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Everything You Need to Know About Rodan + Fields Brand In 2022

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Last Updated on March 10, 2022

• Conditions Lashes

• Enhance Lash durability

• Prevents breakage

• Award winning results

Let’s Talk About Rodan+Fields Lash Boost Serum

Who says skincare doesn’t include looking after your brows and lashes?

Sometimes we can forget that our brows and lashes need a little TLC, especially as we age and the hair becomes sparser. But trust me, using eyelash growth serums can make a world of difference.

You could say that eyebrows and lashes frame the face, and give it dimension. So no matter how old or young you are, if your skincare doesn’t include a good lash serum to nourish your lashes, then you’re missing out. The Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Serum is the star of the show, being one of the best Rodan and Fields products.

In 2020 the R+F lash serum was voted as best out of multiple eyelash growthh serums in the U.S. This serum was formulated to condition your lashes by applying it nightly. Over time it helps to promote longer, stronger and darker lashes or brows.

If like me, lashes are everything to you but getting regular lash extensions just aren’t an option anymore, you’ll love what this eyelash growth serum can do. This nightly serum has been infused with science backed technology to enhance lashes and lengthen them, helping to add volume and definition. Its been a gamechanger for many people.

If you’re looking for increased lash durability, then moisture is key. With the help of this rodan fields lash boost, you can condition your lashes and bring a host of other benefits that will have you not only looking but feeling your best. Rodan and Fields is up there for its skincare, but what about for its lashes?

But how does the Lash Boost work exactly?

Stick around for the best bits.


How Rodan+Fields Lash Boost Serum works:

So why is R+F Lash Boost Serum such a big deal? More importantly, is it worth the investment? This eyelash growth serum is marketed for people who struggle with thin or sparse eyelashes and eyebrows, particularly over 30+ as this is a common sign of aging.

This eyelash serum is designed to be used nightly, applied to lashes and brows, and has been clinically proven to maintain moisture, enhance lash durability and prevent breakage.

It’s an award winning skincare product that works so well that it claims to give more confidence to people who want to go makeup free.

Some might see it as a pricey investment, but by using it wisely you can make good use of your money. R+F recommend using it once a day in the evening, applying it only on the upper lash line. Make sure you first remove makeup and cleanse your face, then dry your eyelids and lashes fully. Dip the brush into the serum once per eye, and wipe off the excess product off the brush before applying, and only apply to your top lashes, no need for your lower lash line. The gently wipe off excess serum from your eyes. Make sure you don’t wash your face or eye area after this. They recommend you wait around 90 seconds for the serum to soak in before doing the rest of your skincare or going to sleep.

It’s ideal for replenishing moisture to tired lashes and brows while you sleep, creating the illusion of a younger complexion by keeping your eyebrows and lashes healthy. Studies show impressive results too.

It contains Proprietary Technology and Key Ingredients formulated to improve sparse lashes. The main ingredient is the Lash Boost Technology which is a complex of several ingredients designed to promote lash growth and retention. It will not harm the sensitive eye area and will help prevent breakage overnight while you sleep.

After conducting clinical trials, 90% reported seeing fuller looking lashes after using the Lash Boost Serum. People agreed that the serum was the best lash serum they have ever used. They also agreed they saw an immediate improvement in the lashes length and even darkness.

The Lash Boost lash serum is conditioning serum for your brows and lashes moisturizer that aims to improve hydration whilst banishing fine lines. Infused with powerful marine and plant actives, it has been clinically proven to rejuvenate skin.

Benefits of R+F Lash Boost Serum

Using the lash boost serum has shown to be a definite improvement for many people. R+F as a skincare brand is already highly acclaimed for their anti aging products and skincare routines that work. This one however is a best seller among their collection.

Of course, even though it is a serum, it’s not a miracle worker. If you’re getting older its natural for your lashes to get sparser and thin out. However, using the right products can really make a difference in getting your eyelashes to grow back and fall out less easily.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the R+F Lash Boost Serum

Maintains Moisture

One of the main reasons this serum works so well is what’s in it. Packed full of nourishing ingredients, it’s formulated to rejuvenate the lashes by keeping them conditioned and moisturized.

