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Color Club Nail Polish Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Affordable price point
  • Vibrant colors to choose from
  • Easy-application
  • Beautiful glass packaging

Color Club Nail Polish In full Review

Let me start by saying I love my nails and working on getting them in the right shape and color is what I favor most in the world. It’s every girl’s dream to see her skin tone blend into the perfect nail polish that best fits.

This color club brand stands out by a far margin amongst its peers when it comes to leaving you’re your nail glam.

The color club nail polish stands out with its unique look and nutrients; that’s the primary reason we decided to single it out and do a full review. And I feel excited to do this review because I think the producers did an excellent job making this piece a master class.

I always feel happy when called to review nail brands, but this one gives me goosebumps all over; the excitement is off the roof because of the quality put in it. Most manicurists have switched lanes to the color club brand of its lasting value, which leaves all customer sparkling out loud.

The decorative, excellent, and Magnifique formula of the color club nail polish is quite a breakthrough in today’s nail polish market. Its unique quality and exclusive color combination give you that spark you need. Each color polish comes in its designed glass bottle, which is transparent for a quick check.

Yes, brushes make most of the nail polish difference; there’s no exception for the color brand. There’s a little leaflet at the bottom for a mini walkthrough of the product.

Price: At $6.44, this nail polish is set at a standard price, as its value matches the price tag, this color brand comes in revised colors and style that catches the eye. Quality is top-notch with a suitable price that is wallet-friendly.

Packaging: Ordinarily, they all come in a gorgeous glass bottle, which makes each color exceptional and maintains the content for as long as possible

Colors: The color club brands tell the story of the product from its name. It has a wide range of exclusive colors that revitalize your beauty and fit into any natural complexion. Picking from the gorgeous sage green color that best complements outfits for the occasion to the gobbler neon peach color with sprinkles of pink that blends into any cloth for that special diner night.

 We would examine a few nail polishes in totally overwhelming details;

Cobbler Gobbler- A Vibrant Neon Peach

This is a  lively color with pink, coral, and orange hues. It has a glossy finish, which honestly is eye-catching for professional manicurist or beginners. It comes liquid, which makes it very easy to dry after a few minutes of application. Super easy and convenient with the application process. I had so much trouble applying this nail polish, but thankfully, it does dry down quickly like all the rest, and ultimately the color is worth killing.

It bests fits in with the gold. This nail polish is a beautiful rose gold color that dries down matte.

Feeling Tap Under The Weather- Sky Bluish Sides Of Grey

Sky bluish/grey shade has a pleasant silky finish to it. It is more on the dense side of nail colors and seems perfect for those who like more neutral and refined nail polish colors. This nail mustn’t necessarily be peeked or too high. But with more eye-catching colors. It has to be your pick


If you have a top taste for gorgeous fingers, then the color club brand should be your favorite brand. With a wide range of color variants to choose from and combine. For $6.44? You get premium quality for a low price. You can’t get over the colors, and they are just too beautiful to pass by. This is my favorite, anytime.

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