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Dermelect Nail Polish Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 15, 2021

  • Award-winning formula
  • Wide range of colors to choose
  • Easy-application
  • Improves and repairs nail health

Dermelect Nail Polish Review

I typically pay attention to beauty products from pharmaceutical, dermatological brands for apparent reasons; they are not often run-of-the-mill and offer added benefits outside the aesthetics. The Dermelect Nail Polish comes from one such brand.

From Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ stables, the nail polish aims to deliver solution-based treatments to extend the other kind of products the brand makes. It means that each bottle combines safe lab chemicals with organic extracts for “real results.”

Thus, I consider the highlights of the product, its edge over other companies, and the options it serves up in the following review.

Why Dermelect Nail Polish?

You may have the habit of picking a beauty product if it says it offers real benefits to your body. I understand the added value in the product for my money, and it is why I’d pick Dermelect nail polish on a good day.

Right out of the gate, the paint formula utilizes color treatments through peptide infusion; it is something not many beauty brands are doing at the moment, and Dermelect holds the crown of being the first to use the application.

The swatches themselves are extensive; I love that the options are closer to pastel, which could be excellent if you prefer pastel colors.

Why is Dermelect Nail Polish Better Than other Brands?

The nail polish is impressively environmental-friendly, despite being steeped in science. I’d imagine some things have to pay (read: the environment and animals) for new lab chemicals that go into pharmaceutical beauty products, but that is thankfully not the case here.

The brand is award-winning, copping the NewBeauty award in 2020 for its efforts. More importantly, it is certified cruelty-free.

Pricing: Dermelect nail polish costs $14 a pop, on average. It is prohibitive, but only just a little bit; for the sheer level of cosmetic thought and nail care properties that went into each bottle, I wouldn’t mind dropping the bucks.

Packaging: The package is simple and straightforward; the bottle is squarish, giving off an understated luxury feel. The brush is fine, although I found that it leans on the shorter side and doesn’t get to the end of the bottle; easily fixable when you use a longer brush from elsewhere.

Colors: The nail polish comes in a slew of mostly pastel colors, with the branded “ME” nomenclature. It means you’d find colors like ‘ME’ Sugarhill, Sleigh’ ME,’ ‘ME’ Head Turner, ‘ME’ Explosive, and many more. Behind the names, you’d find colors like French porcelain white, coco-white, translucent pink, and ivory; there are shimmery options as well, such as the artic shimmer and peach shimmer.

Fave Color 1 – ‘ME’ Indulgence Translucent Pink

If I had to use two words for the Translucent Pink, it’s “Understated Luxury.” It looks so lovely yet doesn’t call attention to the nails. I also love the fact that it can serve as a base coat or a standalone coat. It would also help aging nails recover, straightening, and protecting them as well.

Fave Color 2 – ‘ME’ To The Core Russet Copper

I love the russet copper nail polish because of balance; it’s shiny but not overly so; it’s almost dichromatic, but not in a flashy way. The product suits lots of occasions.

You get all the good stuff; the company omitted camphor, DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde from the ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals on your nails. It helps with nail strength improvement, as well.


The Dermelect line of nail polishes aims to improve your nail health and repair aging ones as well. The swatch selections are useful and vibrant, so you quickly get the best of both worlds of aesthetics and medication. It’s also cruelty-free and doesn’t contain smelly, toxic chemicals, which is a real poster feature of a product from a cosmeceutical brand.

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