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Whether you have curly or straight hair, having a microfiber hair towel wrap for your hair is something every girl should have. Who knew that their regular terry cloth towel could be so bad for your hair?

I know I definitely didn’t. 

Until the past year or so, I had no clue how to care for my hair; I used to rub my hair in my regular towel and wonder why my hair was always so frizzy. I also found that my hair was very damaged and had many breakages and splits, and I never realized this was because of the towel I was using. 

Your hair is most fragile while wet; the worst thing you can do is rub and wring out all the water with a terry cloth towel. This material not only causes friction and frizz but also absorbs the natural oils and soaks up the moisture from the ends of your hair. 

That’s the last thing we want!

But it’s not all doom and gloom; let me introduce you to the wonders of the microfiber towel. It is brilliant for gently absorbing the water without soaking up the natural oils; it doesn’t cause friction, frizz, or breakage either! 

You don’t need to have curly hair to use a microfiber hair towel, which makes it so great. We all deserve hair-friendly towels; after all, it’s definitely worth investing in a microfiber hair towel. 

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Top Picks of the Best Microfiber Towels For Hair


Coco & Eve Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Looking for a towel that tames frizz and gives you smooth hair goals. Well, this super hot product by Coco & Eve is smashing it into the number one spot for their excellent microfiber hair towel wrap.

The Coco & Eve hair wrap helps combat frizz, flyaways and dries your hair quickly and gently without causing breakage or damage to your pretty ends. It is super lightweight and can be used on all hair types, so it is universal for everyone.

But wait, get this.

It will cut your drying time in half; this microfiber towel wraps around hair nicely and quickly and easily will dry your hair, massively reducing your blow-dry time. The soft water-absorbent microfiber absorbs excess water without absorbing moisture.

No more rubbing your hair dry!

One thing I love about microfiber hair towels is that you can apply a treatment or leave-in conditioner, wrap your head up in this towel, and the moisture from the product you’re using will penetrate more deeply into the hair, leaving the ends hydrated.

You can even maximize the use of this hair wrap and apply a Coco & Eve hair mask for several hours for an intense boost of hydration. Plus, the super cute signature pink design with palm leaves will make you look as good as you feel.

All you need to do is flip your head forward, place the hair wrap with the fastening button at the name of your neck, tuck away any stray hairs, and twist until it forms a loop. Fasten the button, and you’re good to go!

This is the one for my lazy washers.

  • Cuts drying time in half
  • Can be used for deep conditioning
  • Helps tame frizz and prevents breakage
  • Can be used on any hair type
  • The loop button could be a little longer

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Curly Girl Large Microfiber Hair Towel

Any girl with curly hair will tell you the struggle of drying thick, corkscrew locks. The last thing we curly girls want is a whirl of frizz, dry ends of breakage. Curly hair is the most fragile hair type; it deserves the right love and care. 

This super-absorbent curly hair towel will cut down drying time and relieve hair stress, one follicle at a time. 

Plus, it gets bonus points for being hypoallergenic; any curly girl can reap the benefits of this curly hair towel. It is brilliant for those doing the Curly Girl Method, and it is super affordable for anyone– worth the investment.

But that’s not even the best bit.

This large microfiber hair towel wrap is ideal for girls with long, short, thick, thin curly hair. It encourages curl definition, and it is a brilliant towel to use for plopping your hair.

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to defined curls! This towel by Curly Girl even has a handy loop on the bottom to keep the towel in place and make for easy storage. 

Us curly girls crave convenience, and this towel is exactly that; you can even pop it in the wash when the towel needs a little refreshing. Curly girls, this is the one for you!

  • Relieves stress from each hair follicle
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Defines curls
  • Ideal for hair plopping
  • Tames frizz
  • Issue with the loop at the back

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Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel

How you dry your hair matters, and using the right hair towel will transform your hair, curly or straight. Wet hair is most fragile while wet and most vulnerable to damage; the friction caused by cotton towels can cause breakage and frizz. 

