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EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Makeup Brush Set Review In 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Great value for money
  • Everyday makeup
  • Environmentally sustainable

EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Makeup Brush Set:

There’s nothing better than getting a makeup brush set that has everything you need for your daily makeup routine, which is why I always get so excited when EcoTools release a new brush set– between you and me, I’m always the first to jump on the bandwagon!

But what makes EcoTools so great? 

EcoTools not only provide good quality makeup brushes that work to simplify your daily routine, but their brushes are both vegan and sustainable to the environment! 

If you love your furry friends, you need to check out EcoTools; many people think that because their brushes are made out of repurposed materials, they aren’t of good quality, but they blend like an absolute dream. 

I’m here to review all the great features of this brush set and whether it’s worth the money. I’m passionate about finding great, cruelty-free products that will apply your makeup effortlessly and with ease. 

At first glance, this brush set has a collection of five essential brushes, three beauty look cards, and even a storage tray (all made from sustainable sources, may I add). 

What’s in the set: 

This set includes an angled foundation brush for smoothing and blending out your foundation, a blurring brush, a defined crease brush, an angled liner brush, a full blush brush, and a storage tray to keep them tucked away nicely. 

Let’s look into each makeup brush in more detail: 

Angled Foundation Brush: 

The angled foundation brush is brilliant. It is firm and will apply foundation in easy blending strokes. The only problem I found with the angled brush is that it is a little too firm, and you’ll have to go in with the blurring brush to blend in the foundation, but as far as application goes, it still gets a thumbs up. 

If you have a beauty blender, I recommend blending in the foundation with this after applying with the brush. Check out my guide here for my top recommendations. 

The brush is slightly dense, so it will blend liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer smoothly without making the finished product look cakey, which is always a major plus! 

Blurring Brush: 

The Blurring Brush is brilliant for concealing smaller impurities such as acne, scars, and slight impurities. If you have patches where you want to add that little more blurring with the foundation to cover a blemish, this brush is up for the job. 

But that not all this brush can do is also brilliant for blending out and applying eyeshadow looks and creating a defined crease. 

Have you not been sleeping well? Well, this brush is also brilliant for covering up dark circles around the eyes and crevices. This little brush works wonders. 

Full Blush Brush

We girls love the convenience in the morning; we want to quickly apply our powder to set our face and be sweep the powder with ease. 

The Full Blush Brush is super soft and goes well with applying setting powder, blush or bronzer. It will top your makeup look off with a perfect finish. 

Angled liner:

This super sharp brush is brilliant for defining the lash line and sharpening the brows. 

It is the right level of firmness you need when doing your brows and eyeliner; it makes applying your brow creme or eyeliner that much easier. 

Defined crease brush:

This brush works brilliantly with the blur brush to define, apply and blend out eyeshadow looks. It not only makes creating an eyeshadow crease that much easier, but it is also brilliant for blending out the eyeshadow too. 

Storage tray: 

This set also comes with a storage holder to store these brushes easily. The storage tray itself is made from recycled materials, which are sustainable in the environment too. 

Benefits of the set: 

Everything you need for everyday makeup: This set comes with all the brushes required to complete everyday makeup looks. 

Cruelty-free and vegan: EcoTools pride themselves on their cruelty-free and vegan products. They’re leading the way for other brands to follow with good quality brushes that are Vegan-friendly options. 

EcoTools’ products are PETA certified, so they can say they’re 100% vegan and cruelty-free

Good for the environment: All of EcoTools products are created with sustainable sources. The brush handles are made with renewable bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. 

The brush’s metal part is also made with recycled aluminum, and the packaging is made from completely recycled materials. EcoTools are determined to make new purposes for old things and help the environment. 

The packaging is also made with 100% tree-free paper; it is instead made with 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers and recycled plastic which is 100% recyclable.

Great value for money: 

EcoTools have not only created good quality brushes that are sustainable for the environment, but they’re also at a super affordable price point too! 

This set is much cheaper than Real Techniques, and although both brands are Vegan, Real Techniques doesn’t create their brushes with renewable bamboo. 

My Verdict: 

All in all, if you’re looking for a basic set and want to make more sustainable changes to your makeup routine, then EcoTools is up for the job. 

They countlessly make good quality makeup brushes at an affordable price point and always get a thumbs up from me for being sustainable and vegan. 

These brushes will allow you to apply your everyday makeup with complete ease and blend makeup looks like a dream. You get excellent quality for the price! 

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