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Best Nail Shapes And Trends For Your Pretty Fingers

Last Updated on June 25, 2022
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written by nail expert Jess Rowley

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Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Nail Shape Trends

Looking for a new nail shape next manicure and not sure where to start?

Well, good news girly you’re at the right place!

I have the full rundown on the hottest nail trends going around at the moment that will definitely up your manicure game– from natural square to daring stiletto, I’ve covered them all.

With intricate manicure shapes and designs being on the rise, it can be quite a challenge to choose one, with different fingernail shapes it can be tricky to find your perfect fit.

But no need to panic, I actually have good news.

I have broken all the confusing bits so when you go for your next manicure you will know exactly what you want and how you want it!

Here’s a tip that I loved: finding a nail shape that’s right for you will not only flatter any look but it will compliment your hand beautifully to make it appear more attractive.

But enough of me rambling, you won’t want to miss these beauties.

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Different Nail Shapes:

Before your next manicure, it’s so important to familiarise yourself with the different nail shapes. You will walk into the salon like a boss, knowing exactly what you want.

First things first we nail shapes that are best for different hands, what flatters, and compliment them best so you can select one of these nail shapes with confidence that it will suit you.

Here are all the different types so stay tuned:

Oval Nails:

Oval nails are very similar to round nails but they have more of an egg nail shape. It is a great choice for short and wide nail beds.

These nails also have similarities to almond nails but often have a softer top. Oval nails scream both elegance and class– they are massively popular across many celebrities on the red carpet.

This nail shape nail can be worn naturally or if you want that little bit extra they look really flattering with a good acrylic set.

Stiletto Nails

Now we can all agree that beauty is pain, but these stiletto nails are much different from the extravagant, beautiful yet painful shoes we all know. Who knew we could wear stilettos on our hands this whole time?

Well, they’re still slightly different but such a beautiful and daring set to choose. It is often a favorite of dip powder manicures and looks beautiful with some nail art.

This nail shape is drop-dead gorgeous and will have your nails looking like a boss like you’ve walked straight off a New York fashion show.

It is the middle ground between coffin nails and almond nails but will still catch everyone’s eyes.

If you like standing out from the crowd then you’ll love these nails! They look beautiful both natural or on fake nails– it is much easier to achieve with acrylics or dip nails though.

Chuck away the painful heels and try these bad boys instead.

Almond nails:

Almost nails have been a growing trend in recent years, they suit almost everyone! They will make your fingers look longer and thinner so much that every hand model will want you!

You will notice that celebrities pair this look with a sleek matte polish for a gorgeous finish.

Square shape nails:

Square nails will always be a timeless classic and will always have space in my heart. Nothing is more flattering, yet natural than a square nail set.

They can be worn as a classic color design or to add a touch of art to your nails, they have a large space for you to work on beautifully.

They are perfect for short, natural nails– they have straight edges and a squared-off tip to add a bit of class to your nails.

These nails are super flattering on long, slim fingers as they add a subtle widening effect to your nails, it is for my low maintenance, minimalist girls out there.

Squoval Nails

Squoval nails are very similar to square nails but they have a curved off edge. It is a perfect balance if you love the nail shape of square nails but hate the shape edge.

It smooths everything off and will complement every nail type and fingernail beautifully. 

Round Nails

Round nails are another classic you’ll love, if you have small or chubby fingers then these nails will be such a flattering manicure for you.

They are fairly straightforward and easy to do while being fairly easy to maintain. If you’re looking to do this manicure at home rather than in the salon I would recommend getting press on nails.

You can get some gorgeous nude color nails on Amazon,  such as KISS, or if you want to add your own color or design you can get some excellent plain press ons too!

These nails are very natural and will really flatter any outfit, if you like short nails then I would give these a go, its a super versatile option that fuss-free and will suit anyone. You can switch between nudes to gorgeous reds– the options are endless.

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Coffin or Ballerina Nail:

Usually, coffin nails are my go-to look when it comes to a fresh acrylic manicure, they look bold but they are also very refined and elegant.

They resemble the shape of a ballerinas shoe or a coffin– it may sound dark but trust me they look beautiful.

They are best done on long, acrylic nails as due to the length they are quite fragile on natural nails (unless you opt for shorter nails). In terms of nail art, coffin nails are beautiful with a touch of glitter or intricate art pieces.

Almost everyone can pull off coffin nails, they make fingers look beautifully long and slim, it is my go-to when I go to the salon. This look is also loved by Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians.

How to shape nails square with a nail cutter:

Now, this is fairly easy and I always do this before I get the file out to get a rough shape. This works best for coffin nails as it saves a lot of filing. 

All you need to do is gently cut to the desired shape of the nail, it doesn’t need to be perfect as you will be going in with the file after but it allows for a rough shape to follow.

How can I shape my nails at home?

For intricate nail shapes, I would always advise going to the salon, but you can shape them at home with practice!

I would recommend practicing these shapes on acrylic nails, it will help to get the technique without having to wait for your nail to grow back. 

All you need is concentration, patience, and a lot of practice! 

Whether you want to refresh your manicure with a new shape you can show off, after you know the angles and proportions you’ll be filing like a pro in no time.

I found this video really helpful to get a rough idea of the technique:

What nail shape makes fingers look thinner?

My favorite nail design for making my fingers look slimmer and thinner is either almond, stiletto, or coffin nails. By their thin top and wide base, it gives the illusion of thinner fingers. 

Give them a try and see what you think. 

How do you do square shape nails?

Grab yourself a 240 grit nail file and firstly start by filing the top of your nail across, parallel to your cuticle line. 

Resting your hand in a comfortable position really helps to keep your nails stable as you file, keep checking in comparison to your other nails until they all have a flat top that’s petty much identical. 

It may seem straightforward but it may take some practice so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it after the first try. 


From classic square nails to flattering stilettos, I’ve looked at them all. Give these a go and it will definitely spice up your next manicure.

I love changing up my nail look every few months and now you have a guide to look at so you know exactly what to get.

Not every look will flatter your hands but I have checked for versatility so you have a wide range to choose from

Time to flaunt those talons ladies!

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