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Could you do with brighter under eyes and smoother wrinkles, scars and dark spots?

Then you’ll need to include a vitamin c serum in your skincare routine. I’ve just spent a few hours searching the web to find the best vitamin c serums, comparing several products and hundreds of reviews so you get serums that are highly rated.

You’ve probably done your research on what is vitamin c, so you’ll know that there are different potencies and derivatives aside from the pure L-ascorbic acid. Selecting the right one for your skin type and budget can be difficult. What ingredients should I use with vitamin c serum can be another question entirely.

Here’s the interesting bit.

I’ve made sure that every serum on this list contains quality vitamin c, whether pure or derivative and as well as good formulas that help to moisturize and brighten your skin whilst having vitamin c in the ingredients. Once you know how to incorporate vitamin c in your skin routine you can make the most of it.

You know all of the products on here are worth a shot, but you won’t want to miss number 2 for daily skin hydration, with a clean formula full of the good stuff. There’s enough in this list to cover your skin needs and your budget too so you can reap the benefits of vitamin c.

Here’s a tip- Look out for serums that include other antioxidants like ferulic acid or vitamin e, as these pair very well with vitamin c and can help make it more efficient and stable.

You won’t want to miss this.

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A Review of the Best Vitamin C Serums


Paula's Choice BOOST C15 Super Booster

Best vitamin c serum for face

This is my all-time favorite best vitamin c serum to use in skincare.

The Paula’s Choice super booster serum is a vitamin c serum that comes packed with antioxidants. It targets uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines, dullness or discoloration, and helps fade dark spots or post acne scarring.

This serum comes with Vitamin E which works to boost the skins defense against free radicals. These are found in our environment and can damage the skin. Add to that ferulic acid which supports the stability of vitamin c, making it more effective for longer, so you get a healthy glow and reduced fine lines.

But that’s not all.

The best part about Paula’s choice is that it is paraben free and fragrance free. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin or those who get easily irritated by chemicals. It also means you get exactly what you need in the serum and none of the extra unnecessary ingredients so many skin care products include. That means you know you can trust what’s in the product, knowing it has exactly what your skin needs to maintain and restore the barrier.

Whether you have sensitive, or oily, acne-prone skin, the Paulas choice vitamin c serum is for everyone. It contains everything your skin needs to be healthy and is fragrance-free and paraben-free. It also has the Leaping Bunny Certified, making it cruelty free.

Check out the 5-star reviews!

  • 15% vitamin c
  • Vitamin e and ferulic acid
  • For all skin types
  • Cruelty free
  • Very liquid

Latest deal: Paula’s Choice BOOST C15 Super Booster


Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream

Best vitamin c eye cream

Looking for the best vitamin c under eye cream? Here it is.

Drunk Elephant C-Tango multivitamin crema is designed for treating dark, puffy under eyes. No one needs to know how hard you partied last night, with this multivitamin cream you’ll be looking fresh and bright in the morning. If you have mature skin and want firmer skin around the eye area, then you’ll love what this crema has to offer.

I love that this eye cream has been dermatologically tested and includes 5 forms of vitamin c to brighten and restore the skin’s barrier in a gentle way. Not only that, but it also has a blend of 8 peptides, which is ideal as an anti aging ingredient so you can say goodbye to eye wrinkles, whilst brightening your skin.

But wait let me tell you about this.

A great feature of this is that it contains cucumber extract for firmer and stronger skin around the eye area. Apart from the potent antioxidants, it also has replenishing ceramides to maintain a healthy skin barrier. These plant oils and soothing active ingredients are all made to refresh your skin and restore radiance, whether you use it in the morning or evening.

What more can I say? Drunk Elephant is known to be a leading skincare brand that provides all the right ingredients in their products so you can keep your skin hydrated. They keep the dodgy, harmful ingredients out, and have a very strict ingredient list policy that bans fragrance, parabens, dyes, and much more to ensure your skin gets a top-notch treatment. . It’s a winner!

Click on the blue button below to take a look for yourself!

  • 8 Peptide blend
  • 5 forms of vitamin c
  • Includes Ceramides
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Packaging is a bit flimsy

Latest deal:Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream


OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum

Best Vitamin c serum for hyperpigmentation

If you’re looking for a vitamin c serum that does it all, stop here.

The Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Serum is ideal if you want to brighten your skin, improve texture, with a non-greasy feel. It’s perfect for those who want visible results, and even for mature skin types.

I love that the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright serum has an all-in-one approach, meaning you can use this to brighten skin as well as fade fine lines and dark spots on your face. This age defying serum has 15% vitamin C for a strong boost that delivers visible results in a week.

Now listen to this.