Instead, you should use this towel by Luxe Beauty Essentials for strong and beautiful hair. 

This plush, microfiber hair towel is even more gentle on delicate wet hair, but Luxe Beauty Essentials also use the heaviest microfiber weight on the market, making their towles super absorbent. 

Using a microfiber hair towel can cut your drying time in half! 

Regular cotton towels cause friction when drying, which leads to damage, breakage, and frizz. Using this high-quality microfiber hair towel will leave your hair shinier, stronger, and more beautiful. 

Our hair takes a fair amount of abuse between heat styling and the rough friction of using a regular cotton towel. Instead, this microfiber hair towel pampers delicate follicles, and the plus microfiber material is also extremely absorbent. 

Say goodbye to child-sized hair wrap– I’ve used a fair few hair wraps over the years that struggle to stay on my head for longer than 10 minutes because it’s too small! Instead, with Luxe Beauty, you can choose between 2 large sizes ideal for long/thick hair. 

No more frizzy, static, and damaged hair– this is a must-have for all hair types!

  • Extra-heavy microfiber which is super absorbent
  • Cuts drying time in half
  • Promotes shine
  • Suitable sizes for long thick hair
  • Issues through Amazon

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DuraComfort Essentials Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

If you’re sick of constantly having to carefully plan when exactly you should wash your hair because of the drying process afterward, like me, then this is every reason to throw away your cotton towel and switch to microfiber hair towels.

DuraComfort Essentials is here to save the day!

This high-quality lisse crepe microfiber hair towel fabric is gentle on your hair in the skin; it absorbs insane amounts of excess moisture in a short space of time, along with having anti-frizz properties. Your hair will thank you for this one.

Thanks to InstaDry Technology, this microfiber hair towel absorbs all the excess moisture in half the time of your regular bath towel would. Plus, no more headaches after carrying around a heavy cotton towel on your head.

It has 41 x 19 dimensions making it ideal for all head sizes; no more scrambling to tie it around your head.

But let’s talk travel, we all know the hotel towels provided will be cotton, but DuraComfort has thought of this issue, so their towel is super compact when folded so you can take it wherever you go. It even comes with a bag to store it!

To top it all off, this towel is made from premium quality durable materials; it can take the abuse and wear and tear of everyday use, regardless of how often you wash your hair. 

It soaks up water without leaving the towel feeling wet. It is perfect for those with curls; thanks to it, reducing frizz works wonders for defining curls through plopping

All this and at an affordable price, get in my basket!

  • Absorbs excess moisture in a short space of time
  • No more post-shower headaches
  • Compact design that comes with a travel bag
  • High quality, durable materials
  • None

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AQUIS Original Microfiber Hair Turban

Coming in last but certainly, not least is this brilliant hidden gem by AQUIS. This lightweight microfiber hair towel wrap is known to cut drying time down by 50%! It also gently dry hair without causing damage.

When your is wet, the cuticle swells, causing the strands to become weak and result in breakage. Curly hair is the most brittle, especially if it is dry, and since you have to wash your hair while wet, you’ll need to prevent as much breakage as possible.

This microfiber hair towel by AQUIS wicks away water faster than a regular cotton towel, bringing your hair to a damp state without damaging your hair. It also minimizes damage caused by friction of bath towels and substantial heat damage from blow dryers.

Whether you’re scrunching the excess water out of your hair before using a gel or cream or looking to plop your hair, AQUIS is ready to do it all. It keeps water out and moisture in.

But here’s the kicker:

The technology used to create this turban has been proven to help hair become more resilient over time, making it look softer and shinier. Plus, thanks to the no friction, it helps keep hair looking smooth and frizz-free.

All you need to do is scrunch the ends of your hair, flip your hair over your head, place the button on the tape of your neck, wrap all the hair in the turban and secure with the button and leave until dry.

Say hello to frizz-free hair ladies!

