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How To Store Makeup Brushes

Last Updated on June 25, 2022
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

How To Store Makeup Brushes

Looking for a place to store your pretty brushes on the go or just looking for a permanent home for your brushes and looking for tips? 

Organizing your makeup brushes can actually be quite therapeutic, especially when you have some cute pots to put them in. Lucky for you, I have selected the top tips as to how to store makeup brushes easily. 

Wherever your beauty addicts decide to place your makeup tools, it completes any bare room, but you may find them coming in a jumbled mess within a few weeks. 

But that’s what I’m here for! 

To make life easier, I have devised a guide of my top tips to keep your brushes stored safely without looking messy. 

Whether you’re looking for a new at-home project or want ways to organize your makeup kit, stay tuned, ladies. 

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How to store your makeup brushes for travel 

Here are the best ways to store your makeup brushes to keep them protected while traveling:

Use a Brush Roll Case Pouch:

If you want to store your makeup brushes tucked away in a makeup bag but don’t want to have to spend 5-10 minutes searching through your bag to find the one you’re looking for, then I would getting a rolling case.

It will individually store each brush in a slot; for every brush in your collection, you can find some that will store 16 brushes but others that will store 24. 

You can keep them separate and clean away from the rest of your makeup, too– perfect for traveling or everyday convenience! It will also keep all your bristles intact and stored safely. 

Check out this brilliant one on Amazon here!

Store in a Makeup Pouch

Other options that offer a lot of storage space and make a perfect pair for traveling or taking in your purse to work are a makeup pouch

I love them for on the go; they will easily fit in any suitcase or a handbag, keeping them safe while traveling as well as offering easy accessibility. 

makeup brush pouch

How to store makeup brushes at home or in the bathroom: 

It’s not only important to store your brushes to protect them on the go but giving them a permanent home is also super important; you can easily repurpose objects!

Here are some cool recommendations:

Upcycle an old jam jar or candle 

Looking to upcycle some old things in your house without having to chuck them away? A pretty jam jar or candle jar will provide a beautiful brush holder for your kit! 

You can even treat yourself to a new candle; once that’s burned out, it will make a perfect jar for your pretty brushes. 

Either Chesapeake Bay Candle or Yankee makes a brilliant brush holder (plus they smell delicious too). 

Organize in Vintage finds: 

If you’re a vintage lover and love a good charity shop for getting your bits and bobs, then you’ll know what I mean when I say you’ll find some hidden gems.

Whether it’s a short and wide vase or an old pretty plant pot, you can upcycle to keep all your bits and bobs in.

 It will look beautiful on a dressing table or even in the bathroom if you’re going for a vintage look. 

Upcycle an old coffee cup: 

Got a large mug in the cupboard collecting dust? Well, you’ll be pleased to know these make brilliant brush holders. If it’s a boring color, you can even redecorate or do a good ol’ DIY to spice it up!

It will add a bit of character with your designs on your dressing table or even in the bathroom on the shelf; it’s a brilliant and affordable way to store your favorite brushes. 

Reuse a vase:

Sprucing up an old vase is another brilliant way to store makeup brushes; you can even decorate the outside with spray paint, little designs, or whatever you’d like. 

It will fit perfectly on a window sill, makeup table, or even in the bathroom. You won’t be buying yourself an expensive makeup brush holder ever again! 

You can even add beads in a wide range of colors to the bottom to add that little bit of spice to your brush storage; it’s easy as pie! Plus, if your jar has a lid, it is perfect for makeup sponges too. 

vase makeup brushes

How to store your makeup brushes: 

Here are some other tips for storing your makeup brushes, such as care, cleaning, and more.

Tip One: Clean out and categorize your brushes: 

My top tip for a big organization is categorizing your brushes; if you have multiple jars, I will categorize them.

I would put all my larger face brushes in one put and then all of my eye makeup or smaller brushes in another. This saves a hell of a lot of time when searching through your brushes for one particular one. 

You could also put the brushes you use the most in those jars and leave the rest in the drawers. One’s you haven’t used for years, just chuck in the recycling (it’s not worth keeping)

Also, make sure that you place your brushes with the bristles facing upwards to protect them from any damage; if you live in a dusty area, maybe even invest in a makeup brush holder with a lid on it to avoid them getting dirty. 

Tip two: Add some coffee beans, pebbles, or beads to keep brushes upright

Placing coffee beans at the base of your brushes gives a nice fragrance to your brushes and helps keep them upright. 

Pebbles, rice, or clear beads also work really well when keeping your brushes upright. Coffee beans may stain light-colored handles, so maybe only try this tip with dark-colored handles. 

Tip three: Use a kitchen utensil organizer for easy access: 

If you don’t have enough space in your pot, you can always use a spare utensil organizer for easy access in the bottom of your drawer. 

You can divide your brushes up into separate compartments, which also helps with organization. Make sure you wipe it down before use to ensure it is dust-free. 

Tip four: Store your brushes in a glasses case for easy on the access:

 If you don’t have a brush bag that holds brushes individually, you can always use a glasses case to hold certain brushes.

 A glasses case will hold small brushes, protect the bristles and prevent them from getting lost. If you’re in a rush or don’t have a brush holder for on the go a glasses case can make a quick and easy fix. 

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We all love our makeup brushes and constantly look for ways to prolong their lives; it can be as easy as washing them every month, and finding a permanent place to store them is a great way to start.

Our makeup tools turn our makeup palettes, foundations, mascaras into a breathtaking look. If you’re looking to repurpose a jar or vase, then what better way than to turn it into a makeup holder.

It will spice up any room.

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