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Looking for a nice nail art brush for your crafty art adventures?

You’re not alone, but a lot of people don’t pay attention to the nail brush because they’re so busy picking their favorite nail polish color.

I’ve gone over 55 different nail art brushes to bring you 5 of the best brushes you will come across.

With so many manufacturers using cheap fiber and thread alternatives to bring down the production cost of their brushes, you must pick one that delivers.

So, what’s the good news?

I carefully went over material quality, surface area, and spreadability for all these brushes, ensuring they dispense the polish in the best way possible.

Here’s a tip for you; Look for brushes that have fine individual fibers as that helps them stay free from tangling.

With that said, you are in for a treat today!

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Top Picks Of The Best Nail Art Brushes


PANA USA Acrylic Nail Brush

best acrylic brush for nails

Many companies make nice brushes, but not all offer quite a range in sizes as Pana does. You will find sizes all the way from 6 to 22 and everything in between. The quality of the brush fibers is absolutely amazing and top-notch.

Every single fiber is individually slotted, allowing for a fine application. It works great with any nail polish may it be acrylic nail or pastel.

The smooth finish of the brush enables a nice and even coat and provides you with dexterity and precise control over the area you are working on. Speaking of control, the brush has a nice long thick handle to grab it without issues whatsoever.

The grip is resolute and will not break even in the most intense of working conditions. This one is pretty much a professional-grade brush which is insane at such an affordable price tag. You will be one happy customer with Pana’s finest!

  • High-quality fine brush
  • Good precision and accuracy
  • Great with acrylic nails
  • Resolute grip
  • Could work using less polish

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JOYJULY Nail Art Brushes

If getting more for less is your way to go, then JoyJuly is the best option for you. The wide variety and range of brushes you get with this kit are out of this world! The quality is decent considering the price but absolutely nothing to scoff at.

Great for a nice DIY project from home and will be more than enough for your daughter to start working herself. The fibers are nice and tidy with a good tip, enabling good coverage on the acrylic nail.

The different sizes you get are what make this one special. The alloy mouth tube and resin pen holder allow for a nice grip that will not slip no matter how stressful the work environment gets.

This gives you confidence with your hand when working and takes away from the stress of getting it right. You also get double-ended nail dotting pens included in the package so you can really flex your creativity muscle.

For the price, this one is a steal!

  • Surprisingly nice build quality
  • Low price
  • Stable grip and nice application
  • Comes with nail dotting pens
  • Not great for fine details

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Rolabling Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush

Class speaks for itself, and if a premium brush for nails is your cup of tea, Rolabling will only sweeten the pot! The nice wood-accented theme going all around the brush gives it a luxurious touch.

The quality is top-notch as expected and will last you a long time. The fibers are long and well slotted for good maintenance.

The brush is made from 100% Kolinsky Sable hair which adds an extra layer of smoothness, making sure it coats every little area, leaving nothing behind. The round shape of the brush makes it great for acrylic nail work.

You will find different sizes to pick from as well. The redwood handle gives a premium feel while enabling a nice grip that allows you to bring your art to fruition nicely. This one is the perfect nail tool for professional saloons.

The price is a little on the higher end but worth every penny!

  • Great brush quality
  • Professional, nimble, and dexterous
  • Nice grip and high-end redwood handle
  • Fine and smooth bristles
  • Pricey and not for dotting

Latest deal: Rolabling Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush


Beetles Nail Art Brushes Set

Beetles have been a long-time player in the personal grooming market, and for a good reason also. They prove it with their nail art brush set yet again.

You get 6 pieces of nail art brushes made from a high-quality fiber that is non-deforming and non-corroding. Great for acrylic nail work as the bristles stay connected while in contact with your nail.

The spreadability is nice and coats all surfaces nicely. The variety in brushes allows you to be as nimble or as broad with your strokes as you like. The handle of the brushes is nice and thick, which allows you to grip it with no issues.

Bristles are professional grade and would be great in a saloon and at home. You would love the details you get here. The price is right, and this one is a no-brainer!

  • Wide variety of brushes
  • High-quality bristles
  • Great spreadability for professional work
  • Nice grip
  • Handles are hard to clean

Latest deal: Beetles Nail Art Brushes Set


KADS Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush

If Kolinsky Sable speaks to you, then KADS is here to provide exactly that! This brush has a nice wooden accent theme going all around, which we know looks stunning.

The quality is nothing to nag at as well, as the brushes are 100% Kolinsky Sable and the handle is rosewood. This promises the longevity and durability of the brush. The handles are very nice and give you a great grip while working on your finest art.

The brush also covers a nice surface area, and the spreadability is top-notch as well. The sleek look makes it great to use as it can be used both professionally and at home, for starters. The round shape is great for acrylic nails.

If you are a sucker for details, this one is the right option for you. Painting nails has never felt easier and more fun, so grab yours right away!

  • Nice free flow of brush hair
  • Made from kolinsky sable
  • Rosewood handles
  • Great for business and homework
  • Could soak up less monomer

Latest deal: KADS Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush

What To Look For In Nail Art Brushes:

Hair and handle quality:

These are probably the two most crucial parts of a nail art brush. Without a good quality handle, you will not be able to grip it well. This often leads to accidents and can easily mess up your work.

Good quality brush hair also matters a lot as they determine how well the paint will spread and how well it would cover the surface area. Individually slotted hair fibers enable a nice and tidy experience, and we made sure the brushes we included had the best of both worlds!


Sizes are an important aspect of nail paint. It’s not a one size fits all game when it comes to nail painting, and the manufacturers that we included in our guide today know that. They understand sizes matter a lot, and so they cover the entire range perfectly.

You will not have a bad experience with any of these when it comes to size.


This is a tricky one when it comes to nail art brushes. I know no one should be paying a lot of money for nail paint brushes, but some offer incredible quality at higher price points.

Nothing is too ordinary for you, so everything we include today is very affordable and approachable. We made sure you get something that delivers on performance without breaking your bank. 

Which One Do We Recommend From The List?

This is a genuinely tough question as all of them provide great service and performance. It depends on your budget and if you want a single brush or a kit that has many. For a lower budget and if you want a kit, JoyJuly is a great option, and so is Beetles.

For a higher price tag, you can get some of the premium ones like KADS and Pana. Among honorable mentions would be Rolabling, as they are a great option for everything you need in a nail art brush.

See what suits you best and go for it! You will not be met with disappointment at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take care of your nail brushes?

It’s important to clean them off right after your manicure is done. This ensures the best results.

Can I use any brush for nail art?

Almost but not really. Going with brushes specifically made for nail art is important as they are built to do a specific job and are better at it than other brushes.

How to clean nail art brushes?

Saturate a lint-free wipe with alcohol or gel products, and then use it to wipe the brush’s bristles using a soft pinch gently.


Today, we looked at some of the best products when it comes to nail art brushes. All manufacturers made sure they delivered on quality and performance. The brushes had fine hair that was great with spreadability and covering a nice surface area.

The handles were also well-built and enabled a resolute grip for you to work with confidence. Fine materials like Kolinsky Sable hair and Rosewood handles were also used for folks who love the luxurious lifestyle. But nothing that burns a hole in your pocket.

So, if you are in the market for an all-around great nail art brush that knocks it out of the park when it comes down to precise and accurate nail art, we have got you covered! Nail art is a passionate hobby, and you deserve to have the best tools at your disposal!

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