  • Prevents frizz, softly define curls, and hydrate
  • Helps tackle environmental conditions like humidity 
  • Boosts and redefines curls
  • Lightweight and grease-free
  • None

Latest deal: AQUIS Microfiber Original Hair Turban

Best Microfiber Hair Towels-- A Buyer’s Guide:

Many people often don’t realize the way your dry your hair may be the reason for hair damage and frizz, and the top culprit is actually your bath towel. Regular bath towels can actually be very damaging for your hair as they can cause friction, leading to damage. 

Your regular hair towel also strips the natural oils from your hair as it absorbs all moisture, not just excess moisture, leaving your hair looking dry and brittle as a result, and if you have curly hair, that is the last thing you want. 

Our hair is most fragile while wet and hence most prone to damage; brushing, rubbing, tugging, or pulling your wet strands can cause unnecessary breakage, frizz and even cause dullness in the hair. 

Unlucky for curly girls, they cannot brush their hair while dry, but they can gently brush their hair in the shower when their hair is coated with leave-in conditioner and styling products. 

You may also find that curly girls plop their hair with a microfiber hair towel; this gently dry hair without causing breakage, frizz, or disrupting the curls. That being said, anyone can benefit from switching to a microfiber hair towel.

Let’s talk about all the benefits and everything you need to know about using a microfiber towel in your routine! 

What Is A Microfiber Towel?

So let’s get down to the basics, what exactly is a microfiber hair towel and why use it on your hair? You may have already heard of the microfiber hair towel being used for cleaning windows or buffing the wax into cars, but what is a microfiber towel for hair?

A microfiber hair towel is a synthetic fiber that uses strands of silk that is a fifth of the diameter of human hair. In layman’s terms, they have ultra-fine fibers that are much more absorbent than standard bath towels. 

Their denser fabric and the large surface area offer extra absorbency; microfiber hair towels absorb water easily and don’t create friction on your hair. They also prevent tugging and pulling on your strands. 

Microfiber hair towels have taken the curly girl community by storm for gently drying hair without causing breakage. Unlike cotton towels, microfiber hair towels absorb excess water but don’t suck up the moisture from the strands in your hair, so your hair will feel more hydrated. 

Plus, hair drying time is half in comparison to using a regular cotton bath towel. 

Why Is A Cotton Towel Bad For Your Hair?

So you’ve probably been using cotton or terry cloth towels for more years than you can count, and suddenly you’ve found that this material is supposedly bad for your hair, but why?

Well, because of the coarse texture and dryness of the cotton, this can cause extreme damage to the hair; it can worsen split ends and cause small caters in the hair shaft, which weakens the hair.

Cotton towels can also soak up all the moisture, including natural moisture on the ends of your hair, leaving your hair looking dry and frizzy. But frizz isn’t just caused by moisture absorption (despite this being a massive contributing factor).

Rubbing a cotton towel against your head can cause friction along your hair shaft, and since wet hair is most fragile while wet, this can cause breakage and split ends as well as causing a whirl of frizz.

But what about cotton t-shirts? 

You may have heard or seen many curly girls using cotton t-shirts to plop their curls; surely, this is the same concept of using a cotton towel on your head? It’s the same material after all, right? 

Well, actually, no… Because t-shirts don’t have rough grooves like a standard towel would, the flat surface allows water to sink in and slides over the hair instead of roughing it up, making it ideal for hair plopping and gently drying hair. 

Many curly girls use either a cotton t-shirt or microfiber hair towel to dry their hair, but anyone can make the switch; it will leave hair looking shiny and frizz-free. 

So stick to using a cotton towel on your skin but switch to a microfiber towel for your hair!

Benefits Of Using A Microfiber Towel On Your Hair:

There are some serious benefits of using a microfiber towel on your hair, not only for the health of your hair, but it has major benefits on how your hair looks and how it holds a style. Here are the top benefits:

Less friction:

This is one of the major benefits of using a microfiber hair towel over a cotton one. The fabrics and texture of a cotton towel rubbing on your hair cause friction which is the top cause of breakage.

