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DIY Water Based Hair Pomade

Last Updated on November 30, 2021
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

Tired of spending so much money on hair products?

What if I told you that you can make your own hair pomade? If you’re someone who can’t go without hair pomade but hates spending money on expensive hair pomades or simply can’t find one that works for you, then you need to try this.

Why not learn an easy diy water based hair pomade that contains only natural ingredients and that you can adapt to suit your own hair needs, and will save you loads in the long run? Sign me up!

Listen to this.

Learn to make your own water based pomade, it is easier than it looks. With more and more products on the shelves filled with unwanted ingredients such as parabens, it could be doing more harm than good to your hair so why not try it?

Let me share with you my favorite water based pomade diy to try. You’ll quickly replace your store bought hair pomades when you see how easy this is!

Here’s a tip- If you have dry hair, consider making an oil based pomade using coconut oil. This will help you to nourish your hair when you use this pomade.

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Why make your own pomade?

Benefits of making your own diy water based pomade.

No chemicals- You never know what you get in your hair products when you buy one at the shop. When you make your own hair pomade, however, you can be free of all the nasty stuff such as parabens, formaldehyde, and fragrance. You get to choose the raw ingredients to include, to make a simple, natural non-greasy formula your hair will love, and is free from harmful ingredients.

Tailor-made for you- Rather than struggling to find a hair pomade with the right formula for your hair type, you can choose to include anything you want in your own diy hair pomade, so you can make it tailor-made for you and with all the right ingredients for yourself, whether that’s adding shea butter, coconut oil or your choice of essential oils.

Environmentally friendly– How many companies test on animals, make products that pollute the environment, and use machinery and factories that ruin the earth? You won’t have that problem here, by using ingredients and a process that is environmentally friendly, you can do your bit for the planet too

Cost effective- We all know how expensive haircare can get, and not to mention if it has special properties such as acne treatments or anti-aging properties too. Why spend so much money on high-end pomades when you can make your own diy hair pomade from your kitchen, and with all the properties you want!

If all that hasn’t convinced you, have a go at this super simple recipe below for a non greasy homemade hair pomade. It is easy to make, and loads of fun to make your own organic beauty product your hair will love.

Diy water based pomade recipe

To make your own homemade hair pomade, you will need a few things. Keep in mind you can adapt this recipe to your needs, for example by using coconut oil, swapping out an essential oil, shea butter, or adding another essential oil. This will make your homemade hair pomade perfect for you.

Ingredients for this homemade pomade

  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil
  • ¼ cup whole flaxseeds
  • 2 drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Strainer
  • Storage container
  • Cooking pot

Note- this is an oil free pomade, but if you have dry hair or want something stronger, you can add in 2 tablespoons of your favorite natural oil. Learn this easy recipe and then try your own mix of ingredients, or replace one or two from this list!

The best thing is that this diy hair pomade uses ingredients that are super easy to find, either in your kitchen or in the store for cheap. As this homemade hair pomade is a water based pomade, it will not leave your hair greasy, but will be effective, and super nourishing for your hair. Just remember to wash it out later!

How to make diy water pomade recipe

  1. The first step to make your own diy hair pomade is to boil the ingredients by making a double boiler by getting a cooking bowl with water in it to boil. Use a boiler to heat the water if you like. Use a small container to put in the cooking pot and put the water and flaxseeds in. As they are heating up, you should start to see them forming a gel.
  2. As they have formed a gel, you can turn the heat off. Pour this mixture into a strainer to remove the flaxseeds. You won’t need them anymore, so throw the flaxseeds away but store the other mixture.
  3. Now you can add the oils to this mixture. Pour the honey into the mixture and stir while it is still hot so everything blends well together. Don’t be afraid to add some heat to mix and stir.
  4. Now you have mixed everything together, add and stir the essential oils in. You can then pour this homemade pomade into an airtight storage pot or a jar to store it. Leave it cool, either outside or in the fridge for a few hours so it sets. There you have your hair pomade!

This hair pomade will give you a good hold, and you won’t find it greasy. It’s an easy versatile natural recipe for hair pomade that you can adapt to your needs, for example, add more wax for a stronger hold, use tins and jars, try different ingredients until you find what works for you.


Final thoughts

Some people might think that making a homemade pomade is too much effort. The truth is though, when you make your own homemade hair pomade, you can add anything you want, your favorite essential oils, coconut oil, shea butter, honey, or wax.

There are many recipes out there, but aside from a mixing bowl, a double boiler to heat up the container, boiling the mixture to then store it in the fridge, that’s all there is to make a homemade pomade. Whether you use oils or beeswax, and as long as you have a bowl, a container, and a boiler as well as something to store the mixture in, the cost is very low.

You can use a jar, or tins, add or remove ingredients, but the important part is in the texture once the ingredients melt you’ll need somewhere to hold it in your house. Whatever your age, you can quickly learn this easy recipe.

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