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Defy and Inspire Nail Polish Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Gives an elegant shine
  • Formula infused with keratin and calcium
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Premium quality for the price

Defy and Inspire nail polish review

Shinny and the exotic nail is a perfect picture, and it resonates through the sun when lifted to behold. It is merely the manicurist’s job to bring out the beauty in every nail, which is every manicurist’s dream. Over time, different brands try to imitate products by flooding the market with new polish bottles. So, you have to choose the product that will best compliment your skin tone.

Only but few have an intense color and an elegant shine that stands you out. Defy and shine nail polish review is among the few. Its been on my wish list to talk about this product, which has earned a spot amongst other top draw nail polishes. Its exclusive color and refining never end, as this brand continues to unveil different styles and variants to the market; as a polish lover, you will be thrilled about its perfection. Therefore, this is why I am reviewing this.

Why did I choose to review the defy and desire nail polish?

Before this product surfaced, there have always been critical reviews towards the nail polish worldwide, selling logos as a nail fanatic who loves to follow the trends on what is new in the fashion world and explore media, always checking stores for something remarkable. No one yet seems to attract like me like the defy and desire nail polish. Firstly, my love for this brand’s colors is through the roof, as it bags color variants that can be soothingly combined to give a perfect look; furthermore, the wear resistance formula that helps, keeping the nails neat and shiny.  The nail polish also comes in a kit version with 32 shades with five nail polish that allows you to customize your nail looks.

Why are the defy and desire stands out from the others?

Defy and desire nail polish is an extraordinary nail polish that gives that extra beauty your nail deserves. It has proved itself worthy of the throne of the nail polish class. The calculated formulas and prolific ingredients keep your fingers shinny for a lengthy period yet maintaining the shape.  This brand doesn’t just brighten you up as you make strokes of beautifying. This nail formula comes with keratin and calcium for a healthy and strong nail. So no matter how soft your nails are, the nail polish is designed. Its glowing technology makes your nails look all-new for ten days straight.

And the price?

This brand goes for a ranging price from $8-$15; at this price, it’s a tough call to see a product give you an array of nail, deluxe colors, and premium quality for that price. The price range is pretty supportive for any income earner. So, walk into the beauty store and purchase without any pocket restrain.


It originally comes in a classy bottle and sleek shape, giving that love-struck appearance. The glass materials all come solidly to preserve the content for as long as needed.

Let’s look at some fantastic colors;

Paradise island; aqua color.

A typical paradise island is a pale aqua blue crème color that you can combine with rose creme, light sky blue creme. This shade borders on almost being a mint green, but not quite. These were two coats which compliment any outfit

Bachelor; bachelor is a soft periwinkle creme. I like this shade it gives the nail because it’s purple creme and grey creme and blue all joint into a lovely dusty color.


Without a shadow of a doubt, the defy and desire nail polish is simply a brand of mastery, right from the exquisite shades of colors, to the superior formulas, to the wallet-friendly price. This product makes a name for itself

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