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Chanel nail polish review Review in 2022

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Last Updated on March 26, 2021

  • Long-wear
  • 5-free formula
  • Gel-like finish without a UV lamp
  • Affordable quality 

Chanel nail polish review

Chanel has long been the color and brand authority on nail polish. When Uma Thurman wore its rouge puissant (a thick red) in pulp fiction, the rest of the world trailed to have a taste of perfection. When the brand brought out a new dawn color (dusty rose), you couldn’t find a pair of toes not wearing it. Every season, beauty bloggers, pageantry magazine editors wait eagerly in anticipation of the new shades, knowing that they will update the rest of the season’s trends. And this year, we all got significant amazement about the Chanel product.

Amazingly, Chanel just released new limited-edition autumn and summer colors that don’t have a rivalry, but it’s also launching a new Le Vernis, featuring about 16 long-wear nail polishes. This new array of new stains will include unique ingredients that cement their way to the top of the tree and many of the shades that have made Chanel nail color so famous — but this time, in a more precise way. This designed brand thrills me; that is why I am motivated to write on it.

Why I choose Chanel nail polish

Before now, lots of products have been competing in a rat race to come out top of the log. And as a beauty lover who loves solid nail perfection, you will love only the brands that have the quality to rise above the water and beat the chase. The Chanel nail polish got that quality to deliver, with the stunning unveiling of a new set of colors that keeps us at the edge of our seats, also with the texture and quality ingredients it possesses. With a 5-free new formula that contains bio-ceramics, smooth texture, and neat finish. This polish will certainly last more than ten days.

Why does Chanel stand out?

the Chanel brand has been a branch that is known to add style and vigor to your beauty. This brand wields its strength from the wide choice of colors it releases every week. So the excitement is non stop as every nail is eager to feel these new colors. Color is one stand out; its application is another. The Chanel polish has a super-glossy, gel-like finish without a UV lamp, so you get dried nails in a snap of a finger. With such immense quality, the Chanel brand sets the trend-mark that other brands follow


This brand comes at a discounted retail price of $28, which is standard and affordable. Its quality counts for all as the brand’s worth. So whenever a new color variant comes out, you worry less because the price is wallet-friendly. You can always choose from a wide array of colors that best fits your skin without looking at the price tags.


The Chanel brand originally comes in a designed classy bottle with 2 inches thick bottom, which protects content from harmful fall or air passage. The content is seen easily from the crystal clear bottle.

Color variant

What fascinates most manicurists and attracts new beginners is color diversity and how it fits into any skin color. From caramel to ebony to light skin, there is always a color that sparkes out your beauty. I will be spotlighting some super good colors.


This shade of color is slightly darker than ballerina; organdi is a dense, soft blush nude that works well with every skin tone. It’s a must-try for lovers of dark

Rouge puissant

The rouge puissant’s color is french, which means  “powerful red” it is a bright and medium-deep red that deepens under dim lighting. It’s a perfect 24 hours polish that is admirable all time. It is most compatible with crème lacquer and peach outline.


The Chanel brand has made a name for itself; its quality stands afar off. Right from the new, improved formulas to the amazing color variants are as low to the pocket-friendly prices as you can get. This brand is my favorite.

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