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How To Style Men’s Hair

Are you wondering how to style your hair in a way that makes you look fresh and stylish?

Due to everyone having different hair types from wavy hair to thin hair it can be hard to give a definitive way to style men’s hair. Luckily, there are some tried and tested tricks as well as a particular hair product to fit the kind of style you’re going for.

In this article, we’re going to discuss hair styling and everything that comes between, before, and after from whether blow drying is necessary all of the time to how to get textured hair that makes you stand out in any room.

And once you’re done with that you’ll want to know where to find the best hair products for men which we’ve also got you covered for.

So, let’s make your hair its best possible self and begin.

How to Style Short Hair

Short haircuts for men are probably some of the easiest to style and sometimes it isn’t even necessary if you have a buzz cut or hair that lies just right naturally.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with naturally perfect hair though then here’s what you’ll need. Firstly, a conditioner can come in handy and you may find using a hair dryer will make things easier for you. But for most guys, a little bit of hair product is probably all you need.

The shorter the hair, the less product you need so don’t put massive globs on your fingers. Start with a small pea-sized amount and work up from there. With almost or totally dry hair, rub the product between the palms to warm up and work it into your hair thoroughly starting with the roots and then working up the strands. It should feel like you’re giving yourself a scalp massage.

Finish up with a comb for a more polished style like an Ivy Leaguer go for a messier look with natural texture by pulling the hair in different directions. you can do this by finger combing and pinching small sections of hair.

Alternatively, if you have short curly hair then the rules are a little different. Conditioner is essential! Curly hair tends to be dry and requires added oils to look its best.

Out of the shower, gently squeeze hair dry with a microfiber towel or even just an old t-shirt as cotton has a coarse texture that can cause breakage and frizz with wet hair. After this scrunch a cream product into it. This helps work product throughout the hair without affecting your natural curls.


How To Style Medium Length Haircuts

First off you’re going tow ant to condition your hair. Even if the length is concentrated just at the top, you want to keep hair healthy and looking its best.

It’s common to use a blow dryer with medium-length hair to speed up the styling process and added control. To air dry, hair serum or cream for more textured hair can act as a pre-styler and minimize frizz.

If you’re opting for something like a pomade then you’ll need to consider your hair type as opposed to your hair length. Fine hair can be styled with a regular hold, whereas thick hair will need a stronger hold.


What Hair Products To Use And When To Use Them


You’ll want to use this if you have longer, curly, or wavy hair. Wax can be greasy and has thick viscosity but provides a solid hold. Wax will give you a high shine and a strong hold providing a wet but sleek look.


This is the one to go for if you have wavy or curly hair with some body. It’s especially effective for curly hair as it can set the curl without it getting frizzy giving a more finished look. Once applied you’ll have a light, low-shine, natural-looking hold.


Use this one if you have sense, coarse hair. Styling pomade has a matte finish and tends to be more clay-based giving you a drier, lived-in texture. I’d recommend using pomade for short to medium styles. It will help you achieve a low to a high shine with a firm hold.


The great thing about hair spray is it can be used effectively by anyone with any hair type. Some brands have released products with a low-key grip so you can still make amendments and don’t have everything locked into place with no hope of running a finger through your hair. Hair spray is more of an afterthought and should be used as a finishing touch to keep everything where it should be. It will give a medium to a high shine, as well as a medium to strong hold.


Hair paste is best used on medium to thick hair. It’s like a heavier cream with a decent amount of viscosity and tack. You’ll want to pick this if you’re seeking a finished but natural look for short- to medium-length haircuts. It provides medium shine and medium hold.

Sea Salt Spray

This isn’t a commonly used product but you may want to try it if you have finer, long, or thick hair. It’s great at adding texture and giving dimension as well as more volume without looking too over the top.


This one is ideal for fine hair. Balm doesn’t have much weight to it and should be used to achieve a natural look. it will give you a medium shine and low to medium hold.


Tips To Improve Your Hairstyle

Use The Right Product

Choosing the right products to style your hair depends on the look you’re going for. You can check out our rough guide to products and when to use them above but one thing to bear in mind with all products is to gather up a dime-sized dollop and warm it up between your palms, then work it in from the roots. If you don’t warm it up and spread it out, you can end up with a sticky mess on the back of your head and you’ll have to start all over again.

Don’t Overdo The Shampoo

Hair can’t replenish its natural oils quick enough to justify washing every day so you should only use it once every two or three days. Some may find that they can go longer without using any but you risk turning into a grease ball. Other than that, simply rinse your hair with water in your morning shower and you should be good to go.

More Volume

This one is a need-to-know if you have thinning hair, or if you’re going for the pompadour look. To add volume to your hair, blow dry it and use a comb. Keep combing your hair up and drying at the same time and you’ll find that it tends to stay up more. If you want some tips on blow drying then check out our guide on how to blow dry men’s hair.

