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How To Blow Dry Short Hair

Last Updated on November 30, 2021
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

How To Blow Dry Short Hair

Have you just done the impulsive chop and now struggling for ways to blow dry your short hair without it looking like a bird’s nest?

Well, you’re not the only one.

Whether it was a breakup makeover or if you just fancied a change, you may be starting to regret cutting your hair short. But don’t! There are some beautiful ways to style short hair, and with a little help from me, you’ll be rocking it short.

No matter if you have a pixie cut, short bob, lob, or any other short hairstyle, you want a blowdry that you can always fall back on. With a little practice and the right hair dryer, you will be bossing this hair.

No, wait, let me tell you something.

To make things easier for you, I’m here you some top techniques to blow-drying hair that you will love. Whether you want more volume, a sleek finish, or even help blow drying curls, then I’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned; you won’t want to miss this.

short hair bob

How To Blow Dry A Bob:

We love a good bob, the trend has come and gone over the years but has consistently been a personal favorite of many, and there’s no wonder as to why– you can style it curly or go dead straight, and it’ll still look good.

A salon-worthy blowout may seem like it will take forever to master, but it’s actually much easier than you may think; it just takes a little practice and the right tools.

Step One: Wash Your Hair:

Now I know this is obvious, but for the best results, you should always blow dry clean hair– but you know this how else would you do it?

This step will remove excess buildup and help your style hold on for longer.

So shampoo and condition your hair like usual; I would recommend doing two washes with your chosen shampoo, the first to break down the dirt and the second to remove it.

So hop in the shower and begin to wash your hair like usual.

This step is super important as the best way to achieve the perfect blowout is through having the right foundation. It will help if you choose your shampoo and conditioner based on your hair porosity and hair type.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to different hair types; you need to find a formula that addresses your hair type and concerns such as frizz, color-treated, or adding volume to fine hair.

Step Two: Apply Styling Products:

Now, this is somewhat optional, and it depends on your hair type. If your hair is particularly damaged and dry, I would recommend applying a leave-in conditioner.

This will help strengthen the ends of your hair and create a seal over the cuticle to prevent it from damage when styling. Some leave-in conditioners also offer heat protection too.

If you have quite fine hair, you might want to apply products, such as a small amount of volumizing cream, spray, or mousse. The same goes for if ff you suffer from frizz, you should apply some products to help that.

If you have curly hair check out my other guide on how to blow dry here.

Although it is recommended that you avoid brushing wet hair, I recommend that you comb your hair gently detangle using a wide-tooth comb. I like to do this after applying my leave-in conditioner as this helps ease tangles.

You can start by combing your fingers through your hair to help ease stubborn tangles and then used your wide-toothed comb to detangle the rest.

You can either apply your products to soaking wet hair or towel dry your hair first.

Step Three: Apply Heat Protectant:

While the other products are optional, you must never forget your heat protectant; it is your savior for preventing heat damage when styling your hair.

Top tip when you blow-dry short hair: prevention is always better than a cure, so don’t skip this step.

I like to apply a heat protectant with detangling features; then, I gently comb through my hair with a wide-tooth comb without snagging or pulling on my strands.

Heat protectants work by sealing off the hair’s cuticle to protect it against damage. They also work to create smoothness, shine, and a protective barrier against breakage.

Step 4: Rough Dry:

For this step, you can either leave your hair to air dry slightly or just rough dry your hair before styling. My best tip is too rough dry your hair until it is around 70% dry.

Run your fingers through your hair as your blow-dry on a medium/low heat setting and until your hair is roughly dry before starting to work in sections.

Make sure the roots are quite dry too.

Work in sections, starting with the back section of your hair before moving on to the other sections. Use your brush in your dominant hand and run it through your hair as you blow-dry.

Try to keep the brush close to your scalp.

I would recommend using a concentrator nozzle; this should help keep the cuticle smooth as you rough dry your hair. You can also use a flat brush such as a paddle brush for this step.

Step Five: Use Round Brush To Style:

Want a little bit of lift when using your blow dryer on your short hair? Then grab yourself a round brush; it will help add volume to your roots and ends.

You also have the option to blow dry your strands straight or add a curl on the ends.

Wrap your hair around the round brush and create tension using the brush; point the nozzle of the hair dryer downwards and glide it through your hair. This will give the ends a slight tucked-under look which looks beautiful on short hair.

You can also use a round brush to create a slight curl of waves using the blow dryer. As you go down the hair, start to twirl the brush. Hold your hair wrapped around the brush for around 20 seconds, and then you will have a bouncy curl.

Hold the curl in your hand for a few seconds until cooled– this will help the style stay in for longer.

Use the brush to create a bit of lift at the roots; this will help add volume to the style you’re going for. Using this technique and the right hairdryer and some practice, you’ll look like you’ve had a professional blowout!

Step Six: Style Your Bangs:

Short hair and bangs tend to go hand in hand, but if you don’t have bangs or a fringe, feel free to skip this step. Alternatively, you can use this technique to style the front strands for added volume.

For bangs, wrap your hair around the brush as you did with the other sections but bring the hair forward when you use your blow dryer and use the brush to set your fringe.

If you want a little extra volume to the two sections at the front and don’t have a fringe, then use the same motion but go backward.

Step Seven: Finishing Touches:

You can either do a smooth blowout with a round brush or go for bouncy curls with more volume. If you have gone for the curly option, you might want to brush out your curls once they’ve cooled.

I would recommend that you use boar bristle brushes, it will gently loosen the curl without causing frizz. Boar bristle round brushes are also brilliant!

Try tucking your hair under when blow-drying your hair using a round brush; you’ll be amazed how good this looks with short hair!

Make sure you apply your chosen serum or oil afterward, as this will help lock in shine and moisture.

bob hair

How To Blow Dry A Pixi Cut:

Looking for how to blow dry short hair the Pixi Cut way? Well, it is very similar to when you blow-dry short hair like a bob, but a little extra volume and hold may be needed, so products are key.

Step One: Prep The Hair:

Since I’ve just gone over this, just scroll up to read. You’ll want to wash and condition your hair (if you use conditioner) before you begin– it’s best to start with a clean slate.

Remember to apply your heat protectant; it is crucial for protecting your hair against heat damage when blow-drying.

But you may also want to apply some mousse throughout the roots, too; this will help give you a voluminous blowout as if you’ve just walked out of the salon.

Step Two: Section Hair:

To make life easier when you blow-dry short hair, you should always work in sections. This will also help boost volume to your pixie hairstyle.

You can use hairpins or hair clips for this part.

Step Three: Use Your Blow Dryer:

Now it’s time to go in with your hair dryer; you can either use a round brush or a Denman Brush to style your Pixi cut.

Use the concentrator nozzle when you blow-dry your hair; this helps ensure the airflow is in the same direction—move in quick motions to prevent too much high heat on one section.

If you want more volume, then use the round brush and lift at the root, but if you have quite thick hair, then the Denman Brush will help ease through tangles is extremely heat resistant.

Step Four: Apply Finishing Products:

These products will help your hairstyle stay in for longer. If you want a little more lift, you can apply some volumizing spray or texturizing spray.

After applying this to your short hair, you can also apply some hairspray for a little extra hold.

style short hair


So there you have it how to blow short hair. Taking the time to get to know your hair and how to style your hair will go a long way; after all, practice makes perfect.

Use these tips the next time you blow-dry short hair; just never forget to apply a heat protectant to your head; it will protect your scalp and ends from high heat damage.

Happy styling, my friends!

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