It’s no secret that as we get older, our body struggles to keep our eye area moisturized and hydrated, including our lashes. With less oil production, our lashes can get dry and brittle, making them fall out or break more easily.

For long, luscious lashes, moisture is key. Whether you’re losing lashes due to age, or your lashes are simply quite short naturally, conditioning your lashes will help them grow and be thicker as well.

Overall with a great ingredient list and hydrating ingredients, you can help maintain healthy lashes

Enhances Lash durability

For those who haven’t yet tried a good lash serum, it can change your life.

Some of the reviews for this lash serum are raving at how good it works on their lashes. Even for sensitive eye area, they say “honestly I’d take it for the growth I saw on my lashes. The top photo is prior WITH mascara, and the bottom is after 8 with no mascara!” and has helped to make their lashes longer with less fallout soft and clear.

Others have loved how quickly the lash serum worked. A reviewer said” All my lashes fell out after I gave birth to my son. I was desperate to get them back so I tried this serum. I used it consistently every night for a couple months and saw amazing results. Now I’m hooked! So much better than lash extensions!

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of lash extensions, but want to try the au naturale route by looking after your lashes, or simply giving them a break then you’ ll love this.

Because of its lightweight texture, it’s great for all skin types to use, even oily prone skin and dry skin types. You’ll notice stronger lashes that look thicker and fall out less easily, although everyone reacts differently. Your first tube should give you results in about a week. The Rodan and Fields lash serum is known in the beauty industry for promoting new growth both to the top and bottom lashes

Prevents breakage

The Lash Boost serum was formulated to target and combat lash fallout, whether that’s due to age, stress, health problems or too many lash extensions, and it’s safe to say it does the job.

When it comes to preventing breakage, the ingredients in this serum are spot on. By focusing on hydrating the lashes, they actually thicken each individual lash, helping to fill out any gaps from previous fallout.

Reviews have shown it to be a must have, transforming short, brittle lashes that fall out easily in just a few weeks. They’ve noticed a huge difference to their top lash line in a few more weeks and thickness of the lashes.

The clinical trial results and the lash boost reviews on the R+F website showed that 85% of people saw eyelash growth and visible improvement in the thickness and darkness too, without needing to wear eyelash extensions!

Award winning results

Of course, with so many lash serums and products available, they mean nothing if they don’t deliver results.

The Rodan + Fields website shows over 6921 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 raving about the Lash Boost serum. Many started to love lash boost after their lashes fall out, and this helped their lashes grow, gave them long lashes, thickened their own lashes, less eye lashes fell out, and even their lower lashes looked darker. No need to wear fake lashes anymore!

After conducting a series of before and after clinical trials, the results are just as impressive as the fields lash boost reviews.

90% of users agreed that they saw fuller lashes.

Another clinical trial showed that 85% of users agreed that this serum gave them longer lashes.

Judging from the reviews from repeat customers, and others who have purchased the Lash boost serum by Rodan+Fields, I’d say this serum goes above and beyond expectations.

Why we love R+F Lash Boost Serum at Beautists

If you’re looking for an eyelash growth serum with a delicate aroma and an advanced formula, then the Rodan+Fields serum is worth a look at.

Part of their skincare best sellers that includes rejuvenating anti aging products, this lash serum works overnight while you sleep to bring you fuller looking lashes

Reviews show that it is amazing, and you only need a pea sized amount to gently smooth over your eyelashes. You’ll quickly notice that your skin looked better after just a few months of using this beauty product, and the smell wears off eventually if you don’t like it.

This skin care has gone through independent clinical trials and independent user trials to test that this lash serum really works. I think it smells great, and like all of the Rodan + Fields products, whether that’s their day balm or eye cream, that they’re worth the money.

Why not give your lashes a little extra TLC?

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