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Curly, fragile, dry, and difficult to manage?

We’re talking about 4c hair. This beautiful hair type comes with many challenges if you want it looking luscious. That’s where I come in. I have surfed the internet to track down the very best moisturizer for 4c hair, selecting the highest-rated products that people like you love.

4c is high porosity and due to its ultra coily shape, natural oils and sebum simply does not reach the ends. You know what I mean, dry ends, breakage and difficulty growing it. Add to that moisture loss, you’ll know that retaining moisture is a whole other problem for 4c hair type. Its important to know how to condition for curly hair.

Not anymore

I’m going to hand you the keys to make the most of your 4c hair and reveal your gorgeous curls. From leave in conditioners, deep moisturizing treatment masks, conditioners, and cremes, you’ll be saying goodbye to dry hair to get those luscious locks.

If you’re worried you don’t have the funds to spend loads of dollars on products or don’t know where to start I’ve got you. You can even do a diy conditioner! No matter your budget, you can find the right products for your hair to get soft, nourished hair right now. Scroll down to number 6 for my favorite budget hair moisturizer.

Here’s a tip- Using natural products that are free from silicones and sulfates can be a gamechanger. These can strip your hair’s natural oils, and prevent moisture from getting in, so you’ll want to avoid this to lock in moisture for longer. Learn how to deep condition your hair.

It’s time to take action.


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A Review of Best Moisturizers for 4c Natural Hair


Carol's Daughter Coco Creme Moisture Butter

If you want a nature-inspired, more natural hair moisturizer, then this one is for you.

The Carol’s Daughter moisture cream is designed for dry, curly or coily hair and is great for deep hydration. With organic ingredients and no harmful chemicals, it’s going to nourish your hair without causing any unwanted buildup on your locks.

Carol’s Daughter has organic, natural extracts of coconut milk to moisturize and soften your hair, coconut oil to add shine and prevent breakage to your strands, and mango butter. Using mango butter is going to deeply moisturize your locks so you get that bouncy, frizz free.

Now, wait until you hear this.

Carol’s Daughter cream is full of organic, natural ingredients but none of the harmful things you don’t want in your hair. It’s ideal for those who want a natural haircare routine but still need something moisturizing. It will make your hair retain through natural ingredients to nourish and keep it healthy.

Whether you have 1c waves or 4c curly hair, you will find this moisturizing cream ticks all the boxes if you want to have long lasting hydration and healthy hair for natural hair growth.

Check out the link!

  • For very dry, curly to coily hair
  • Coconut milk, mango butter, murumuru butter
  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Natural ingredients
  • Weighed down some peoples hair

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As I Am Double Butter Cream

This is my all-time favorite best moisturizer for 4b/4c hair type.

The As I Am double butter rich daily cream is a natural hair treatment that leaves your hair soft and easier to manage. The As I Am is perfect if you want an organic, natural conditioning cream to restore moisture to your hair.

This moisturizer comes packed with organic butters and natural oils to provide rich hydration to dry hair. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, Jojoba oil, and sugar beetroot. I know, the smell is divine, but the important thing is it contributes to strengthening the hair shaft so you get healthy hair and reduced damage.

But that’s not all.

The best part about As I Am is that it repairs and restores damaged hair and overprocessed hair to promote new hair growth. By using this treatment daily, helps to add elasticity and gives it a beautiful shine that you will love with pro-vitamin B5 for an extra boost of nutrients.

Whether you have dry hair or simply want to moisturize your hair, the As I Am butter cream is a great option. It’s a quick treatment that will treat your hair so you can make the most of it.

Check out the 5-star reviews!

  • Natural butters and oils
  • Contains Pro-vitamin B5
  • Repair split ends
  • Can be used daily
  • May not be suitable for sensitive skin

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Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in

If you wanted an affordable hair moisturizer for every day, Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in worth a shot.

This drugstore hair moisturizer is perfect for a leave in conditioner that nourishes and looks after your hair. It has argan oil in the formula and is quickly absorbed, leaving you with more time for the important stuff but without neglecting your hair routine.

This hair moisturizer provides the ultimate hydration by using argan oil to give your hair more elasticity to form curls, and hair growth. It is good if you have dry hair as it replenishes moisture for a soft and smooth finish, and a beautiful shine.

