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Ciaté Nail Polish Review 2021

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Reviewed by Beautists

Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Changes hue with different light and angles
  • Long-lasting wear time

Ciaté London Nail Polishes In full Review;  What I Think

Having your nails look glam is every girl’s dream and also what every manicurist aims for when treating their clients’ nails.

I mean, it’s what we all kind of want from our nails… that awesome shimmer with a perfect gloss coat.

With so many brands of nail polishes out there in the market, making a pick that not only suits our nails but also complements our skin tone in its glossy look is becoming increasingly confusing.

Today I choose the Ciaté nail polish, and we would be looking at why I favored this particular nail polish.

Not only did Charlotte Knight put her creative know-how into this product, but she also went all out in diversifying her finishes in the different colors and topping it off with classic nail toppers that you can add to your base nail color. Win.

I thought to review this brand because I have always been an advocator for gel polish.

Transitioning to nail polish didn’t seem to be any different as most other brands I used would always chip away after some time until I started using the Ciate brand.

The Innovative, Beautiful, and magical composition of the Ciate nail polish with its high-quality ingredients gives your nail that resplendent look.

The case of the Nail polish comes with recipe cards and Get-the-look cards. The recipe cards describe the different looks you can achieve with the different colors and glitters that the polish has variants.

The Get-the-look cards carry nail samples to demonstrate how to style your nails to achieve some very interesting looks.

Tagged at a price of $6.20, this nail polish packs a punch at this price as you are sure to get more of your money’s worth. Coming in variants of 10 different colors, it’s easy to pick one off the shelf without having to pay much attention to the price tag.

Traditionally it comes in an aesthetic bottle that keeps the content well preserved and portrays the luxury and thought put into packaging it.

Ciate considered different skin tones this time and went on to create ranges of colors from subtle to loud and fun colors to complement whatever skin tone and nail you would be using it on. From the almost nude girl with a pearl down to the midsummer night variants showcases a variety of colors that packs a punch.

We would be looking at two of the color variants that had an impression on me:


This aquatic shade of blue makes your nail pop. This color complements lighter skin tones and can go with any color of dress for any occasion. It has a shimmer to it, and the coating can last up to 15 days day without chipping off.


This cooler shade of rose gold is one to die for. Wouldn’t you love to see a shimmering shade of rose that can work with any outfit adorning your nails while adding a kinda acrylic glow to it? The paradise lost catches the sunlight in the daytime and club lights at night.

So… Should You Be Adding This To The Collection?

When it comes to quality and its ability not to chip off easily, the Ciate line of nail polish is fantastic and can stay on for days on end as this gives you the user more time to wear the polish at every instance of application.

Looking at the pricing, the Ciate also holds it’s down here as the price os $6.20 is quite a fair price to dole out on long-lasting nail polish like this.

Arent there a wider range of color variants? With a spread of 10 color variants ts already, I think this nail polish has done justice to the color department, and notwithstanding, newer colors would are being worked on.

Overall I would choose this product over and over again anytime any day.

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