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How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Last Updated on November 30, 2021
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

Looking forward to the summer with- flip flops, cocktails, beach, sunshine, and dry skin?!

If you’re trying to get rid of dry skin before the summer, I’ve got you. It’s easy to neglect your skin in the winter when it’s covered up under an oversized hoodie and fluffy socks, but when it comes to showing off your new mani-pedi in the summer, no one wants their cracked heels stealing the show.

That’s why I’ve gathered together my top tips and ways to help dry skin, so you can get that soft, supple skin that will look good and feel good.

Don’t worry.

Whether you naturally have dry skin, or suffer from a skin condition, or simply haven’t looked after your skin properly, there are plenty of things you can do to recover dry, itchy, cracked skin.

I’m going to show you how to help really dry skin, from building the right skincare routine to using the right products and tips to get smooth skin, you’ll have a gorgeous glow and baby soft skin.

So, follow these tips to know how to get rid of dry skin, you won’t regret it!

Here’s a tip- If you want to avoid getting dry skin on your face, go for products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for an extra boost of hydration!


What Causes Dry Skin?

Before you can treat your skin, you need to know what is causing it to get dry in the first place. Dry skin is when there is a lack of moisture in the skin’s top layer, the epidermis. Everyone can get dry skin at times, especially on your elbows, lower legs, knees, and hands or feet. Sometimes older people may get this more often as the skin stops producing enough natural oils to maintain moisture.

You might notice a couple of these symptoms if you have dry skin:

  • Rough patches
  • Red patches of eczema
  • Rough dry skin
  • Cracks or flaky skin

Bear in mind that if you have any of these symptoms and are not sure, go and see a dermatologist or a doctor, these can prescribe over-the-counter creams or moisturizers to treat an itch or other medical condition.

If not there are plenty of home remedies that have been medically reviewed as safe, such as incorporating coconut oil into your skin care routine.


Causes of Dry Skin

Both internal and external factors might be making your skin dry.

Environmental Factors– Humidity in the air and temperature both play a part, which is why skin can dry up in cold temperatures and low humidity.

Genes and medical conditions- Some people are more prone to dry skin than others, some genetic skin conditions or other medical conditions too such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and diabetes.

Over-washing– Washing your hands and sanitizing too often can dry up your hands as well. Taking hot showers can evaporate the moisture making your skin dry up.

Using harsh products- Using products that contain fragrances or alcohols will strip the skin of their natural oils.

If you think your dry skin is being caused by an internal factor such as a medical condition, then it might be worth seeing a doctor or dermatologist to diagnose and treat it. However, there is a lot you can do to get rid of dry irritated skin and relieve itching.

How To Help Dry Skin

Here are my top tips to help relieve dry skin:

Shower Carefully

When you take a shower, dermatologists recommend taking only 5-10 minute showers to avoid drying out the skin. Also, resist the temptation to have scalding hot showers or hot water for baths, especially in colder months. These can evaporate the moisture from your skin and dry it out even more. Stick to warm water for the best results.

When you come out of the shower, blot dry with a towel, don’t rub as this can damage and over dry your skin. The ideal thing to do both after washing your face or body is to leave it slightly damp, prepped for when you moisturize. When it comes to moisturizing, consistency is key. The best time to moisturize is right after you shower, with your skin still damp so you can trap moisture to hydrate the skin for longer.

Some people like to try home remedies such as oatmeal baths that can help to get rid of dry skin naturally. When you take a bath, make sure you are using a gentle soap and use warm water in your bath to preserve your skins barrier.

Use right products

It makes a difference which products you use. So many products are labeled as “hydrating” but have harmful and irritating chemicals that can further strip the skin.

When bathing, go for fragrance-free and alcohol-free formulas when it comes to soaps and lotions. Of course, hand sanitizer has to have alcohol in it. Avoid harsh soaps, especially if you have a skin condition. Learn to read the ingredients in soaps and look out for key ingredients such as shea butter, moisturizing oils such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or even oatmeal. Some also include hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, and glycerin which will boost hydration. Mineral oil and petrolatum are good options too. These can serve as treatment for acne, or other related skin conditions too.

When choosing a moisturizer, choose a cream or vaseline rather than a lotion. These moisturizers are heavier, richer creams and will provide more hydration for very dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, it’s even more important to go for simple, clean formulas that will hydrate not irritate so avoid AHA’s, fragrance, retinoids, and alcohol. Go for heavier moisturizers too if you live in a low humid area.

The goal is to have a skin care routine with products that will not strip away the skin but restore it’s health with fatty acids and hydration. Home remedies can help you to build your own natural scrub or moisturizer too so you can make your own treatment

Use Lip Balm

Lips are related to our skin, but can be forgotten. We can sometimes forget to moisturize our lips, so go for a good lip balm such as pure vaseline or petroleum jelly to provide moisture. Aim to wear some everyday. Some also contain a hydrating oil, this can be a good idea for extra shine and hydration, contributing to your skin’s health.

Use a Humidifier

This is especially if you live in a low humid area, but having a handy little humidifier that you can plug in will add moisture to the air and keep your skin hydrated.

Don’t Overheat

In winter, it can be very tempting to cosy up to the fireplace or turn the heating up, but in truth, this can also dry up your skin and evaporate the moisture you need.

Protect your hands

We can sometimes wash our hands multiple times a day, plus hand sanitizer. These are very stripping for our skin, but are sometimes unavoidable. Bring a little hand cream with you and use it after every wash to restore your skin’s moisture. Prevention is best, however, s before doing any activity, especially one to do with water, wear gloves.

Check your clothes

For sensitive skin, your clothing can also irritate it. Try to wear cotton or organic, natural fibers instead of synthetic. Also, check your detergent, as the fragrance in this can cause allergies. I would recommend going for a simple, hypoallergenic detergent to avoid this, and being careful to wear silk or cotton instead of wool.


For those with dry skin, it’s a great idea to include in your skin care routine an exfoliating glove or a body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and remove that dry, cracked skin. This is going to reveal the new skin underneath which you can moisturize and nourish. For your feet, a pumice stone can do the trick too.

Don’t exfoliate your face with a scrub, it’s best to use exfoliating acids such as lactic acid or glycolic acid solutions, but bear in mind you should be extra careful to wear sun protection in this case. The ideal would be to exfoliate a 2-3 times a week, not everyday as this can damage your skin barrier to prevent it keeping moisture.

Final Thoughts

No matter how busy we are, when the summer is arriving, we all want to make time to soften our skin and help dry skin. These tips to avoid dryness are a few remedies for dry skin that can help dry skin to recover and reveal healthy skin.

Always be careful if you have skin conditions to check the medical advice for you or see a dermatologist and get treated. Itchy skin could be a sign of a more serious condition than just dry skin.

That being said, there are so many tips and things you can do to help your dry skin for your face or body. Some moisturizers contain a treatment that will contribute towards healthy skin rather than a prescribed cream. Avoid hot water, choose a moisturizer carefully, try to include oatmeal, don’t forget your mild cleanser when bathing, and seeing a doctor may help irritated skin!

Which treatment or things to help dry skin was your favorite?


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