Check out the best part.

For a gentle formula, it does a good job at locking in moisture, It is suitable for type 4c textures, leaving your hair with super shine and moisture, but without weighing down the hair. It doesn’t contain ingredients such as mineral oil or silicone that could weigh down your hair.

The Cantu hair leave-in moisturizer is a game-changer for those who want the benefit of moisturized hair but without any of the chemicals that could damage your hair such as sulfates and parabens. It also comes in a handy tub to make it easy to use for your hair so you can get soft hair from the get-go.

Add this one to your basket, it’s worth it.

  • No irritating chemicals
  • Argan oil for elasticity
  • Protect hair from damage
  • Affordable
  • May be too light for some people

Latest deal: Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in


Shea moisture Deep Treatment Masque

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that does it all, stop here.

The Shea Moisture deep treatment mask is ideal if you want moisture that hydrates your curls without feeling heavy or greasy. It’s perfect for those who have damaged their hair through using heat styling tools or who have very dry, curly hair.

I love that the Shea Moisture conditioner has natural ingredients, including raw shea butter as a main ingredient, and sea kelp and argan oil, it’s a good way of restoring intense hydration to your dry hair. It gives extra hydration to those dry and damaged strands that can sometimes become frizzy and break off.

But wait let me tell you about this.

An extremely important feature of Shea Moisture is that it doesn’t contain any nasties that can further damage your hair. I’m not only talking about sulfates and silicones, but also no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, or petrolatum. This makes it great for curly hair that gets weighed down by silicones or to avoid chemical buildup in your hair. No wonder it is recommended by curly hair girls!

What more can I say? Shea moisture is a strong hydrating conditioner that promises to moisturize dry hair. With water as its first ingredient and specially formulated for hair types 3a to 4c. Enriched with natural ingredients like shea butter, a clean formula your skin will love, and value for money, it’s a winner!

Click on the blue button below to take a look for yourself!

  • Raw shea butter, sea kelp, argan oil
  • For curly hair types
  • No irritating ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Doesn’t spread easily

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Solimo Oil-free Facial Moisturizer


EDEN BodyWorks JoJoba Monoi Deep Conditioner

If you want a nature-inspired, more natural hair moisturizer, then this one is for you.

The Eden BodyWorks condioner is designed for dry, curly or coily hair. It’s super moisturizing but doesn’t weigh down your roots or loosen out curls. It smells really good but isn’t overpowering, and the product is so thick and buttery that you don’t really need very much is great for deep hydration.

This is a very thick, nice smelling “hair butter” type conditioner that you put on clean wet hair and rinse out 15-30 minutes later. Your hair will be incredibly soft and hydrated after using this product, more than with other more expensive stuff. Make sure to follow directions to avoid overconditioning, especially if your hair is fine.

Now, wait until you hear this.

Eden bodywork conditioner is full of organic, natural ingredients but none of the harmful things you don’t want in your hair. It has jojoba oil, Tiare flower and tea tree oil to nourish your hair and smooth it out. It will make your hair retain through natural ingredients to nourish and keep it healthy.

Whether you have 1c waves or 4c curly hair, you will find this moisturizing cream ticks all the boxes from the first use. If you want to have long lasting hydration and healthy hair, check it out!

Check out the link!

  • Affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • Nourishes hair from first use
  • Thick, buttery for intense moisture
  • Strong smell

Latest deal: EDEN BodyWorks JoJoba Monoi Deep Conditioner


Mixed Chicks Curl Defining Leave-In

This is among the best moisturizer for 4b/4c hair.

This hair moisturizer is perfect for a soothing conditioner that gives you amazing definition to your waves with zero frizz and no product “crunchiness”. Girls who have curls that don’t need much hold and are looking for a lighter product, this will be perfect for you and last a long time.

The jojoba oil in this hair moisturizer provides anti-inflammatory, nontoxic, and antibacterial properties to your hair, to get it happy and healthy. If you want to shine, condition, and hair growth, jojoba is your guy.

Now listen to this.

