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Everything You Need To Know About NexGen Nails

Last Updated on March 26, 2021
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

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Everything You Need To Know About NexGen Nails

Looking to try the latest craze of dipped NexGen nails but not sure where to start?

Well, you’re at the right place!

I tried this manicure a few months back, and let me tell you I am HOOKED! Now I used to be addicted to acrylic but hated the effect it had on my nails– dip powder was the answer to my prayers.

It uses your natural nail and the dip powder adds length and acrylic look to your manicure without damaging your natural nail– manicure of your dreams am I right?

But wait let me tell you something:

If you want to try these gorgeous dip powder then NexGen is the one you need in your kit, it is the queen of dip powders!

If you want a reason to visit the salon or want some new dip powder manicure to try out then stay tuned my friend, I’m here to give you the full rundown.

You won’t want to miss this one, you’ll be wishing you switched to dip sooner– you’re gonna love it!

next gen powder

First things first, what are NexGen nails? 

The days of sacrificing your natural nails for a long-lasting, beautiful manicure are over, say goodbye to acrylics and hello to dip powder.

NexGen nails are a brand of dipping powder that does not compromise the health of your nails for a manicure and I mean zero damage to your nails.

NexGen nails were designed to protect your natural nails, prolonged exposure to acrylics can actually take a toll on your natural nails.

Lucky for you, this dip powder can last up to four weeks chip-free without any cause for complaint. However, the faster your nails grow the shorter the manicure.

It does the same as an acrylic manicure, just without damaging the nail bed. You can choose the color you’d like, even add a tip to your nails with complete confidence that your natural nail is healthy underneath.

It is the best of all worlds– it gives a flawless, false nail appearance finish without damaging your natural nail, plus it lasts as long as an acrylic manicure would. You can’t top it!

What is the difference between NexGen Nails and SNS?

So what is the difference between NexGen nails to the next brand like SNS? Well, they are very similar as they both use the same dipping procedure, but the main difference is the longevity between the two.

While NexGen nails last up to a month without chipping or fading, SNS only lasts up to 2-3 weeks before it starts to chip and fade.

If you want a beautiful manicure that will last the time, then NexGen is the one for you!

Pros and cons of NexGen Nails: 

Now do I have you hooked yet? Well I definitely will after this pros and cons list, this dip powder is pretty faultless!


Here are all the pros:

Natural look and feel:

NexGen nails not only look natural but they also feel like your natural nails too. Most people don’t even notice the difference in feel between dip nails and natural nails. 

This is a huge advantage, you’d definitely feel if acrylic nails were there– trust me. 


While NexGen nails are not only lightweight and flexible, but they are also extremely durable, chip-resistant, and water-resistant. They can last up to a month without chipping or losing their shine. 

You no longer need to worry about your slight knocks and bumps on your nails any more, these bad boys won’t budge. 

Has health benefits:

The number one thing I love about NexGen dip nails is that they are super healthy for your natural nails. They cause zero-damage and actually protect your natural nail bed underneath.

Not to mention they are infused with calcium and vitamin E to help protect and strengthen your natural nails underneath. 

You definitely can’t say that about an acrylic manicure– prolonged exposure to acrylics can actually cause permanent damage so I’d definitely make the switch soon. 

No need for UV light:

Unlike acrylic and other dip powders, NexGen doesn’t need to be cured to seal the color. This seriously benefits the health of your natural nail and nail beds.

You no longer need to put up with any damage caused by a UV light on your nails, nail beds, or even your skin.

It will also save you a lot of money if you are doing this manicure at home, no need to purchase a UV lamp. 


 As far as price goes, NexGen costs around $35-$50, and you definitely get value for your money. This is a much more affordable option than acrylic.

Despite acrylic costing less per appointment, you visit the salon more frequently than you would with dip nails, from chips to infill every few weeks. 

If you revisit the nail salon after a couple of chips then dip powder will be a lifesaver as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Can use with nail art:

NexGen doesn’t just stop there though, you can push it that one step further and add the most beautiful nail art designs to your dip nails.

They offer a wide range of colors to choose from, plus you can add your ordinary nail polish on top, which is brilliant for nail art designs. 

Damage and odor-free:

As if that wasn’t enough, this product is also breathable as well as being water-resistant. This keeps nails healthy. Plus the odor-free formula makes this manicure not only feel natural but smell natural too. 


Here are the cons:

The lengthy process of application:

Now the process of applying NexGen nails can be quite long, as well as being uncomfortable for most.