An extremely important feature of the Banana Bright serum is that it has 5% PHA’s and hyaluronic acid added to it. This helps to stabilize the vitamin c and gives you plump skin that is hydrated and brighter after every use. It won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts. This makes it great if you have sensitive skin as well, as long as you slowly build up use. No wonder it is recommended by dermatologists!

Ole Henriksen is a strong hydrating serum that instantly brightens, visibly firms the skin, and reduces the appearance of dark spots, pores, and wrinkles. You can use it if you have normal, dry, combination, or oily skin, so everyone can benefit from it. If you want a serum that works every time, get your hands on this one

Add this one to your basket, seriously.

  • 15% Vitamin C
  • Phas and hyaluronic acid
  • All skin types
  • Age defying and brightening
  • Small bottle

Latest deal: OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum


Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Best vitamin c serum for sensitive skin

Hear me out on this one.

The Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum is a lightweight smooth serum that is perfect for mature skin or those who want to fade scars and hyperpigmentation. To replenish the skin and reduce texture, it has a variety of good ingredients in it and genuine vitamin c so you can reach for this every day and night.

One of the unique things that I love about the Mad Hippie, is that it is lightweight and non greasy so it can form part of your skincare routine and even layered under makeup easily. . Whether you have combination skin or oily skin that quickly gets shiny, this one will do the job.

Now, wait until you hear this.

This serum is perfect for those who want to brighten, tighten and smooth the skin using natural ingredients. This vitamin c serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, working by plumping the skin to create a firm lift. It is all natural and vegan, so you can care for the planet too.

With no nasties such as parabens, synthetic fragrance, PEGs, SLS, and additives that can harm the skin. It’s great for sensitive skin too. Try out this vitamin c serum for quick, visible results and an anti aging formula that you can use daily or nightly.

It’s worth being on here.

  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Stabilized Vitamin C
  • No synthetic fragrances or additives
  • Blend of antioxidants
  • Finishes quickly

Latest deal: Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum


SKINCEUTICALS C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment

Best vitamin c serum for acne scars

Treat yourself to the SkinCeuticals C, E, Ferulic antioxidant treatment.

The SkinCeuticals provide an easily absorbed vitamin c serum that is combined with other antioxidants to give your skin the full treatment. It’s light enough that you can wear it daily without leaving behind a greasy residue, and your skin will benefit from an antioxidant boost giving you glowing skin.

This serum is ideal for keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. This brightening combination of antioxidants fights wrinkles and prevents premature aging caused by the environment. It also helps to protect against harmful free radicals in the air and keeps your skin fresh. This means that although it is a lightweight formula, it performs double duty in providing the nutrients your skin needs to fade scars and renew itself.

But that’s not the best part.

The SkinCeuticals combines a mix of vitamin e and ferulic acid with the purest form of vitamin c, to provide a solution that is stable and very effective. It is gentle to use even on sensitive skin, and enhances antioxidant performance. You could say this is the power trio when it comes to using vitamin c serums, so I can guarantee your skin will love it.

Whether you’re looking for the best vitamin c serum or an antioxidant boost for your skin, this serum does it all. From firming the skin, to smoothing out fine lines and nourishing the skin it will be your next go -to.

Check it out!

  • Fights wrinkles and fine lines
  • Protects from sun damage
  • Pure vitamin c
  • Contains vitamin e and ferulic acid
  • Color and texture may vary

Latest deal: SKINCEUTICALS C E Ferulic Combination Antioxidant Treatment


Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum and Brightening Skin Corrector

Best anti aging vitamin c serum

Hands down the best anti aging vitamin c serum.

The Vichy LiftActiv serum is a brightening skin corrector Hydrator moisturizer is designed for combination. It is full of antioxidants, lightweight, and provides smoother and softer skin. Vichy vitamin c serum has been formulated by dermatologists to give you a product you can trust, whether you use it in the morning or at night.

Vichy LiftActiv is a combination of 15% pure vitamin c which in itself is a powerful antioxidant. It also includes pure fragmented hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin. The combination of these means you get a full treatment and a brighter skin tone. Added to this are pine polyphenols and vitamin e to stabilize vitamin c and render it more effective. When it comes to protecting against sun damage and brightening the skin, this one fits the bill.

Now, wait until you hear this.

With Vichy ActivLift you’ll notice results straight from the get go. From softer and smoother skin as soon as you apply it, to more in-depth results in as little as ten days. I’m talking about illuminated, brighter skin, tighter skin that has been lifted, and an even, glowing complexion. The mix of antioxidants and ingredients give a healthy boost to your skin with vitamins and minerals, to maintain a healthy moisture barrier whilst preventing water loss.

