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Looking to top off a timeless classic with a nude manicure that will be sure to top off any look? For a daily trip to the shops to night-time glam, nude colors are definitely worth the craze! 

Well, you’re all the right place!

Nude manicures have come a long way over the past few years, with so many gorgeous skin tone hues, you cannot top it! No wonder really, it can add that little touch of class to even the most basic of outfits, or even glam up a gorgeous dress.

Nudes are natural beauties for your nails, but finding the shade right for you can be challenge, too pale it can wash you out yet too dark and it would look odd, it’s all about finding the right balance. 

But no need to worry, I’ve got you covered girl! 

To make things easier for you I have selected a range of gorgeous nude hues that will flatter a range of skin tones, from rich, dark beautiful honey tones to gorgeous fair tones– I’ve covered them all.  

Here’s a tip that helped me when choosing a nude tone: the best way to find which nude color is best for you is to determine your undertone (I will go into this in more detail later). It really helps to determine what nude shade will compliment you best! 

You won’t want to miss these picks! 

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Here are the best nude nail polishes for every mood


Essie Nail Polish In Ballet slippers

best neutral nail polish for all skin tones

Now I have looked at Essie’s collection of nude colors and they are absolutely beautiful and this one will compliment any skin tone beautifully.  This glossy shine creamy nude polish will compliment every outfit while giving flawless coverage.

Not only will you get an effortless, opaque finish with a gorgeous color, but the durability is unmatched. It is also super easy to use too, it will glide across your fingertips easily and effortlessly, lasting you up to a week, chip-free!

This color will compliment any outfit and any occasion!

All you need to do is apply your trusty base coat, two coats of this gorgeous color (leaving a few minutes in between each layer to prevent chipping) then seal the deal with an excellent topcoat and cuticle oil.

To top it all off it is at a super affordable price point, this flawless pinky nude hue will be your perfect match and will get you all the compliments. 

  • Gorgeous pink hue
  • Durable and will last up to a week
  • Super affordable
  • Easy application
  • If not used with base coat and top coat there are issues with chipping

Latest deal: Essie Nail Polish In Ballet Slippers


Sundays 07 Warm Nude Nail Polish

Best for fair skin with warm undertones

For my fair ladies out there, this one is for you! This warm nude hue by Sundays is a timeless classic. This excellent blend of pinky tones and brown tones make this color the perfect balance for pale skin– no more being washed out by nail polish! 

My favorite part of this nail polish (other than the color of course) is the 10-free part of the formula, meaning it is completely free of toxic ingredients and harmful fumes, making it super safe to use!

If you have a little one on the way, bored at home searching for a safe nail polish that is free of all the harmful ingredients then this is it– it is even safe even while pregnant! 

But that’s not all:

This formula is also developed to last a long time, so you can look your best for longer with no compromises of chipping to stop you.

As for application, the brush is made with 800 flat bristles for ease and streak-free application. Just pair with your favorite base coat and topcoat and you’re good to go! 

For a nude that will compliment fair tones beautifully, be free from toxic ingredients, and last a long time you can’t beat it! 

  • Long-lasting with no compromises
  • 10-free formula
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • Easy application
  • Quite pricey

Latest deal: Sundays 07 Warm Nude Nail Polish


OPI Nail Lacquer In Bubble Bath

Best for fair skin with cool undertones

For my cooler-toned fair-skinned girls I would recommend giving this one a go, the pink nude hue will complement your outfit flawlessly, you’ll love this one!

OPI uses the highest quality formulas and a wide range of colors to match every occasion but also every skin tone, celebrating the beauty of all.

Not only will this color in particular compliment fair tones it is a highly pigmented, rich color that is long-lasting and chip-resistant for up to seven days of wear!

But here’s the best bit:

The application of this bad boy is super easy with ProWide Brush, which gives you a flawless, streak-free, and hassle-free application.

Just use with OPI’s base coat, apply two layers of this elegant color then a top coat to top it all off and you will love the results!

For excellent nail polish, that looks beautiful with fair hues, lasts a long time, and all while being at an affordable price does it get any better than that?

  • Ideal for fair skin with cool undertones
  • Lasts up to a week chip-free
  • Easy application 
  • Affordable price point
  • None

Latest deal: OPI Nail Lacquer In Bubble Bath


ZOYA Nail Polish In Jack

Best for darker and richer undertones

Looking for a color that is bold and makes a statement while complementing deeper skin tones like a dream? Well, Zoya is a product I cannot wait to tell you about.

