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How To Use An Electric Razor

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

How To Use An Electric Razor

So, you’ve got your electric shaver but aren’t quite sure how to get the right cut on your beard.

We’ve all been in this position and fortunately, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. However, there are a lot of tips and tricks you can use as well as techniques that are recommended based on a variety of factors such as the electric shaver type.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about rotary shavers and foil shavers, how to shave with an electric shaver, the difference between wet and dry, as well as other nuggets of info that you may find useful.

If you haven’t yet bought an electric shaver or are in search of replacement electric razors then check out our guide on the best electric shavers.


Rotary Shavers

In most cases, a rotary shaver will have three circular heads that have outer guards which are stationary, and internal cutting blades.

As the rotary head is moved circularly with the contours of the face, hair and stubble are captured by the guard and its angular grooves cut hair. The circular technique and movement make it much easier to shave around the neck and chin.

Tips For A Rotary Shaver

Use clockwise and counter-clockwise circular motions – This helps catch hairs and while the circular motions will make up the bulk of your shave, this doesn’t mean it’s the only way to use rotary electric shavers. In fact, another way to shave with a rotary is by implementing up and down and sideways strokes as well to make sure you get all the hairs that grow in different directions.

Don’t apply too much pressure – This is particularly important with rotary shavers as they’re less forgiving when it comes to applying a lot of pressure. While in the case of foil shavers pressing a bit harder can help you get a smoother shave, it doesn’t seem to work the same with rotary shavers and most of the time it will only lead to more discomfort. So to avoid any problems, you should opt for a light, gentle stroke.

When using cream, don’t forget to rinse – Excess lather and hair clippings will clog the shaver and negatively impact the quality of the shave. Make sure you thoroughly clean your electric razor after using shaving cream or gel. the same goes for when you use a foil shaver too.


Foil Shavers

Foil shavers are comprised of sharp blades that move sideways extremely fast behind a thin, perforated metal screen. The hairs enter through the perforations in the foil and are then cut clean by the blades.

Tips For A Foil Shaver

Keep it short – Foil shavers aren’t made for longer beards, and while the same is true for rotary electric shavers, a foil is really going to struggle with longer beards so it may be worth trimming before getting to the real shaving.

Short strokes against the hair growth – Use your free hand to determine the direction your beard is growing and always shave against it. Failing to shave against the grain will result in a poor shave and you’ll most likely leave behind stray hairs.

Stretch your skin – While this rule can be applied to using an electric razor in general we thought it was still worth mentioning. This will cause the hairs to stand straight and thus be captured by the shaver and will also make the skin tighter, minimizing the risks of irritation. You can tilt your head back while raising your chin up when shaving the neck or right below the jawline.


Wet Or Dry

You’ve probably heard of these terms before when looking for an electric shaver online. But what is wet and dry shaving? Is there a difference? And should you use wet or dry shaving?

Dry shaving is essentially electric shaving. When you use an electric razor you’re dry shaving and if you opt for a blade with water such as a manual razor then you’re wet shaving.


Dry shaving is shaving using a razor that uses electricity to run a motor that powers a system of cutting blades. Typically, you don’t need any lubrication and you can just run the shaver over dry (but clean) skin. There are two basic types of electric razors, “rotary” and “foil’ which we discussed above.

Pros of Dry Shaving
  1. Dry shaving is much easier than wet
  2. There’s considerably less chance of cutting or nicking your skin with a dry shaver
  3. Electric shavers last much longer than razor blades
  4. No need to use water or lubrication



At its very essence, wet shaving is removing hair with a sharpened edge and water. In layman’s terms, it’s really about shaving with a manual razor with water and some kind of product to lubricate and protect the skin. Manual razors have been around for centuries if not millennia and there are a multitude of reasons why.

Pros of Wet Shaving
  1. Wet shaving will give you a close shave if you want to stay smooth.
  2. Wet shaving benefits you by removing skin debris and dirt
  3. Manual razors are smaller and easier to transport
  4. The initial investment is cheaper than electric but cartridge replenishment can get pricey.


How To Use An Electric Razor: Step By Step

Now, this is what you’ve come here for. You know the different types of electric razors and how they affect your facial hair. So let’s have a look at how to use them so you can get that closer shave you’ve been seeking.

  1. Pre-shave – Before you pit that electric shaver to your skin make sure you do these little things first: Firstly, wash your face with warm water as this will soften your beard and remove any dirt. Then find the grain of your facial hair, or in other words, feel which way your hair grows so you know which way to shave as you may want to go “against the grain” for a closer shave.
  2. Ensure your blade is sharp –  It is recommended that you replace these at least once a year, or you will fail to get a good shave and may end up irritating your skin.
  3. Hand Placement – Place your electric razor in your dominant hand and use your less dominant hand to pull your skin so it’s smoother and less wrinkled and rough.
  4. Shave your cheeks – Shave with the grain, usually from the top towards your jaw. Shaving against the grain will give you a closer shave but is an easy way to cut yourself and you run the risk of causing skin irritation.
  5. Sideburns – Make sure to look at the mirror at a level angle to ensure both sides are even. Put down the shaver and use both index fingers to help give you some perspective of which side is longer by placing each finger at the bottom of each side burn if you’re still unsure of the length of them.
  6. Mustache – Use your index finger of your non-dominant hand to lift up your nose and force your upper lip down to provide more surface area for you to shave. Alternatively, you can try moving your upper lip away from the direction that you’ve shaved.
  7. Under the chin – Bite and suck in your lower lip to maximize the surface area that the shaver touches. Go slowly around your lip to make sure you don’t cut yourself.
  8. Beneath the Jaw – This area is the most sensitive and the trickiest so take your time. Tilt your head up and move closer to the mirror to get the best visual angle.
  9. Aftercare – When you’ve finished check for any missed spots and clean your electric razor so it’s fresh for next time. You can also apply some lotion to your face after your shave to avoid skin irritation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean my face before using an electric razor?

A dirty, oily face can gum up an electric razor, making it more difficult to get a proper shave. Wash your face with water and a skincare product prior to shaving. This will help to keep the shaver from pulling out hair, as opposed to cutting it.

How long does it take to get used to electric shaver?

Give yourself a week or two for your face to adjust to the new shaver. If you have been using a blade razor, then you must give your face a minimum of two to three weeks to adjust to electric shaving.

Can you use an electric razor for pubic hair?

Razors can only pick up short hair, so you need to trim before you shave. … If using an electric trimmer makes you feel nervous, you can try using an electric razor instead. This pubic hair trimmer for women is designed specifically to closely trim pubic hair.



There you have it, A guide on how to use an electric razor and some other info to help you along your way. With the things discussed here today you should be well-equipped to start using an electric shaver for your facial hair.

Remember the difference between a rotary shaver and a foil shaver as well as which one better suits you and your beard. Plus, it’s worth considering wet shaving if you want a closer shave.

But whichever shaver you use and however you decide to use it, make sure it works for you and helps you get rid of all that excess hair.

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