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How To Properly Shampoo Men’s Hair

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

How To Properly Shampoo Men’s Hair


Have you just bought a new volumizing shampoo but aren’t quite sure how to get the most out of it?

Well, it can be quite confusing at first wondering whether you need to shampoo your hair everyday or how much shampoo to even use in the first place.

Well, we’re here to tell you how to shampoo your hair correctly and get all of the perks from it so you can leave the house with the most luscious locks in town.

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal shampoo for you then check out our guide on the best shampoo for men.

Now you’re up to speed let’s jump in find out how to properly wash your hair with shampoo.


Things Your Shampoo Should Have

You may not have put much thought into which shampoo you’ve purchased and this is understandable as, at first glance, shampoo doesn’t seem like the most complex thing in the world. However, there are a few things to keep in mind such as ingredients included.

Your typical store-bought shampoo will remove excess oils and dirt, but that’s about it. Most also use sulfates which are chemicals that can make your hair follicles brittle so look for sulfate-free products.

In which case, if you want your hair to feel healthy then it may be worth investing in a slightly more up-market shampoo. If you decide this is the approach you want to take then keep an eye out for these ingredients:

Aloe vera – This contains proteolytic enzymes, which repair and soothe the scalp. It also doubles as an effective conditioner.

White tea leaf extract – Contains the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate, which promotes hair growth while stopping premature hair loss.

Patchouli oil – Acts as an antiseptic, fungicide, and astringent. This makes patchouli oil a great defense against most scalp conditions.

Kakadu Plum Fruit Extract – Can reinvigorate dry hair and help regulate oil production.


How To Shampoo Your Hair The Right Way

  1. Get the right shampoo – It may be tempting to save a few dollars and get the budget shampoo from the store shelf but your hair is important and will suffer if you use these kinds of shampoo on it long-term. A cheap Shampoo can potentially lead to problematic issues, such as moisture-depleted hair, or skin irritation.
  2. Temperature – Avoid hot showers! Keep the water warm but not too hot. Shampooing your hair under hot water can strip it of the natural oils that your hair needs to be healthy. Warm water helps open hair cuticles so they can better receive the nutrients in your shampoo and conditioner which keeps your scalp healthy and will also stimulate blood flow.
  3. Soak well – Make sure your hair and scalp are thoroughly saturated with water before you apply shampoo. A wet foundation, particularly one created by warm water, will help loosen excess oil and open up the scalp’s pores whereas applying shampoo to dry hair will just waste your time as it won’t be able to properly wash your hair.
  4. Apply shampoo – Squeeze out a dime-sized amount of Shampoo into the palm of your hand and rub the shampoo between your hands to work up a good lather, then massage it through your hair with the tips of your fingers focusing on the scalp. Steer clear from applying your shampoo directly to your hair. You don’t want your Shampoo to sit in one glob on your hair before you rub it into the scalp, as you’ll just end up wasting product.
  5. Rinse – It’s essential to give your hair a proper rinse when you’ve finished shampooing it. Not adequately rinsing is where most men go wrong. When you don’t rinse your hair thoroughly, you leave behind a build-up of Shampoo, gunk, and grime that can cause irritation, itchiness, flakiness, and even dandruff. As we said before, avoid hot water when rinsing your hair. You can use cold water here instead of warm water as it closes your pores which prevents dirt from getting trapped within the scalp after your shower.
  6. Repeat (optional) – The question of whether or not you should give your hair a second wash comes down to how long your hair is, how dirty it is, your hair type, and what kind of products you use in it. For those with longer hair, a second wash can make a substantial difference to your hair’s cleanliness. A second wash is a good idea if you use hair styling products like pomade, putty, or wax. If you want to know which hair products will leave your hair as healthy as can be then check out our guide on the best hair products for men.


How Often Should You Shampoo?

You may be wondering if your hair type affects how often you should wash your hair or whether it requires a different method of washing your hair. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Curly and Coarse Hair

Limit shampooing to once a week so it doesn’t dry out your hair too much and turn your head into a fuzzball. You can still apply conditioner every time you shower and you can also use it as a leave-in conditioner and not wash it out.

Straight and Wavy Hair

If you have this hair type then shampoo and condition your hair 2-3 times a week. however, if you’re using hair products daily, then you may want to apply shampoos more frequently throughout the week.

Thinning or Fine Hair

You’ll want to wash and condition your hair every day as this will promote hair growth and give you less oily hair, which makes it look fuller and thicker. The rule about staying away from sulfate-based shampoos applies doubly to this hair type too.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do men wash fine hair?

You could try dry shampoo for this hair type. Dry shampoo works by absorbing excess oil to add volume to fine and thin hair. Just make sure to give hair a good scrubbing the next time you wash it since products like dry shampoo can create a buildup on your strands that will eventually weigh them down.

Is tea tree oil good for men’s hair?

Yes, it’s helpful for treating dry scalp and dandruff due to its moisturizing and soothing capabilities. It will also clear blocked pores and prevent dryness.

How often should you shampoo men’s hair?

Industry experts are frequently asked how often should men shampoo their hair and the verdict is in: once every 2-3 days and no more than 3 times a week.

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