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Everything You Need To Know About La Roche-Posay

Last Updated on November 30, 2021

Everything you need to know about La Roche-Posay


Do you know your skincare?

These days everyone has heard of La Roche Posay, even if you’re still not sure how to pronounce it! Is the brand a hit or miss? We all know these days that not skincare products are not all made equally. And La Roche Posay, is among our best skincare brands.

Brought to you from a small town in France, La Roche Posay provides a variety of top graded dermatologist approved skincare products with star ingredients such as Thermal Water to bring your glowing skin. Constantly innovating their skincare line to bring you modern solutions to your skin concerns, its come a long way.

So, guess what.

I am going to show you how La Roche Posay started, what the brand is really about, and if their skincare line is for you. You’ll know which products from these brands are the must haves in the skincare market, as well as how to use them in your routine.

If you don’t want to splurge on expensive skincare like Elemis skincare, or you already love the Ordinary products and CeraVe, then you have to read all about La Roche Posay.

Let’s jump in!


How La Roche Posay Started

With its roots in the La Roche Posay region in France, home of the famous thermal spring water, a new way of treating skin disorders was born. These springs have long been used to cure all types of skin diseases, the site being recognized early on by the French Academy of Medicine and the La Roche Posay brand officially began in 1975.

Since then its mission has been to continually develop skincare products using the marvelous benefits of the La Roche Posay thermal spring water, providing dermatologist approved solutions to common skin concerns. The brand continues to have much success today, especially for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

What La Roche Posay can offer you

Recommended by 90,000 dermatologists all over the world, La Roche Posay is an internationally recognized brand for delivering effective products with simplicity.

Thermal Water

The La Roche Posay thermal springs have been used since the early 1400s, and continue to be just as effective today. It’s the heart of the brand and has been used in all their products since to make an impact and deliver results. It’s also the key to helping sensitive skin and skin problems heal, without irritation

Strict Safety and Formula Charter

If you’re looking for skincare products with high quality ingredients that are simple but work without many of the irritating chemicals that often cause damaged skin, then you’ll love this brand. La Roche Posay strives to maintain strict control over what goes into their products, much more so than is required by international regulations. They know that the development process is key, so they maintain efficiency and; precision every step of the way. It’s no surprise that they are at the forefront of dermatological advancements!

Backed by Dermatologists

The secret to products that deliver results? Working side by side with dermatologists help the brand stay at the forefront of skincare science, using the latest research about skin and incorporating it directly into their skincare products. La roche posay have conducted over 750+ studies as well as 25 years of research to ensure each and every product is safe and effective.

La Roche Posay Products

La Roche Posay has developed a series of skincare products for all skin types and skin concerns. From treating acne prone skin, to developing breakthrough sunscreen technology and even cancer treatments, they’re worth a look.



La Roche Posay Anthelios collection is one of the most raved about in the skincare community. Anthelios sunscreen was developed using 100% mineral zin oxide, providing broad spectrum SPF minus the toxic side effects to the skin. It is hast absorbing, with a matte finish, and won’t leave a white cast. What makes this stand out? The powerful antioxidant complex that has been added to protect the skin from free radicals caused by UV rays, also known as Cell-Ox Shield technology. Its ideal for sensitive skin and can even prevent premature aging.


Recommended product:EFFACLAR DUO ACNE SPOT TREATMENT with benzoyl peroxide

La Roche Posay Effaclar range is a complete skincare range designed for oily or acne skin, making it ideal for both adults and teenagers. It aims to reduce blemishes, control shine, and prevent the skin from getting hyperpigmentation or acne scarring. Their products work by including active ingredients like Niacinamide, salicylic acid, Zinc pca, procerad, benzoyol peroxide and glycerin to unclog pores, control sebum, fight acne, reduce scarring and hydrate the skin all at once.



This skincare range has been specially formulated for sensitive skin or damaged skin or if you have skin prone to redness. From daily cleansing and serums, they have minimalistic formulas that are paraben free and fragrance free and have been allergy tested so you know you’re in safe hands. Carefully selected ingredients mean you are nourishing your skin in the right way, with prebiotic thermal spring water, a high concentration of ceramides, niacinamide and glycerin as well as exclusive peptide complexes. Tested by dermatologists help to replenish skin lipids and restore moisture to the skin’s barrier, soothing the skin and evening out skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is La Roche Posay worth it?

If you struggle with sensitive skin or even breakouts, and are looking for a good brand that delivers results, then La Roche Posay is worth a shot. It has a range of skincare collections and products, from cleansers to body cream and treatments.

Where to buy La Roche Posay?

Originally in french pharmacies, you can now find this brand everywhere, available in Ulta and other drugstores as well as online on

Do dermatologists really recommend la roche posay?

Dermatologists are obsessed with la roche posay. Their variety of skincare products suit a variety of skin concerns, any skin type and has good formulas at affordable price points.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a brand that suits oily skin, dry skin and even irritated skin? La Roche Posay looks after your skin barrier to leave your skin feeling soft, even sensitive skin or dry skin irritations. They offer products containing hyaluronic acid, shea butter, sun protection and other naturally rich ingredients to provide targeted treatments for every skin concern.

Looking after your skin microbiome has never been easier. Each La Roche posay product can be life changing, especially for extra dry skin and helps soothe with high efficacy whilst meeting safety standards, Your morning routine can have a new serum with key ingredients such as vitamin c, antioxidant protection to protect the skin’s microbiome.

Dermatologist approved ingredients and anti aging products that reduce fine lines, what’s not to love?

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