to maintain across their catalog.

Who is Smooth Viking best for?

Like we said, if you have a beard and don’t want it to look like a scruffy mess when you’re going out then Smooth Viking probably has something for you. Whether it’s a conditioner or oil to nourish and soothe those rough strands that aren’t looking like their at their full potential or a beard kit to snip and tame the wild mess that’s erupting from your face.


Why We Love Smooth Viking at Beautists

Smooth Viking needs more attention in our opinion. They’re offering quality products at a fair price and that’s becoming harder to find nowadays.

They have a broad catalog that caters to all kinds of men with different hair types and lengths. Plus, their products look the part too. I’m a sucker for packaging and Smooth Viking has that simple but sleek design that makes them look great on your shelf at home.

They’re by no means the best brand out there as many of the higher-end hair care products are more effective at tackling issues with styling, hair health, and other problems the gents face.

But, Smooth Viking still works wonders and is definitely one brand that we expect to make more appearances on when it comes to creating our lists for the best hair products out there for men.


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