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Kiss Brush-On Gel Nail Kit Review 2021

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Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Affordable price
  • Includes brush cleaner 
  • Easy application
  • Natural nails for a great price

Kiss Brush-On Gel Nail Kit Review


Having a sleeky and glittering nail is the perfection of any finger. As a nail polish lover, you will want to explore varieties of products yet still keep your standard of top-quality polish. New products come into the market, but just a few give that satisfaction, making you smile.

The kit brush-on gel nail kit has been blazing with its super component and unique color line. Its numerous manicures benefit surpasses imagination, and the producers hit the bull’s eye on brand quality and customer preference.

I have always drawn motivation from reviewing this kiss brush on gel nail kit because it still stands out amongst the collections that make it better than the rest. This gel nail kit stands out from the other brands with its Innovative Attractive composition of the KISS.

Its high-quality elements give your nail that professional look; even for a beginner, the outlook is impressive. The KISS brush-on gel comes with gel, gel activator, and a wide range of French and natural nails, which describe the different looks you can have while using it.

Price: At a flat rate of $7.00, this nail kit is a full package at a wallet-friendly price, assuring you value for your money. Comes in variants of 3-in-1 nail gels and activator, it’s easy to have the perfect combination in 3 easy steps, without disturbing your budget.

Packaging: Regularly, the gel nail kit comes in a transparent polymer that keeps the content very visible and secured. The packaging is top class at each size of nails arranged in order of magnitude for easy location. KISS kit coordinates the gel nails, gel activator, and a brush cleaner. Its unique feature is that there’s no buffing required, and you can fully use the kit without a lamp; despite the different skin tones, this gel resonates to blend to any skin color easily; a matter of fact, it is unisex.

A detailed explanation of the components of the KISS kit: 

Brush On Gel- Nails That Last For As Long As Desired

This brush-on gel gives a soothing touch to the nails. With the gel activator’s right combination, which forms a unique covering for the natural nail and tip, creating a smooth and shiny finish, the nails come alive in beauty. If the nails remain tacky, it means the brush-on activator wasn’t enough. These nails can last as long as 10-15 days or even as desired, yet keeping your fingers healthy.

French Nails- Natural Nails That Come Sleek

The 24 French nail comes in different sizes and shapes arranged in order of magnitude that neatly fits into any finger. The natural nails give that perfect looks that get all attention. With durability on its side, it lasts as long as needed. The brushes have slides beside the bottles to avoid bristles


 If you search for natural nails that give you value for money, the KISS brush-on gel nails are your perfect choice. The brand is fit with an array of gel activators,  brush-on gel nails, two manicure uses. The on-gel nails fit in perfectly and last for long

With a whopping price of $7.00, you get endless satisfaction and premium quality for a pocket-friendly price. The prize doesn’t vary as they all come tagged.

Latest Price: Kiss On Gel Nail Kit