If you’re looking for soft and smooth skin, this is for you. Vichy LiftActiv has no parabens or nasty chemicals, and has included only the bare minimum ingredients needed. You wont get any surprises, and your skin will feel happy and healthy. A little goes a long way!

Check out the link!


  • 11 ingredients
  • Includes Hyaluronic acid
  • Allergy tested
  • No added fragrance
  • Smells bad

Latest deal: Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum and Brightening Skin Corrector

The Best Vitamin C Serums- A Buyer’s Guide

L-ascorbic acid or better known as vitamin c is a powerful ingredient in the skincare world.

This brightening ingredient is often best found in a topical vitamin c serum. Pure vitamin c is hard to find in vitamin c serums, but in this list, you’ll find the top picks for the best choice of a brightening serum. Whether that’s with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, or with another potent antioxidant, it’s proven to gently exfoliate, even skin tone, and provide antioxidant protection from free radicals.

If you want to boost collagen production and a serum that brightens skin, then a brightening vitamin c serum is all you need. Most of these have been formulated with a board certified dermatologist, so even if you have dry skin or need help fading acne scars, then these serums have had cosmetic and clinical research to help you out.

Which vitamin c serum was your favorite?

How To Use Vitamin C Serum

When should you use vitamin c?

If you’re using a vitamin c serum, you can decide to use it in the morning or evening. Experts say it can be more beneficial to use vitamin c in the morning since the antioxidant properties act as a barrier against pollution and environmental aggressors.

How to include vitamin c in my skincare routine?

When including a vitamin c serum in your skincare routine, it’s best to follow the three-step process of cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer. In this case, the second step would be applying the vitamin c serum and then following up with a moisturizer.

How to choose a vitamin C serum?

You can find vitamin c in a range of skincare products, but in the form of a serum rather than a cream or toner is definitely going to give you better results when applied topically. Serums are the most potent form of vitamin c, and the good thing about them is they are easy to add to your routine. A daily dose of topical application works best.

How to choose the right formula

The most potent form of vitamin c is L-ascorbic acid (LAA). The downside to l ascorbic acid is that it has a low ph formulation so can irritate more sensitive skin. Of all the vitamin c products ascorbic acid is also the most unstable. On the other hand you can also find various derivatives from this pure form of vitamin c that are usually combined with other ingredients to help keep it more stable and less sensitizing.

The variety of options mean you can find the right potency to suit your skin type and budget.

What to mix with vitamin c?

Other antioxidants-Vitamin C on its own can be unstable and even sensitizing. However, when you combine it with other antioxidants like Ferulic Acid or Vitamin E (Tocopherol) then it becomes more stable and efficient. Another good option is to use vitamin c at the same time as hyaluronic acid to increase its stability and extend shelf life.

Hyaluronic acid- this is another good option as it helps to restore the skin’s moisture and keep it plump. They both work very well together.

SPF-It’s worth noting that although you can use vitamin c both in the morning and evening, applying it as part of your morning routine can be a good way of pairing it with SPF. These two ingredients are the dream team when it comes to sun protection and preventing air pollution from damaging your skin.

How to choose the right packaging for vitamin c serum

Dark tinted-vitamin c serums can be more unstable so you need to pay special attention to the packaging. Storing it in a dark tinted bottle helps to prevent oxidation from sunlight.

Air-tight– Ideally, vitamin c should be stored in a dark-tinted, air-tight packaging to prevent oxidation If your vitamin c serum is stored in a dropper bottle, make sure to close it tightly after every use.

How to start using vitamin c serum

Start with a low concentration

Now, you might be tempted to rush to the stores and buy the most potent, highest concentration of vitamin c serum you can find. Before you do that, consider another option. Start with a low concentration of vitamin c and over time build up once your skin gets used to it. Remember that vitamin c may not be for everyone, and it can sensitize the skin and even damage it if you go for a high concentration straight away.

Start with 5% and then you can work your way up to 20% to make sure your skin can handle it. Using a high concentration of vitamin c for an extended period can cause redness, dryness, or itching for some people, so it’s a good idea to do a patch test before just to be sure.

Final Thoughts

A few drops of an antioxidant serum or vitamin c brightening lightweight serum can help protect from free radical damage, even for oily skin types or sensitive skin types. Although you need to be careful with highly concentrated vitamin c serums, choosing a serum that has olive leaf extract, or salicylic acid, or amino acids and other skin-friendly ingredients can be a good choice.

Neutralizing free radicals, and shedding dead skin cells are only some of the benefits you can get from a vitamin c product. Everyone needs a vitamin c brightening serum that brightens skin and has been recommended by a board certified dermatologist.

Which brightening serum will you choose?

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