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Nail Polish Gone Thick? Here’s How To Thin It Out

Last Updated on June 25, 2022

How to thin your favorite nail polish

Have you found yourself going to reach for your favorite nail polish bottle then realizing it has turned into a clumpy thick mess? 

If you’re a nail polish lover like me you’re bound to have a couple of bottles in the back of the cupboard that you can’t bear to get rid of.

Maybe it’s an old polish that is discontinued or you can’t get hold of anymore- nothing worse than finding out your favorite color is no longer being stocked.

It’s all something we dread when deciding our next color, after spending almost an hour choosing you go to open the bottle and you’re faced with a thick and gloopy mess. 

But here’s the good news!

There’s no need to worry I’m here to help you restore your faves to their former glory in no time.

Instead of having to go through the process of having to chuck out a half-empty bottle of polish let me share the top tips and tricks to preserve your nail polish for longer.

Let’s jump in gang!

nail polish

Saving your nail polish with nail polish thinner itself: 

When looking at tips and tricks online you will find that many people would recommend diluting your nail polish with nail polish remover.

However, it can actually cause your nail polish to break down over time until the day you won’t be able to use it anymore.

The best option to get you out of this sticky situation (pun intended) is to invest in a great nail polish thinner like Mavala Thinner which is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your favorite polish allowing you that smooth application and finish.

After just adding two or three drops of a thinner the difference will be shocking! All you need to do is roll the bottle between your hands or on the side. Whatever you do, don’t shake the bottle it will create air bubbles which may cause your nail polish to chip easily. 

If you’re looking for a gel nail polish thinner, they can be slightly different than ordinary as the gel is a different formula to regular nail lacquer. Here’s the top Gel Polish Thinner on Amazon.

So how do I thin nail polish at home? 

There are many easy ways you can thin your nail polish at home to save you money however I would recommend investing in a nail polish thinner they are very handy.

But do these methods work?

Yes absolutely but if you find they don’t your once loved nail polish may be past the point of recovery- yes it may have come to that dreaded day that you have to part with your favorite nail polish.

Heres some methods with ingredients you will definitely have at home

Hot Water Fix:

Submerge your bottle of nail polish that need a fix in a bowl with hot water, then leave the bottle for 3 minutes. Gently roll back in forth in your hands or on a surface it will help thin the polish and also help to open a tough bottle.

Repeat the process until the bottle is at the desired consistency.

The glass may be very hot so handle it with care and caution as it could burn you in some cases.

Pure acetone:

Although this is not an ideal method for the long-term it can be useful if you only have a small amount of nail polish left.

You can use it as a last resort as it is still effective.

The key is to use one drop of pure acetone to your nail polish- no more than that as it can break down the nail polish so it would be a waste.

Also ensure that the nail polish remover is 100% acetone, as otherwise, it will break down your nail polish quicker.

Looking for a fast solution? 

If you’ve found that your nail polish has separated in the bottle that may be why your nail polish appears to be clumpy.

This can be easily fixed

Turn the bottle upside down to blend the pigments back together and roll in your hands for a couple of minutes.

Sometimes this is all your nail polish needs to be revived to its former glory but it is not a long-term solution. Also, refrain from shaking the bottle as this can cause air bubbles.

nail polish jpg

Can you use rubbing alcohol to thin out nail polish?

Absolutely, here’s how to thin nail polish with alcohol:

Add 2-3 drops of rubbing alcohol to your clumpy nail polish and roll in your hands or on a hard surface for a couple of minutes till it is all evenly soaked in.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide to thin out nail polish?

Sadly no, it can be useful for removing nail polish when you run out of nail polish remover but don’t have the ingredients to thin your nail polish.

But how can I make nail polish last longer?

We all crave that former glory from when we first bought our beautiful nail polish but is there a way to prevent using nail polish thinners at all?

Yes absolutely, here are some tips to prevent clumping:

Keep your beloved nail polish away from direct sunlight, bright lights can actually be damaging to your nail polish and also bleach it.

Store your polish in a cool, dry place that avoids areas that are prone to warming up like next to a shower.

Tighten the lid when you’re not using it, the air exposure can start to dry out and thicken the polish.

Finally, make sure your bottle is upright as it can clump on the tip of the bottle.

It is important to remember any prevention is better than a cure, make sure you look after your nail polish as it will last much longer.

Also when it gets past the part of no return we all need to learn to let go, which can be hard when it comes to reliable nail polish but parting ways with an old bottle can sometimes be better.

 Lets get back to doing what we love, with these quick and easy solutions I’ve given you today you can hold onto your favorite nail polish for longer. 

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