The gorgeous color Jack is a warm, light nude that will stand out and complement rich, honey tones beautifully! As for the formula, Zoya is the healthiest color choice loved by pregnant and health-conscious women all over the world!

With their award-winning colors and vegan-friendly formula that is the big 10-free, you can’t beat it! These polishes are not only good quality but have a lot of longevity in them too.

Best of all:

It is opaque enough to only need a layer or two. Just apply your favorite base coat, a layer (maybe two if needed), and then a top coat and you’ll be good to go.

Everyone deserves a gorgeous nude for their skin tone, my pick for richer tones has to go to ZOYA, you’ll love it! 

  • 10-free formula
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Suitable for pregnant and health-conscious women 
  • Long-lasting
  • None so far

Latest deal: ZOYA Nail Polish In Sandy


Butter LONDON In Yummy Mummy

Best for light to medium undertones

If you’re in the middle ground from light to medium tones looking for a supernatural nude then you’ll love this color by Butter London.  This product is renowned for its protective ingredients while also giving full coverage color to your nails.

Not only does this nail polish protect your nails but it is also free from the ingredients such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, and TPHP which are all damaging to your health- so win-win really.

This product is free from all the harmful ingredients that can be damaging to you and your nails. 

But if that wasn’t enough it also has UV protective ingredients so your nails will stay brighter for up to as long as 10 days! With the non-fading technology, everyone will be complimenting you. 

Butter also offers a massive range of colors that will fit every occasion, I absolutely love their nude shades though, the wide range to choose, means that Butter LONDON has the versatility to complement every skin tone. 

With the glowing reviews and people raving about this product everywhere you can’t go wrong. 

  • Free from any harmful ingredients
  • UV protective
  • High impact color that you can count on
  • Wide color selection
  • Slightly pricey

Latest deal: Butter LONDON In Yummy Mummy


OPI Nail Lacquer In Chocolate Moose

Best for medium/olive to dark tones

Now, this is one for my beautiful, dark-toned girls. I decided to include a different color from OPI as I absolutely love their formula, plus their deep brown hues are absolutely flawless.  

OPI uses the highest quality of formula and colors that celebrate individuality and diversity, they are honestly breathtaking. Not only will this color compliment my darker toned girls but can also be used on lighter tones too!

The application of this gorgeous color is super easy with their ProWide brush, for a streak-free, flawless finish with ease. All you need to do is use a trusty base coat and top coat then you’re good to go. 

Not to mention:

The hues are flawless with no questions asked but the longevity of this nail lacquer is unmatched, whether you’re looking for a natural look or a nude that will stand out on fair skin– this one seals the deal. 

  • Compliment both dark and light undertones
  • High-quality formula
  • Easy application
  • Long-lasting
  • None

Latest deal: OPI Nail Lacquer In Chocolate Moose


Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish In Naked

best beige nail polish

Are you looking for a perfect gel nude, without the streaking, chipping which applies like an absolute dream? Well, Deborah Lippmann is up to the bill and will tick all your boxes. 

This color will perfectly complement medium tones, looking beautiful with every outfit.

As for the formula it uses 10 active ingredients to deliver health, wear and shine– all things that will make your manicure last longer while keeping nails super healthy. 


All you need to do to apply this bad boy is to use a gel lab pro base and top coat and some patience. Apply your base coat, leaving a minute or two before applying the polish. Apply 2 layers of nail polish, leaving few minutes in between each layer then seal with a topcoat. 

This combines everything you want out of nail polish: longevity, ease of use, healthy nails, and most importantly a beautiful hue that blends beautifully. 

This one is a winner!

  • Compliment medium undertones
  • 10 active ingredients to keep nails healthy
  • Easy application
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive

Latest deal: Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish In Naked

Best Nude Nail Polish

Nude hues in nail polish are something that will never go out of fashion, whether you’re looking for a natural finish to add a bit of color to your nails or a natural glam, nude can complement every mood.

But it’s not always easy to get the right tone, with so many to choose from it can be tricky, but I can guarantee there is your perfect match out there– the wide selection celebrates all the different skin tones and caters with different shades to compliment them.

There are so many different shades and undertones when it comes to our skin, they usually range between pink, yellow, and neutral undertones. Whether your skin is fair, medium, or dark we all have one of these undertones.

Lucky for you I have researched these undertones so you can select any of the products for you today and you’ll love the outcome!

