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How To Use Purple Shampoo 101:

Whether you’re a blonde by nature or by bleach, having purple shampoo is every blonde girl’s best friend. It keeps blondes fresh and brass at bay.

But what is purple shampoo and why is it so special?

Purple shampoo is a great way to maintain your bright blonde hues, it naturally tones the hair with purple pigments that cancel out yellow brassy undertones.

It goes back to the color wheel, purple is directly opposite the yellow so purple works wonders for neutralizing yellow tones and leaving hair ashy.

But what causes brassy tones?

Well, there are many reasons that blonde hair turns yellow, the top one being that it is more susceptible to damage and hence brassiness is caused by UV rays.

Another reason is that brassiness is also caused by the natural warmth in your hair, the undertones can also cause this slight orange/yellow hue.

But let’s talk about the amazing benefits of using purple shampoo and purple conditioner on the blonde hair color and how to use purple shampoo for best results.

Let’s delve in.

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 What Does Purple Shampoo Do?

So what is purple shampoo, and what does it do for your hair?

Well, purple shampoo is like a regular shampoo, but as it cleanses strands, it dispenses purple pigment that helps to neutralize your hair to a cooler tone.

It turns brassy blonde hair into a lovely ash color.

Brassiness is described as the unwanted warm, yellow tones within lightened strands, especially blonde hair.

It can be caused by many things, from UV rays from the sun, chlorine, mineral impurities in the water, to just natural warmth in your hair.

The purple shampoo comes in to neutralize this brassiness and leave hair toned. But why use purple?

Many people often fear the idea of using purple shampoo or using anything purple on bleach blonde hair, fearing that it will stain the hair purple, but this is really not the case.

Purple naturally cancels out yellow tones, making it the perfect color to use.

Purple falls directly opposite yellow, meaning it will work to counteract and neutralize yellow tones, leaving blonde hair cool and icy.

It is vivid and will keep brass under control while refreshing your hair color. This simple change can make a huge difference over time.

Purple shampoo is an easy way to eliminate brass, and making it part of your regular hair care routine is a great way that your color can stay fresh, cool, and toned.

Using the right purple shampoo will not only tone hair but will help maintain your hair color in between shampoo treatments, leaving you with beautiful blonde hair.

 Benefits Of Purple Shampoo:

So now we’ve covered the basics of what purple shampoo is; let’s talk about the juicy benefits of using this toning shampoo on blonde color-treated hair.

Purple Shampoo Tones Your Hair :

This one is pretty obvious, but the purple hue works wonders for toning blonde hair. It banishes yellow undertones in just a single use!

Purple shampoos are essential for all blondies that want to keep their blonde hair fresh and brassy tones at bay. Some purple shampoos even help to vanquish orange tones within your hair too.

The crushed violet pigments help to refresh blonde highlights, bleached hair, and even natural blonde tones to keep hair fresher for longer.

Purple Shampoo Works Instantly   

After applying purple shampoo just once, you’ll notice a massive difference in your hair; the violet pigments kick out yellow tones and leave blonde hair brighter.

Think about the color wheel; using the opposite color will neutralize this undertone, and enough can kick in out, so it works almost instantly.

Keeps Hair Fresh Between Salon Appointments:

The wait between your salon treatments can be hell, especially for blondies. After a couple of weeks, the toner begins to wear off, and the yellow tines start to shine through.

But no need to fear; use purple shampoo or blonde shampoo. It is perfect for blonde-colored hair as it tones the hair and kicks out these brassy tones without having to visit the salon. It keeps hair fresher for longer and increases the time between salon visits.

But purple shampoo isn’t like your regular shampoo. Instead, you should try to leave the purple shampoo on your hair for a few minutes for the best results.

Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo: Which Is Best?

So you’ve probably seen on the market blue shampoo and purple shampoo, but what is the difference and which one is best for blonde hair?

Well, this really depends on your undertone. If you have orange tones in your hair, then a blue shampoo would be best, and for yellow, purple would be best.

