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Keeping your curls bouncy is a full-time job.

Now that summer is coming, so is the dry season. If you struggle to keep your locks moisturized, I’m here for you girl. What kind of moisturizer should I use for natural hair curly?I have researched on the internet to track down the very best moisturizers for curly hair, picking out the highest-rated products that other curly girls love.

Curly hair can take a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Due to its coily shape, natural oils and sebum do not reach the ends so easily, leading to damage and frizz. With many products advertising instant hydration but filled with harmful ingredients, you can end up aggravating the issue rather than fixing it.

So here’s the thing.

I’m going to share with you the best moisturizers to reveal your gorgeous curls. From leave in conditioners, hair milk, conditioners, and cremes, you’ll be saying goodbye to dry hair to get those luscious locks.

If you’re worried you don’t know how to moisturize your curly hair or how to style your curly hair or  I’ve got you. No matter your budget, you can find the right products for your hair to get soft, nourished hair right now or you can make your own diy conditioner. Scroll down to number 1 for the ultimate budget hair lotion.

Here’s a tip- Find out what your hair porosity is to buy products suited to your hair type. This can make or break the product, since high porosity hair has different needs to low porosity hair. Do a strand test by placing a strand of hair n water and see how long it takes to sink, this will give an indication of how porous your hair is.

Let’s go!

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A Review of the best moisturizers for curly hair


Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Cream Conditioner

If you wanted a natural, moisturizer for every day, Cantu Shea Butter hydrating cream conditioner is worth a shot.

This drugstore hair moisturizer is perfect for a cream conditioner that nourishes and looks after your hair more than a spray. It has shea butter in the formula and is quickly absorbed, leaving you with more time for the important stuff but without neglecting your hair routine.

This hair moisturizer provides the ultimate hydration by using a unique blend of shea butter to help your hair retain its natural oils and lock in moisture. It is good if you have dry hair as it replenishes moisture for a soft and smooth finish, and a beautiful shine.

Listen to this

It’s great whether you have natural hair or colored hair since it does not contain sulfates or harmful chemicals that can strip your hair of moisture. For a gentle formula, it does a good job at revealing nourished, healthy hair for everyone with waves, curls or coils. With no ingredients such as mineral oil or silicone it won’t weigh down your hair.

If you want healthier, hydrated hair, this is a good product to start with. The Cantu gives you the benefit of moisturized hair but without any of the chemicals that could damage your hair. Trust me, you’ll be reaching for other products in the brand after trying this one out!

Add this one to your basket, it’s worth it.

  • Shea butter
  • No sulfates or silicones
  • Good for colored hair
  • Helps to retain natural oils
  • Contains fragrance

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DevaCurl One Condition Decadence Conditioner

Are your curls losing their shape and bounce?

The DevaCurl Mask is a moisturizing conditioner that promises to give you bouncy curls that are moisturized without weighing them down. It’s a cleansing milk that nourishes and hydrates your curls and locks in moisture for a smooth, frizz free finish after every wash.

This hair milk conditioner is great for keeping your hair super hydrated. Natural extracts such as quinoa protein and chufa milk contribute to healthy, shiny hair. It is a soothing formula that provides lots of moisture giving you shiny, bouncy curls that are easy to detangle and frizz free.

Hear me out.

The DevaCurl milk cleansing system smells amazing, with light florals and creme to give you a luxury feel. Just like other conditioners, it’s best when used after shampooing is applied on wet hair and then detangle using your fingers. This will help the curls to form.

By delivering deep hydration and definition, so you get frizz-free curls every time. Made with high-quality ingredients, it serves to infuse nutrients into every strand, keeping your curls well moisturized. Whether you’re looking to moisturize your hair or refresh your curls, the DevaCurl is the way to go.

Go check it out!

  • Sulfate and silicone free
  • Chufa milk and quinoa protein
  • Smells good
  • Cleansing and hydrating
  • Slightly pricey

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ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

If you want a natural hair moisturizer, then this one is for you.

