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Cremo Beard Oil Review In 2022

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 21, 2022

  • Softens facial hair 
  • Restores moisture
  • Soothes irritation
  • Keeps your beard fresh

Let’s Talk About Cremo Beard Oil:

Cremo beard oil is a beard oil from the popular male grooming company Cremo which has made an appearance in our guides and articles many times. (See our Cremo brand review)

Cremo’s beard oil is formulated to relieve itchiness and dryness that’s commonly seen with beards. As a result of this beard oil, your beard will be left looking healthy and smelling fresh.

One highlight of this soothing formula is that it contains the highest quality natural Argan and Jojoba oils as well as other carefully curated ingredients that absorb into your beard or stubble to leave it feeling nourished and brand new.

In this review, I’m going to look over Cremo’s beard oil and come to a decision as to whether it’s something you should try out.

How It Works

The renowned Cremo “Barber-grade formula” is ever-present within their beard oil containing the highest quality natural Argan and Jojoba oils to “moisturize, restore and condition your beard and the skin underneath.”

When not properly maintained, short facial hair remains sharp from shaving and curves back into your skin which leads to an unbearably itchy beard. On top of this process, older hair loses its natural moisture, leading to damaged hair, irritation, and flaking.

The Cremo beard oil helps combat this natural process by nourishing the follicles and preventing them from drying out. it also helps soften hairs so they don’t aggravate the skin on your face as much as they would without any product.

Who’s It For?

Cremo’s beard oil is for anyone who’s tired of having a dry itchy beard that’s lost its flare. This beard oil works on short stubble and longer beards so don’t worry if you’re not rocking a full mane.

It absorbs quickly and has active ingredients so if you’re the kind of guy who lives a no-nonsense and fast-paced life then this beard oil won’t slow you down.

The real target audience for this though is guys who have dry hair. many guys have a coarser beard that feels flaky and rough. Cremo’s beard oil will breathe new life into your beard and give it a new feeling of softness that you didn’t think was possible for your beard.


Benefits Of Cremo Beard Oil: 

Cremo’s beard oil has a lot to offer but what does that mean exactly? 

Well, below I’ve gone into a little more detail about the main benefits of beard oil so you know exactly what it is that Cremo is offering to you and you can decide whether it’s something that can help you and the problems you’re having with your facial hair.


Softens Beard and Reduces Irritation

Cremo’s beard oil is fantastic when it comes to fighting soreness and irritation. The intricately designed formula is made to target dryness and act as a coolant for any red sore areas that have come up as a result of ingrown hairs or itchy dry hair.

Restores Natural Moisture

Cremo beard oil also aids in nourishing and restoring much-needed moisture to your hair. Dryness occurs when there is a lack of natural oil lubricating your hair follicles and shaft which is where this beard oil helps. Its natural ingredients restore the moisture in a healthy way that won’t cause any adverse effects to your hair or skin. After using it, you’ll feel fresh and ready to conquer the day.

Keeps Beard and Face Smelling Fresh

The scents on offer with Cremo beard oil are all subtle so you’re not overpowered by the smell of mint, citrus, etc. However, this doesn’t mean it’s completely void of a distinctive smell. The hint of each respective smell is a pleasant addition to an already great product. And if you don’t like one of them, then you’re sure to like one of the other options which you can see above.


Why We Love Cremo’s Beard Oil At Beautists:

Cremo’s beard oil is a solid option for beard care. Cremo as a brand has made frequent appearances in our articles and guides so we weren’t too surprised when their beard oil followed the positive trend created from their other products.

This beard oil does everything you’d want it to. It doesn’t irritate your skin or use any toxic ingredients that are harmful to sensitive skin or hair types. It will also do its job and moisturize your beard hair so if you’re prone to dry flaky facial hair then Cremo’s beard oil is a great choice and well worth a try for its low price. 

However, if you’re in the market for another superb beard oil then check out my review of Smooth Viking’s beard oil if this one from Cremo doesn’t tickle your fancy.



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