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Choosing the appropriate nail color for undertone:

Picking a nude nail polish can be quite tricky, with so many different shades, tones and formulas to choose from there’s no wonder we struggle.

First thing, I found when choosing a nude nail polish shade is to have a look at your skin undertone. What may suit you, may not suit the next person, it’s important to find what works best for your undertone to narrow down your search.

But not to worry, I’m here to go through the different undertones, breaking down the confusing features and what compliments them best.

Cool undertone:

Take a look at the veins in your wrist, focus on the color. If they are blue, then you fall under the category of people with a pink undertone.

If you are susceptible to acne, and you have pigmentation disorders like freckles, then you have a pink undertone. Although, the concept of pigmentation disorder as evidence of pink undertone does not apply to everyone with pink undertones.

The best colors for cool undertones:

I find that pink undertones complement best with pink nude colors. Nail polishes like OPI’s Bubble Bath will work and compliment your nails flawlessly.

I would recommend avoiding colors like nudes with a grey undertone as it may actually make you appear to be washed out.

This does not necessarily mean that you undertone won’t suit these colors but if you’re looking for tones that go best I would stick to the pinky nudes.

Warm undertones:

When the subtle hue under your skin is somewhat golden or yellowish, then be confident that you fall under this skin category.

Also, if your veins appear greenish, and your hair and eyes are either brown, golden, or green, then there is a high chance that you are a yellow undertone, this could also be referred to as a peachy undertone.

People with fair to medium skin are often said to have a yellow undertone. It is often said to be a warm skin tone.

The best colors for warm undertones: 

Even though People with yellow undertones tan easily when exposed to sunrays, they look extremely good when adorned in materials of earthly colors or rather, colors that are rich reflections of nature.

To achieve a flawless complementary nail (if you fall under this category), it is best to stick to the warmer side of the nude shades, like ones that have a touch of brown or yellow.

Your nails would get all the attention when you wear warmer shades of colors like cappuccino, or even nude with an orange undertone.

Neutral undertones: 

People with neutral undertone often have their undertones roughly the same color as their actual skin tone.

If you realize that there is a mixture of both warm and cool hues under your skin, then you most likely have a neutral undertone.

People who fall under this category are often considered lucky, as they can easily play around colors of both warm and cool undertones without breaking a leg.

The best colors for neutral undertones:

Neutral people do not have to break a sweat when searching for suitable nail colors, as they can either pick from the color options of the pink skin tone or the color options of the yellow skin tone.

Most nudes will suit this undertone but if you’re looking for a natural look, there’s is nothing more flattering that a nude nail polish thats similar to your skin tone. 

Frequently asked Questions

How do you apply nude nail polish?

Firstly apply a good base coat to fill in ridges, uneven parts of your nail, and for your nail polish to stick to. Leave this for a few minutes to dry, apply a thin layer of nude polish then leave it for a minute or two to dry, repeat this step until you have the desired coverage. 

After you have your desired coverage (leaving a few minutes in between each layer) then seal the deal with a good top coat and cuticle oil for added longevity. 

I would recommend tripling up with the layers to get ultimate coverage. 

What kind of nude pink nail polish would look best on Asian skin tones?

Well, I absolutely love Essies ballet slippers for how well they will go on all skin tones, it is the perfect blend of nude and pink tones and will blend perfectly. If you have warmer undertones I would recommend going for deeper nudes, with a more yellowy tone to them. 

How do I choose a nude nail polish? 

Well, firstly you need to work out your skin’s undertone (look above for guidance) once you’ve worked this out, there are some nail polishes that compliment your tone very nicely, from fair to the richest hue, I’ve looked at everything.


Nude is a color everyone can pull off when you find the right tone for you. Not only the different hues of nude beautiful but they will go with any outfit but they are perfect for any occasion. 

The nude colors I have selected for you today not only offer a beautiful color but also offer superb coverage, longevity, and some formulas even make your nails stronger by being infused with keratin and vitamins. 

I have trekked through the wide web to select the very best nude colors, considering every undertone. So, fingers crossed, the hue you select from my list today will be your best fit while remaining at an unbelievable price!  

You’ll love the finish from these bad boys.

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Jess Rowley

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Jess Rowley, a veteran nail tech, has been studying beauty over the last 11 years and has completed the nail technology program in California. Watching the latest trends in beauty, Jess searches for the highest quality products that make your nails feel loved.