The ORS rich oil hair lotion is designed for dry, curly or coily hair. It’s super moisturizing but doesn’t weigh down your roots or loosen out curls. It has naturally extracted pure olive oil, and is great for moisturizing the scalp, preventing dandruff and promoting hair growth.

The olive oil range not only smells great, but it is rich in vitamin E which nourished the hair. Your hair will be incredibly soft and hydrated after using this product, more than with other more expensive stuff. It helps to boost hair elasticity so it is less prone to breaking.

Now, wait until you hear this.

ORS hair lotion is also made with black castor oil, to provide intense moisture for curly hair. If you have damaged ends from using blow dryers and curling irons, you’re going to want to use this to repair split ends and bring shine to your hair.

Whether you have waves or super curly hair, you will find this moisturizing cream ticks all the boxes from the first use. If you want to protect your hair from heat, return shine and elasticity to damaged hair, and tame wild curls, check it out!

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  • Olive oil and castor oil
  • Rich in vitamin e
  • Adds shine
  • Prevents breakage
  • Slightly expensive

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Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Butter For Curls

If you have curls, you’ll know Carol’s Daughter.

The Carol’s Daughter hair milk butter cream is designed to add definition for curls and is great for deep hydration. With organic ingredients and no harmful chemicals, it’s going to nourish your hair without causing any unwanted buildup on your locks.

Carol’s Daughter has organic, natural extracts of agave, avocado oil and honey to moisturize and soften your hair, add shine and prevent breakage to your strands. These natural ingredients restore moisture to parched hair so you get that bouncy, frizz free definition.

Now, wait until you hear this.

Carol’s Daughter hair milk is full of organic, natural ingredients but none of the harmful things you don’t want in your hair. It’s ideal for those who want a natural haircare routine but still need something moisturizing. It will make your hair retain through natural ingredients to nourish and keep it healthy.

I know you’ll love this with 97% naturally derived ingredients, you can use this to refresh curls and keep them hydrated for 24 hours. If you love this one, then you have to check out other products in the range specially made for curly haired girls,

Read through the reviews!


  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Agave, avocado oil, and honey
  • 24 hours hydration
  • No need to rinse
  • Leaves hair frizzy on some people

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Best Moisturizers for Coarse Curly Frizzy Hair - A Buyer's Guide

Everyone’s hair texture is different, but when you have kinky textured hair, moisture retention can be next to impossible. If you want a product that is curl defining, enhances shine, that doesn’t leave product buildup or contain harsh ingredients, then you’ll love these products.

Whether it’s a few drops or a few dollops of product, moisturizing milk or leave-in conditioner, or even a daily moisturizing spray or a moisturizing leave-in, you’ll be thankful. Most of these products you can use on wet or dry hair, so you don’t even need to wait till wash day to refresh your curls.

A curl-defining leave-in conditioner could be just what you need with nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil, coconut milk, coconut oil, aloe vera, or argan oil to nurture the hair shaft.

What was your favorite moisturizing hair milk?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my curly hair moisturized?

There are a few things you can do. Go for products with water as the first or second ingredient, find products with coconut oil, aloe vera, or argan oil to lock in moisture, trim your ends to ensure your hair is in good condition, avoid using heat styling tools, sleep with a silk or satin bonnet, and do deep conditioning treatments regularly.

What should you not do with curly hair?

The worst things you cold do for curly hair are overwashing it, use products with silicones and sulfates, not using oils such as argan oil, not diffusing, using the wrong type of towel, and combing your hair while it is still wet.

Does curly hair need to be moisturized?

Absolutely, much more so than other hair types. You need to have a good haircare routine as it may lose moisture much more than straight hair. Wear your hair in a protective style to prevent his.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be happy to know that these products have a clean formula, to give you smooth strands after every wash. If you have thick curls that are screaming for softness, then you need to find a formula with coconut oil or shea butter.

A leave in conditioner or spray could be just what you need to enhance shine, such as a nature creme so you don’t need to be wearing protective styles all the time. A daily moisturizer can be good for adding shine, making thick hair smooth.

What is your holy grail for hair moisturizer?

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