Worth noting is that there is also evening primrose oil for a healthy scalp and stronger hair, and amino acids with silk protein bond with keratin to repair damage from environmental factors. So if you know you are the kind of girl that can’t live without her straighteners, this styling cream is going to help create a protective layer through a bonding process and retain moisture.

The mix chicks leave-in moisturizer for 4c hair is the holy grail for dry, curly 4c hair. If you want defined curls and shiny smooth hair go for this leave in conditioner. With premium ingredients and a formula that will protect your hair from damage no matter your hair texture, this one is sure to win your hair.

Take a look for yourself!

  • Premium ingredients
  • Protect from damage
  • Suitable for multi-textured hair types
  • Can be used as a styling cream
  • Has silicones

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tgin Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer

Looking for the best daily moisturizer for 4c hair? Don’t skip out on this one!

The tgin butter cream daily moisturizer is great for styling since you can use it as a setting cream, and of course to moisturize natural hair. You can use it to improve shine and add softness to your hair, as well as protect it from external damage and reduce pesky frizz.

This moisturizer comes with shea butter to lock in moisture and vitamin e to stimulate hair growth. With she abutter you’ll know you’ll be getting maximum hydration, whether you chooser to apply this cream wet or dry.

But that’s not all.

The best part about tgin is that the vitamin e prevents hair loss and stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helping you to get longer, healthier hair. is that it repairs and restores damaged hair and overprocessed hair to promote new hair growth.

Whether you want to use this as a setting cream to define your curls or as a deep conditioning treatment cream, the tgin is full of good ingredients such as vitamin e for natural moisture that nourishes your hair, without parabens, sulfates and other nasties.

See for yourself!

  • Shea butter and vitamin e
  • Reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Free from parabens and nasties
  • Nice smell
  • Can have some shrinkage

Latest deal: tgin Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer

The Best Moisturizer for Type 4c Hair – A Buyer’s Guide

What is 4c hair? On the curly girl chart, 4c hair is defined as tightly coiled with greater density and shrinkage. They need a lot of moisture and if they have high porosity, they are prone to losing moisture and breakage.

With the right treatment, however, you can get manageable curls that look are the envy of everyone.

What is the best moisturizer for type 4c hair? If you’ve scrolled through this list you’ll know that the best products have a few things in common. Loads of these hair moisturizers contain shea butter or cocoa butter, and no wonder, because this ingredient is magical to lock in moisture and prevent water loss.

Most of these products are free from irritating ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, sulfates and silicones. If you have 4 c hair, whether that’s low porosity hair or high porosity hair, the best thing for brittle hair is avoiding harmful ingredients like these.

Whether you want a hair milk or curl cream, your hair will be soft and luxurious after trying one of these out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my 4c hair moisturized?

You need to hydrate yourself first by drinking lots of water. Then have a good, natural haircare routine that includes a conditioner and a leave-in. You can also deep condition. For more intense moisture use the LOC method- leave in, oil and cream. Using thicker creams or butters are a better option.

How often should you moisturize 4c hair?

No matter how often you wash your hair, you should be moisturizing your 4c hair every two days. This can vary depending on your own specific hair, but I would say find products that work for you and moisturize as often as you can. Go for products with castor oil, aloe vera or coconut oil in a hair milk.

How do I know if I have 4b or 4c hair?

4b hair can be fluffy and be soft or course, depending on your hair texture. 4c is already much more course and rather than curls it has a zigzag shape. It gets tangled more easily and is more prone to breakage.


Final Thoughts- Best Moisturizers for 4c Hair.

If your hair feels dry and brittle, it’s time for a change.

These are some of the best moisturizers to condition your hair, with cocoa butter, fatty acids, aloe vera, wheat protein, butter shea, coconut or almond seed oil, and others to combat dry hair and bring back to life your hair.

Dont forget that scalp health is important too. These moisturizers will contribute towards scalp health as well as keep your hair soft even with low porosity hair. Hair care is crucial to treat split ends, look after treated hair, get you a healthy scalp and overall soft hair.

Low porosity hair needs will differ from high porosity hair. So learn about your hair, so you can get moisturizing hair products for you. Low porosity can be less prone to split ends as high, but the right hair care will treat all of that.

What is your favorite moisturizer for 4c hair?

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