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Keep It Clean: Importance Of Sanitisation During A Manicure

Last Updated on February 9, 2021

Everything you need to know about sanitization during a manicure


Keeping everything clean and sanitized and clean is the most important factor in the nail salon industry, but why’s it so important?

It not only prevents the spread of fungal, bacterial diseases between clients but also helps ensure healthy working conditions within the salon. It is crucial for keeping you and your clients safe.

We’ve all heard stories of yucky fungal infections from using the same kit, not only will you receive a fine but it puts clients at risk. 

I know you may be looking at the screen wondering whether you’re doing everything you should be, but don’t panic I’m here to break down everything to keep you and others safe.

Let’s jump in!

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So let’s get into it, what are the sanitation rules for manicures? 

The basics:

Make sure you wash your hands between each client and the same for your clients before their appointment.

Make sure you change the towel to a clean one between each client.

Sanitize and disinfect all tools and equipment that are reused following state regulations. Any tools that can’t be disinfected must be disposed of or given to the client after they use them.

Only use quality, professional-grade legal, and safe products for your clients.

Make sure you keep everything covered to prevent dust and chemicals from going around the salon.

Keep a log of the cleaning schedule and make it available on request.


Along with the education required to become a nail technician, in most states, it is by law that all licensed manicurists, operators, and manicure instructors complete at least two hours of sanitation learning to meet the requirements and will require renewing.


All nail salons are required to sterilize their equipment and clean their workspace between every client. Tools must be soaked in boiling water and disinfected with a sanitizer, authorized autoclave, ultraviolet sanitizer, or dry heat sterilizer.


After the use of the foot spa, it should be thoroughly drained and cleaned after every client and deeply sanitized every 2 weeks to prevent any spread of fungal infections.


Make sure you properly sterilize all the equipment and workspace to prevent the spread of disease, keeping employees and customers safe.


Everyone should be responsible for their own kit and the cleaning of their tools.

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