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How To Use Curl Cream

Last Updated on December 15, 2021
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

Ultimate Curl Cream Hacks To Enhance Your Curl Game:

No matter the weather, we all crave luscious curls every single day, but extreme frost, heat waves, and sun can wreak havoc on curly hair.

But if you’re using the right products and have the right technique, there’s no need to fear.

The key to perfect curls is a good level of hydration, moisture, and the right technique for ultimate definition. This is where curl creams come in handy!

Curl creams should be a staple in your hair care routine if you love your natural curls; it helps retain moisture, help clump curls together, and take their natural shape.

No matter your curl type, from coiliest of coils to loosest of waves, anyone can benefit from curl cream.

Curl creams are a blend of the most nourishing ingredients needed to help keep curls hydrated, from oil, water, and other nourishing ingredients to offer the best benefit for curly hair.

So let’s jump into my top hacks for using curl cream at home so you can achieve the most luscious curls you’ve ever seen; every day will be a good hair day!

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What Does Curl Cream Do?

A curl cream will coat the hair with thin film which helps to smooth the hair cuticle; they allow hairs to freely move past each other while locking in moisture and promoting the natural curl shape and definition.

After using these products, curls should look springy and full of life; they should have some kind of bounce and definition while being frizz-free.

Since natural curls are lacking in moisture, it is yet another hair care product that helps to seal in moisture. After all, we curlies need as much moisture as we can get, am I right?

So what is curl cream, and what does it do for your curls? Well, curl definition cream is a cream that wraps around your curls to offer curl definition and promote the natural curl shape.

A cream is an emulsification of oil and water; the job of a curl cream is to both condition and moisturize the curl from the inside out. Curl creams work to enhance the natural curl pattern by improving the health of the hair and encouraging a healthy hair environment.

A defining curl cream uses natural ingredients which work to moisturize and encourage curl formation, so curls show the best version of themselves.

Curl creams also work wonders for taming frizz as they help to smooth the cuticle and lock in moisture.

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Top Tips For Using Curl Cream:

For ultimate curl definition and frizz-free curls, here are some tips on how to apply curl cream for the best results to enhance the power of your curls.

Only Apply To Soaking Wet Hair:

Curl cream works to the best of its ability when applied to clean, soaking wet hair. After you have cleansed your hair with your co-wash or sulfate-free shampoo, you should apply a curl cream to your hair while it is still dripping.

When styling your curls, you’ll want to use curl cream in replacement of your leave-in conditioner (or use it as well as for extremely dry curls). Curls style best when products are raked through wet hair and when products are evenly distributed.

So what I found was the easiest method is to wrap your hair up in a towel (microfiber towels only here, please- thanks!) and then sit in front of the mirror and work in sections, spraying it down with one section with the water spray.

Smooth the cream through 2-inch sections and detangle using a wide-tooth comb or a styling/detangling brush (I personally love my Denman Brush for both) to distribute the curl cream product evenly.

After smoothing and evenly distributing the cream to that section, I tend to go in with my curl-defining gel or mousse and a heat protectant.

The curl defining cream should help clump curls together, so instead of messy separated strands, you’ll be left with a defined curl clump in the natural curl pattern.

Rake it through with your fingers before using the styling brush.

Use Like A Conditioner:

Don’t be afraid to use too much curl cream; use as much curl cream as you would conditioner. Plus, if you have to run your fingers through your curls a few times to get them detangled, smoothed, and clumped together, then that is also okay.

As I said before, working in sections will ease the detangling process and help define clumps using a styling brush. You can twist and twirl certain sections of hair to create a specific shape curl or clump too.

But the key is you’ll want to add and not subtract, start with a small amount and bear your hair porosity in mind when working in sections and if your curls need it, then add more. Adding more is much easier than trying to take away too much.

Don’t Towel Dry Hair Before Applying Cream:

You’ll want to apply curl cream when your hair is sopping wet; your curls are smoothest while wet so after detangling with your conditioner, rinse and then work in sections to apply curl cream and detangle.

Spray down each section using the water spray.

The best way to get the most out of your curls is to style while completely sopping wet; there’s no chance of styling dry hair; it just leads to frizz.

Don’t Scrunch The Curl Cream:

Raking your soaking wet curls will help evenly distribute and detangle easily without snagging or pulling. I like to firstly rub a bit of curl cream in my hands and rake it through my curls to help with detangling before working in sections.

Rake the cream in using a wide-tooth comb, styling brush, detangling brush, or your fingers to ensure it is evenly coated; apply your other styling products, THEN scrunch, not before, as this can change the way that the curl looks.

Don’t Touch Your Curls While Drying:

After styling, if you are not diffusing or plopping, then leave those curls tf alone! Once you’ve got that frizz-free foundation set in your curls the last thing you want is to mess that up; after styling, try to touch your curls as little as possible.

If you are diffusing, then gently blow-dry; once your curls are dry, then you can shake and fiddle with your curls to your heart’s content. But in order to avoid frizz and have the most defined curl possible, then you must leave your curls alone when drying.

There we go; these are my top tips for applying curl cream before styling for the very best results on your curls.

Allow Time For Your Products To Set:

Allowing time for your individual products to set is key, so be patient. The key method to prevent mixing products is to apply a leave-in conditioner, oil, cream, then gel.

However, some styling creams actually act as a leave-in conditioner so they can be used in replacement. So after applying your leave-in, wait a few minutes for it to work its magic.

Comb through and style each layer, then wait a few minutes, then do the next. Once all the products are absorbed, then you can scrunch your curls.

This ensures all the products are working to the best of their ability, and frizz is less likely to occur.

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Using curl cream every time you wash is key to frizz-free, bouncy, and tamed curls. No one wants frizzy, untamable curls so this cream will leave curls defined, soft and shiny.

Any curly girl can benefit from using a curl cream in their life, from the loosest of waves looking for more bounce and definition to coilies looking for control and reduced shrinkage.

Give some of these hacks a try next time you are styling your curls, trust me you’ll be shocked by the results after using these products. 

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