This is because blue pigments help to neutralize the orange tones within the hair, and the purple pigments help to neutralize orange.

If you have a mixture of both, then I would recommend a silver shampoo that has both blue and purple pigments within the formula– brass off is my fave.

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How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo?

 So, how often can you use purple shampoo? Can you use it every day or should you only use it once a week? How often should you use purple shampoo?

Well it can be used as part of your daily routine but you should only really use it once or twice a week as it will last between washes.

Some formulas can actually darken your hair if you use it too frequently as after neutralizing the yellow tones it can actually start to darken blonde hair.

So by using once or twice a week this should prevent this from happening.

For some people, you may notice a purple tone on your hair if you use on dry hair so you should only leave purple shampoo on dry hair for around 20 minutes,

Purple conditioners work wonders to strengthen hair and keep hair healthy, they replenish moisture that is often lost by using purple shampoo on the ends.

But all in all, for silver hair you should use the purple shampoo once or twice a week.

How To Apply Purple Shampoo

How you use your purple shampoo depends on how much your hair needs toning, as well as your hair type. If you have damaged hair, then applying for shorter periods is better.

The violet pigment will kick out any brassiness when left on concentrated on hair, so try not to rub your hair too much when using.

Purple Shampoo On Wet Hair:

The most common use of purple shampoo is in replacement of your regular shampoo. But for me, I like to do one regular shampoo to remove buildup then one purple shampoo to tone my blonde ends as I find purple shampoo acts more like a toner than a shampoo.

It also means that it works better if the hair is clean, there is no need to work overtime to penetrate into the hair.

So start by rinsing your hair giving your scalp a good massage under the running water for a few minutes. This should help break down some buildup and stimulate the scalp before going in with your regular shampoo.

Do your first wash and really focus on the scalp; massage the shampoo into your scalp using the tips of your fingers and give it a really good wash for a few minutes. You’ll want your scalp to feel squeaky clean before you go in with your purple shampoo.

Give your hair a really good rinse until there is no residue leftover on the scalp, then give your hair a quick squeeze out to remove dripping water– this will make it easier for the purple hues to penetrate through the strands.

Apply a generous amount of purple shampoo to the roots and ends, focusing on the blonde tones and adding a generous amount to the brassy areas. Try not to lather up the shampoo, as this will take away some of the toning capabilities.

You can leave on the purple shampoo as long as you deem necessary., but I tend to leave it on for around 5-10 minutes. Once the time is up, make sure you massage the ends and roots before rinsing, this will ensure everything is toned.

`If you want optimal results, you can then follow it up with a purple conditioner, but this is not necessary.

Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair:

Another alternative for those that are looking for a good level of toning is to apply the purple shampoo to dry strand– this may leave a slight purple hue if left on for too long, so be careful when doing this method.

What you’ll want to do is thoroughly work the product into your dry strands; it’s probably best to work in sections to make the job easier. If you don’t want it too extreme, you can also work in sections and slightly dampen down each section with the water spray.

Working in sections will make it easier to apply and make it easier to apply evenly, so start underneath and pin the rest of your hair up– this will make life easier when it comes to applying and keeping your bathroom clean.

Leave the purple shampoo on for 5-30 minutes, use it for a shorter period of time if you have particularly damaged hair, as some purple shampoos can be drying. Make sure you also follow up with a deep conditioning treatment after too.

If your hair is particularly brassy, then you can leave it on for longer on dry hair, and then when your wash off, your hair should be looking as fresh as a daisy– you’d think that you’d just walked out of the salon!

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So there you have it, everything you need to know when using purple shampoo on your blonde locks. This revolutionary shampoo has changed the blonde hair game. 

Whether you’re a natural blonde or bleach blonde, using purple shampoo can keep your hair fresh in between salon visits and really brighten up your blonde. 

Check out my full guide below for my top recommendations, and happy toning! 

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