It is definitely worth it for the results but I would recommend trying it out once to see whether it would work for you. 

Removal takes time: 

Removal of NexGen nails can take some time, plus it is better if you get them professionally removed in the salon.

You can remove these nails at home but I wouldn’t recommend doing it every time, the acetone exposure can be quite damaging to your natural nail, plus if you don’t quite do it right it can also damage your nails. 

Also when removing NexGen nails, do not peel or pick them off as it can thin your nails underneath. 

Overall, in terms of how healthy dip manicures are for your nails and the longevity of the manicure, it is definitely worth taking the time! The pros definitely weigh out the cons!

nexgen dipping powder

Acrylic vs NexGen Dip Nails: 

There are quite a few differences between an acrylic manicure set and a NexGen dip powder one, the main ones being how they have been applied and the difference in damage to the natural nail.

Firstly, Nexgen nails are much healthier, safer, and protect your natural nails, whereas acrylic damage the nail bed, and prolonged use can really harm your natural nails.

NexGen Nails also last longer than acrylic nails and are less likely to chip in comparison to acrylic nails. NexGen is much more durable, healthy and better for your nails.

So are NexGen nails better than acrylic?

I used to love an acrylic nail manicure, but ever since I made the switch I will never turn back. They are more cost-effective, healthier for your natural nails, and not to mention more long-lasting.

The overall finish of NexGen nails is unbeatable too! They offer a beautiful shine which is often missed on acrylic nails, plus this shine lasts for the whole manicure without fading.

In terms of chip-resistance, NexGen is top-notch! I would take the durability and longevity of NexGen over acrylic any day.

But here’s the best bit:

Not only is NexGen better for your nails, but it is also infused with vitamins to strengthen the natural nail underneath– you can’t say that for acrylic nails.

NexGen is slightly thicker than acrylic nails but that is down to preference. After trying NexGen I will never turn back to acrylic again, and my nails are thanking me for it!

How NexGen Nails are applied:

The application process is the only thing I can fault with this nail design– it takes time and can be uncomfortable.

Now, every manicure and pedicure should be properly prepped, it is the key to the longevity of the nails.

But here’s how your technician will prep your nails for dip nails:

– Firstly sanitize the hands to remove any dirt.

– Remove the shine from the nails using a sand band.

– Gently file the nails using a drill with a little amount of pressure. If you have sensitive nails then the technician will use a cuticle pusher instead.

– Shape the nail tip using a nail file to take out the shine on the nails.

– Using a brush clean all the dust and residue from the nail prep.

– Apply both the prep base and base coat to the nail.

– Dip the nails into the powder.

– Repeat the last step until it is well coated.

– Seal the deal with a topcoat.

How to remove NexGen nails safely at home: 

Now despite me recommending getting your nails taken off by a professional, you can still remove NexGen nails at home if you do the right steps.

If you can’t get to the salon, try these steps (just don’t do it every time)

Whatever you do, don’t bite or pull these nails off as that’s when your natural nail will get damaged. Set an hour or two and follow these steps:

– Firstly start by gently buffing your nails to remove the shine on the manicure.

– If you have longer tips, trim them down to as short as possible ( this will make removing much easier)

– Fill a small bowl with pure acetone nail polish remover and soak them for up to 15 minutes. If you are using acetone-free nail polish remover, you will need to soak them for up to 35 minutes.

If you want to remove Nexgen nails on the go you can soak cotton balls in acetone and place them on your fingers, wrapped in aluminum foil so you can wall around the house with them on.

– Gently scrape the remaining NexGen polish until it is all removed.

– Repeat these steps until all of the polish is removed.

– Make sure you nourish and moisturize the nails with hand cream and cuticle oil, this will prevent the acetone from drying out your nails.

You shouldn’t do this process often as the prolonged exposure to acetone can damage the nails. Use this as a last resort.

My Verdict: 

Overall I cannot recommend NexGen dip powder enough, it is a great alternative to acrylics while being healthy for your nails and actually giving a better finish and longevity.

For me, dip nails are a no-brainer! You can still achieve beautifully long talons as you would with acrylic nails but with zero damage to your actual nails!

Not to mention how long these bad boys last, keeping the shine and chip-free for up to a month of wear!

Switch out your usual acrylic manicure when you next get your nails done and go for dip powder instead, trust me once you’ve switched to NexGen you won’t go back.

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