Trim Around The Edges

Keep a small electric razor on hand so you can clean up around the edges of your hairline. After some time your hair will obviously start to regrow to the point where you’ll need another haircut. But using an electric razor for maintenance will save you both money and time.

Hydration Helps With Creating Texture

The coarser and curlier your hair, the more moisture it needs. Using a gentle cleansing conditioner, in place of shampoo will help retain even more moisture. Following with a leave-in conditioner will ensure that coarse and curly hair stays hydrated and healthy.


How to Style A Quiff (Short – Medium Length Hair)

  1. Spread a pre-styler all over your hair. For example, mousse.
  2. Blow-dry your hair and use a comb to help add volume. Keep an eye on the temperature as not to damage your hair.
  3. As soon as your hair is completely dry, scoop a bit of your trusty hair styling product, like hair clay, wax, or pomade.
  4. Rub the product between your hands to warm it up a little and make sure there are no visible blobs.
  5. Apply it to the top hair, starting from the back and moving forward to the front rubbing the product deep into your scalp.
  6. Style your quiff up to your preferred side. To give the look a more messy and natural look, grab some more styling products and pierce together the hair at the side parting.
  7. To finish the look you can pierce the hair forward in places with your fingertips to add a more rugged look to the quiff as opposed to a perfect quiff.

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How To Style A Pompadour (Medium Hair)

  1. Start by washing so you have wet hair.
  2. Towel-dry
  3. Apply some pre-styling product with heat protection. Blow-dry the pomp to the side that looks best.
  4. Take some hair styling product, like cream or pomade, and spread it all over your hands rubbing it in until you can no longer see any product.
  5. Run your fingers with it through the top of your hair and rub through until your hair texture is right. Massage your scalp and be extra thorough if you have thicker hair.
  6. Style into the pompadour shape and use hairspray if you’re worried about losing the structure.

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How To Style Spiky Hair (Short Hair)

  1. Wash your hair and towel dry it.
  2. Spritz some hair oil into your hands and rub it between them to warm up then apply it to all of your hair to moisturize it.
  3. Make sure that you have covered all of the hair from the roots to the ends.
  4. Dry it with a blow-drier pointing it in different directions with your fingers or a comb also to create more volume.
  5. You can use a hair straightener to curl the strands of the hair at the front away from the face and toward the crown, however, this is optional.
  6. Scoop a blob of sculpting clay or wax (the size of your fingertip) and rub it between the hands applying it to your roots and then upwards toward the tips of the strands.
  7. Depending on how you want the spikes to sit and in what direction you can pick at your hair with your fingertips to add texture and make the look more dynamic or alternatively, you can make it look more uniform. this is a pretty diverse hairstyle with many possibilities so have fun with it.
  8. Secure the look with a strong hold hair spray.


How To Style Thick Hair

  1. Blow Dry Hair – Thick hair can have a mind of its own. So using a hairdryer can make sure it does what you want.
  2. Hair Products For Thick Hair – Stronghold products were made for thick hair. Beyond that, the types of products that work thick hair are hair clays, waxes, and pomades.
  3. Clarifying Shampoo. Thicker hair means that you can have and will more than likely need more product in your hair without it being weighed down. This can mean regular shampoo won’t always wash it all out. In which case use a clarifying shampoo around once or twice a week to eliminate product build-up.


How To Style Thin Hair

  1. Short Cuts With Shorter Sides – Short hair can be styled with volume that hides the scalp. Very short or faded sides make the hair on top appear thicker so if you have thin hair, remember less is more.
  2. Blow Dry – If you do use a hairdryer, protect hair by using medium heat and finish with a cold blast.
  3. Thin Hair Products – A pre-styler, or product used before styling, can boost hair thickness and volume. Options include styling powder, grooming cream, or thickening spray.
  4. Tools – You can use equipment like a comb or brush to add volume to your hair which is important when you have finer hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

How important is hair on a man?

Hair is certainly very important for some men. From the biological importance that hair holds such as protecting our heads to looking aesthetically pleasing hair has its purpose but it is by no means essential. Many men take pride in their hair and want to find a style that makes them feel confident.

Why do men like to wear their hair long?

Long hair is traditionally linked to femininity however, men have been rocking long locks for millennia and studies have shown that men who have long hair are perceived as more mature and attractive to women. It may be worth growing it out and seeing if the style suits you.

Why does my hair not stand up?

If you’re having trouble making your hair stand up, you might be using the wrong kind of hair product. For example, if your hair is longer your best bet is a pomade or clay product. If your hair is shorter, you’ll be better off with a gel or a wax.

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