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How To Build A Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Last Updated on January 17, 2022
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

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How to build a skincare routine for dry skin

For all of us struggling with dry skin, I’ve done my research so you don’t have to. Dry skin can be a pain, especially when just using moisturizer doesn’t cut it anymore. But once you know how to care for dry skin, you’ll be needing a good skincare routine to get your skin glowing.

With so much info online and an overwhelming amount of products on the shelves, how can you sift through all of it to create a simple skincare routine for dry skin? With this skin type you may struggle with itchy, sensitive and flaky skin at times, and extremely dry skin in certain areas like the eyes. Just picking out the best facial cleanser for dry skin can be an issue.

Here’s the important bit.

Having the right skincare for dry skin is the start to getting glowing skin everyday. Whether you choose to buy your skincare or make your own for instance how to make diy facial cleanser for dry skin. It’s important to know how to use skincare products so that your skin gets the best results. Every skin type needs the right products and know how to apply them in a skincare routine.

I’m going to take you through what products you should be including in your skincare routine, as well as how to use each product so your skin gets the most benefit. With the right info on your hands, you’ll be able to handle your dry skin without any headaches.

Let’s get the fun started!

What is the best skincare routine for dry skin?

It’s very important when you have dry skin to have a good skin routine with the right products and the right ingredients. If we’re going to win the battle against dry skin, then finding gentle products that nourish and calm your skin is a good place the start. Essentially, this is what a skincare routine for dry skin should look like:

First, use a gentle cleanser

Every skin care regimen needs to start with a cleanser to clean and prep the skin for the other products. You want to find an effective cleanser that is soap free and leaves your skin soft and clean without a tight or dry feeling. To do this you need to have a look at the ingredients list to find nourishing plant oils and easy to rinse cleaning agents.

In the morning, our skin has picked up bacteria over night and are pores can be congested, so cleansing our skin should be the first step in our day. In the evening, you need to cleanse your skin to remove all the dirt and grime as well as oil that is found on our skin. Don’t over-cleanse though, twice a day is more than enough especially for dry skin types.

Find a cleansing milk with a smooth, lotion-like consistency or a soap free oil-based cleanser or micellar water. These are often suitable for sensitive and dry skin types, and will actually moisturize your skin as well as cleanse it. Don’t use soap bars or scrubs on your face, as this can be too harsh on the skin and even damage the skin’s barrier making it lose moisture more easily.

Next, use a toner

Even dry skin can benefit from including a ph balancing toner in your skin routine. It’s all about finding the right one for you. Go for a toner that is fragrance free and full of hydrating ingredients for your skin. This can help to ensure all the bacteria is off your face, as well as rejuvenate the skin’s moisture levels to prevent further moisture loss.

Use a hydrating serum

This step is optional, but if you’re looking to get hydrated skin, then it’s a must. If you’ve read my other articles on skincare, then you’ll have heard about the wonder of Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient is key for dry skin types especially, as it holds water on the surface of the skin, helping to keep your skin’s moisture levels high. Use it on a damp face to hydrate your skin.

If you have very dry skin I would also recommend using a facial oil such as argan oil to lock in moisture for the skin. This will prevent your skin from getting dry during the day.

Apply a rich moisturizer

If this is your evening routine, then the final step will be to provide your skin with rich moisture. For this, use a moisturizer both in the day and night, but you can go for a richer moisturizer in the evening. A good moisturizer for dry skin should contain skin-restoring ingredients such as essential lipids, ceramides, plant butters and soothing agents like aloe vera. A standard moisturizer just won’t be enough for dry skin types. If you’re looking for hydration without the heavy feel, try a moisturizer designed for sensitive skin types to soothe your skin. This will also provide a cushion from the external environment, protecting your skin from moisture loss and locking in all the good ingredients.

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen

Now, if you don’t do this you’re missing out on the most important step of your morning routine- wearing sunscreen. You need to be using a broad spectrum SPF sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. This is even more important for dry skin, since UV exposure can damage the skin’s ability to hold moisture, making dry skin even worse. Nothing is more important than protecting your skin from UV rays, even on cloudy days without sunshine. Make it a habit to use sunscreen daily and I promise you won’t regret it, and trust me you’ll also notice the difference a few years down the line.

Use an exfoliating acid

I love exfoliating, but it isn’t something that should be part of your daily routine. Nonetheless, it is essential for all skin types if done correctly. Rather than buy a scrub that is going to be aggressive on your skin and can further damage the skin barrier, go for an aha/bha exfoliator. For dry skin you cant go for a strong concentration, so I’d recommend trying a leave-on exfoliant with alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and helping to unclog pores. A 5% concentration is a good option and can enrich dry skin helping moisture to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.

Final Thoughts

What is a good skincare routine for dry skin?

Every dry skin routine should contain a hydrating cleanser, a night cream, even an eye cream if you have delicate skin, and products containing natural oils. To treat dry skin, you need an appropriate dry skincare routine that won’t be stripping skin, such as a hydrating toner, sun protection for the skin’s lipid barrier and an overnight mask if you want smoother skin.

A face wash should soothe skin, so avoid the ones designed for oily skin. Don’t be afraid to use oils to hydrate skin, for example, avocado oil or even adding vitamin e or vitamin c. A hyaluronic acid serum can also help restore natural moisture on the skin’s surface when you use it in a regular skincare routine.

A complete skincare routine will help the skin retain moisture will help the skin lock good ingredients into the skin, and when you wear sunscreen you shield your skin from UVB rays. If you have oily skin, then using a face oil can actually clog pores, but in dry skin it can help to boost moisture with nourishing ingredients and even prevent dryness.

Skincare routines can add moisture, prevent dry skin, including applying sunscreen, double cleanse and even face oils or plant butters like shea butter.

What does your skincare routine look like?


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