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Revel Nail Dip Powder Review in 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight and natural feel
  • Easy application
  • Affordable

Revel Nail Dip Powder

Research has it that 35%(percent) of body beauty comes from nails. That’s why most companies invest in beauty and cosmetics. Top-quality nails are easily known by how exquisite they look and how strong they are. Most professionals and beginners are in steady search of that sexy looking and jaw-dropping nails that stands them out anytime.

Today we review one of the hottest nail brands in the market, the revel nail dip powder, which has been getting full remarks for its outstanding product. Get everything you need with the dip powder starter kit that contains all information and guides required to fix those nails. The nails come in multi-colors that appreciates all types of skin tone.

I am interested in writing about this product because of its super qualities. How it lasts, likes acrylic and yet easy to remove like gel polish, is still unbelievably amazing. Most brands usually wear off, which has been significant dissatisfaction. The revel nail dip powder kit bags the difference in the beauty world.

It is Unique in nature, grand in style and beautiful in appearance. The revel nail dip powder is a lovely piece that has impressed a lot of ladies, myself inclusive. The formula is to last for nearly 3-4 weeks on your nails without irritations. This brand provides long-lasting color with a lightweight and natural feel. The kit contains essential guides and recipes for newbies, so why go to the salon when you can effectively do the job in the comfort of your room.

Dipping hasn’t been more comfortable with this kit, and the dip powder has everything needed to dip. No need for UV lights to strengthen the dips; this formula contains easy-on drops that let the powder stay. Giving you the nails of your dreams in a bit

From $45.00 to $51.98, the full kit price is standard and affordable; based on the quality and value offered, you care less about the cost while it is on your cart list.

The kit contains 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ), EZ Care Pro Base, 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ), EZ Care Activator, 3) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ), EZ Care Finish Gel, 4) 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ) of Gel Thinner. With their steps labeled respectively.

The kit customarily comes in a mini grapple bag that contains the pro base, the gel activator, finish base, and the gel thinner, which conceals and preserves the content giving you that confidence of belonging.

The kit comes with a different style and a wide range of products that compliment all skin types, from caramel to light skin and ebony. The kit comes in regular, crème style, glitter, and shimmer. However, the difference in tone but quality stays the same.

We would dive into the mind-blowing kit components;

Revel Nail Pro Base

The pro base is the first to apply to give that firm base smoothening the nails to perfection. The revel kit contains the incredible formula that makes it last longer yet shines, giving you that deserved beauty. This pro base makes it odor-free, so don’t get nervous about how it smells.

Revel Gel Thinner

The thinner application helps make the gel application easier with immediate drying and quick effect. This gel thinner is a new formula that helps quicken the application process, so your nails are ready in no time.


A few are good, but one is perfect. The revel nail dip powder brand is perfection in every sense of the word, from the pro base to the care finish, down to the gel thinner. This kit got the right ingredients to give your nails the glow it craves.  Wallet-friendly? The revel nail kit is durable and fantastic yet affordable. So as a beginner or a manicurist, the touch of the revel nail will leave you amazed.

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