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Best Nail Colors For Dark Skin [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on November 30, 2021
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Finding the right contrast in nail color is crucial when it comes to getting your nails done. The color of your skin provides that perfect contrast.

And you have come to the perfect place to find your best match!

I went over 54 different nail polish colors to bring you 5 of the best ones for dark skin.

With the oversaturation in the nail polish market, it could be hard to find a product that matches well and uses high-quality ingredients.

What does this mean for you?

It means things have only gotten so much easier for you as my list picks out polishes based on color, ingredients quality, and how well it works with the nail.

Here’s a free tip; Look for nail colors that are made from natural, non-toxic resin.

With that out of the way, let’s get started, shall we?

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The Top Best nail colors for dark skin


OPI Nail Lacquer in My Vampire is Buff

Dark skin tones work well with lighter shades of nail polish. Keeping it light while still providing quality and performance is what OPI specializes in. And they have done it yet again with their light off-white color called My Vampire Is Buff.

It is a gel-based nail polish that is made from high-quality ingredients sourced from good places. The longevity is amazing as it will easily last you over a week and the shine of the polish comes through vibrantly as well.

Nail colors for dark skin could pose a challenge to make but not with this one. The polish is made from toxic-free resin that saves the environment as well as your evening. The bottle is sufficiently sized to hold 0.5fl oz of liquid inside.

The polish is also easy to apply with the included brush and has a nice tenacity. A little cure under UV and you are good to go! So, grab yourself one right away.

  • Great for light nail colors for dark skin
  • Contrasts with the skin tone perfectly
  • Good tenacity and easy application
  • Toxin-free
  • Uses 4 layers to show color

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VENALISA Gel Nail Polish

Venalisa might have figured out the perfect solution for deep skin tone nail polish. Their elegant blue is looked at as one of the best nail colors for dark skin.

The elegant blue has a very sparky vibrant blue color that compliments your skin and gives you confidence for your day out. You get more capacity as compared to other company’s bottles.

It holds 12ml of high-quality blue nail polish that is made from the finest ingredients.

It stays on your nails for a long time without coming out or damaging your nails. It is made from a natural, non-toxic resin that is environment-friendly and has minimal to almost no smell.

The brush makes for a great applicator and makes putting it on easy. The tenacity of the polish is amazing, and it readily comes off when you want to get rid of it.

All you need to do is cure your nails under a UV lamp for 90 to 120 seconds, and you’ll be good to go.

  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Natural resin
  • Bigger bottle capacity
  • Nice tenacity
  • Could be less pricey

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OPI Nail Lacquer In Icelanded a Bottle of OPI

OPI is back yet again for another great color with the same promising formula. The nail polish looks great on dark skin tone, complimenting it neatly and giving you confidence.

The ingredients are perfectly safe for the environment and your health as well. This shows the company’s dedication to providing you with quality which they do with their brush.

The nice refined bristles make it super easy to apply, and the nail polish has great tenacity. It will also stay on for a long time before coming off, and the color options in the Icelanded shades will give you a variety in choice.

This one is a no-brainer, and you would love it!

  • Bright with a nice pop
  • Quality ingredients
  • Good tenacity and brush
  • Easy application and long-lasting
  • Could be shipped more securely

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Essie Nail Polish in Fiji

Essie has been in the nail polish market long enough to understand color science and make goos nail polish for dark skin tones. And they do exactly that with their fiji colored nail polish.

The light shade helps bring out the natural color of your nail better while making you look stylish and minimal. The formula uses top-quality ingredients and hence makes for a polish that is environment-friendly.

The brush is refined as has nice application so you can use the nail polish and avoid missing any margins and seams. Essie is definitely iconic and trendsetting with a thousand different colors to pick from.

So, get ready for the perfect manicure with Essie!

  • Glossy shine opaque pastel pink color
  • High-quality and good tenacity
  • Nice brush for application
  • Both for professional and home use
  • Could be smoother

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish In Wine Stock

Sally Hansen knows their nail polish, and they know what it takes to tweak it to complement dark skin. The Wine Stock nail polish color exemplifies how well Sally is in tune with their polish formulas.

The Gel-based polish adheres well to the nail without damaging it.

The color is also very vibrant, with minimal coating required. You can achieve the best salon manicure look in the comfort of your own home as it is made for both professional and personal use.

The ingredients inside are high-quality and sourced from good places. The brush included spreads the polish smoothly and makes for immaculate coats. The tenacity of the polish is excellent as well.

This one looks like your perfect grooming buddy!

  • Bright color with a nice pop
  • High-quality formula
  • Nice tenacity
  • Good brush and smooth consistency
  • Could last longer

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Choosing A Color Based On Your Undertone:

Pink Undertone:

The best neutral tone for a pale pink undertone would be pink since it complements it, and blue wouldn’t be a great option because it undertones pale skin tone.

But not just any pink would work. A pale beigey pink should do the trick!

Yellow Undertone:

Since your skin has gold and yellow undertones, select colors that reflect these tones, for example, camel, orange, gold, scarlet red, and ochre, are great options.

Neutral Undertone:

The best nail color for a neutral tone is pink because it looks sufficiently bright with a nice pop. Start experimenting with toned-down versions of pink and then start moving up the ladder.


All the nail polish colors we looked at today were bright and had great tenacity. All of them adhered to the nail and provided great performance as they would easily last a week or two without issues.

The manufacturers ensured they kept customer care a top concern and delivered on aspects like ingredient quality, formula ratios, brush quality, and ease of application.

Nothing beats our list today, and you are in for some of the perfect manicures you would ever get with these polishes! Dark skin or not, you will not be disappointed.

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