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How To Use Leave-in Conditioner: Men

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

How To Use Leave-in Conditioner: Men

Unlike traditional conditioners you use in the shower, leave-in conditioners for men add lightweight moisture and extra volume to your hair that lasts all day.

When you apply leave-in conditioner it also does extra work to nourish the scalp, as it has more time to penetrate the hair than its rinse-out counterpart.

This makes leave-in conditioners ideal for guys with frizzy, damaged, curly, or thick hair that gets tangled easily. However, any hair type can benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that promote healthy hair for men.

Advantages Of Using Leave-in Conditioner

The main benefit of using a leave-in conditioner or any conditioner for that matter is the increased moisture gained from using them, which will, in turn, improve overall hair health. Most hair types can benefit from leave-in conditioners and they should be implemented into pretty much every hair care routine.

Dry hair

A leave-in conditioner is ideal for those with dry hair, as it can provide the necessary moisture needed that dry hair lacks. Dry hair can eventually lead to damage, frizziness, and even breakage if not dealt with appropriately.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair can also be very dry. A leave-in conditioner can help combat frizziness by adding moisture to the hair and helping to smooth it out. As the leave-in conditioner coats the hair, it also works well at protecting the hair from heat and warm environments which are usually the main culprit in frizzy hair.

Damaged hair

Hair can get damaged easily by using hot-styling tools, bleach, dyes, chemical straightening or perms, or if you routinely pull it back into ponytails or braids. Leave-in conditioner provides a protective effect when applied before styling or using heat tools which prevents your hair strands from overheating or becoming damaged.

Coarse or curly hair

Curly, coarse, and textured hair may benefit from the extra moisture provided by the leave-in conditioner. This is because the natural oils produced by your scalp take longer to spread down the length of the curls so the ends can become quite brittle. Applying leave-in conditioners and combing them into the length of the hair can reduce frizz and evenly distribute the needed moisture to both your hair strands and scalp.

Bleached or color-treated hair

If your hair has been bleached or colored, it’ll likely have some damage as these processes can affect your hair, some more than others. If this is the case for you then look for a leave-in conditioner made for color-treated hair, which may help lock in color and add shine.

Fine hair

If you have fine hair, you may find that regular conditioners weigh down your hair, leaving it lifeless and floppy which can be a real pain when it comes to styling. The leave-in conditioner tends to be more lightweight, while still retaining the extra moisture and shine that your hair needs. Concentrate the leave-in conditioner on the hair shaft too as these will benefit most from it.

How To Use Leave-In Conditioner

  1. Shampoo – Firstly start by washing hair. Rub in some shampoo of your choice in the shower and then rinse it out You can also use a traditional conditioner for men in the shower if you want as long as you rinse it out properly.
  2. Dry – Once you’ve finished your shower, gently pat your hair dry with a towel to remove excess water.
  3. Apply Leave-in Conditioner – Next up you need to squirt a few sprays to the hair at mid-length and at the hair shafts, taking care to avoid the roots as much as you can.
  4. Detangle – If you have longer hair then you can use a brush to comb or detangle it.
  5. Style – Lastly, leave your hair to dry or style it in the way you like (check out best men’s hairstyles for ideas). 

Fortunately, the process of leave-in treatment is largely the same regardless of your hair type whether it’s wavy hair, thin hair, etc. However, if you have thicker hair or curly hair, you will probably need to use more leave-in conditioner than someone with fine hair. For more tips on curly hair care, have a look at our article “how to care for curls men“.

If you have curly or thick hair, using a wide-tooth comb can help to distribute the leave-in conditioner more evenly. For guys with very fine hair, you can choose to only apply the leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair.

Most leave-in conditioners should be applied every day or at least every other day but of course, this depends on how your hair is responding. If you’re using a leave-in conditioner daily and your hair looks and feels healthy, then you’re good to continue using it as-is. But if you notice your hair becoming oily or limp, it’s probably a sign that you’re over-using your leave-in conditioner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a damaged hair cuticle?

A damaged cuticle is rough and dull, with scales that are either raised or stripped away. This kind of cuticle leaves the vulnerable core of the hair fiber exposed. Damaged hair cuticles appear as very tangled or dull hair.

Can you use hair gel after leave-in conditioner?

Once you’ve rinsed your traditional conditioners and shampoos out, apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair. The last product you should use is the hair product, in this case, gel. After this, you can let your hair air dry, plop your hair, or if you are in a hurry: blow dry with a diffuser attachment. (See how to blow dry men’s hair for more info)

How long should leave-in conditioner be left in?

Leave-in conditioners should be left in for at least three minutes. You can also wash your hair first so your conditioner has time to work its magic while you do the rest of your shower routine.

What is the best men’s hair conditioner?

The best men’s conditioners will not only nourish the hair but make it feel healthy and smooth to the touch. the difference between hair that has had a high-quality conditioner and an average conditioner applied to it is night and day. If you’re looking for some recommendations then have a look at my buyer’s guide on the best conditioner for men’s hair.

Can Leave In conditioner be applied every day?

It may seem like daily conditioning would be great for your hair, but the truth is that it can leave behind loads of product, can create nasty buildup, and can actually do more harm than good. To stay safe, try only using conditioner once or twice a week.

Does leave-in conditioner help hair grow?

Yes, technically a leave-in conditioner has the potential to help the hair grow. They can stimulate the scalp which can facilitate hair growth depending on the person. However, their main purpose is to help you properly maintain the hair on your head. This will help you retain the hair on your head so that it can continue to grow in the future. If you want to find out more about hair loss then you should see our article on how fast does men’s hair grows for some tips and tricks in promoting hair growth.

What is the best leave-in conditioner?

Well, this one is up for debate but if you want some recommendations on leave-in conditioners for men then have a look at our Buyer’s Guide on the Best Leave-In Conditioner For Men’s Hair.

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