Our hair is most fragile when wet, so rubbing, tugging, and pulling on strands when drying with a cotton or terry cloth towel can cause the hair strands to break; it also causes small cater up the hair shaft, making hair weak. 

This friction can also cause a whirl of frizz, as it aggravates the natural hair strand. Microfiber towels use a soft synthetic fiber that doesn’t disrupt hair nor cause friction, meaning hair is less prone to breakage. 

Retains moisture:

Microfiber hair towels are best known for maintaining moisture retention. Unlike regular cotton or terry cloth towels, they do not soak up the natural oils or moisture from your hair shaft. 

There is no friction, so no moisture is sucked up from the hair; the material is brilliant for absorbing water without disrupting your hair’s natural oils. This will leave your hair looking shinier and more hydrated after use. 

You can also use a microfiber hair towel in your treatment routine; after applying your deep conditioning treatment, you can wrap your hair in a microfiber hair towel, and this will allow the treatment to penetrate more deeply into the hair strand. 

Cuts drying time in half:

The major benefit of using a microfiber hair towel over a regular cotton towel is that it will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your hair; many microfiber hair towels cut drying time in half. 

This is because they offer a great amount of surface area per square inch to absorb water; your hair can be completely dry within 30 minutes to an hour after using a microfiber hair towel. 

This also prevents you from using excess heat damage on your hair; you can apply your heat protectant straight out the shower, tie your hair up in a microfiber hair towel, and the heat protectant will penetrate more deeply so when it’s time to style, it’ll cause less damage.

Lightweight and comfortable:

No more post-shower headache after wrapping your hair up in a heavy bath towel. The major benefit of using a microfiber hair towel is that the material is super lightweight, soft, and comfortable.

Most microfiber hair towel wraps also have a button to secure them in place, so they don’t fall off your head. Cotton towels can be quite rough on your hair, whereas microfiber hair towels are nice and soft on your head. 

Tames frizz:

Cotton towels tend to be much coarser in material than microfiber; the friction can cause frizz in hair. Microfiber has a much smoother texture and is much more gentle on hair. 

It keeps the hair cuticles flattened and smooth, no more having to put in a bucket load of products to help tame your frizz. Microfiber towels are much more gentle on the cuticle and don’t cause friction when drying. 

Ideal for curly hair:

Caring for curly hair can be a challenge in itself, and microfiber hair towels are up for the job; you won’t need to rub your hair to get all the moisture out. Instead, the microfiber hair towel gently soaks moisture while retaining the curl. 

Rubbing your hair can really disrupt curls, and the friction can cause a world of frizz, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a curl when your hair is frizzy, so by taking the frizz out of thee situation, curls look more defined and hydrated.

Since curly hair is the driest and most fragile hair type, retaining moisture is crucial, and the brilliant thing about microfiber hair towels is that it doesn’t suck up all the moisture from your hair shaft. 

Many curly girls love plopping their hair with a microfiber hair towel or cotton t-shirt; I’ll go into how shortly.  Check out the full rundown of all the benefits of using a microfiber towel in my full guide here

How To Plop Curly Hair:

If the sole purpose of getting a microfiber towel is because of the Curly Girl Method, or if you’re looking to care for your curls, then you’ll need to know how to plop your hair.

Plopping your hair is a brilliant way to dry your curls and define them; it prevents the weight of your products from weighing down your curls while your hair is drying and promotes the curl’s natural shape. 

It may take some time to work out what works for you and your curls, but you will discover what works best for the curl type with a couple of adjustments and patience.

What you’ll need:

  • – Either a microfiber hair towel or cotton t-shirt (preferably with long sleeves) or even a t-shirt towel.
  • – Your chosen styling products: styling cream, gel, and/or leave-in conditioner.

Step 1: Wash your hair like usual

Before you plop your curls, you’ll need to wash your hair like usual. Whether this is as your weekly sulfate-free shampoo wash or a co-wash in between washes.

You’ll want your curls to be refreshed and sopping wet before you begin.

Step 2: Grab a big T-shirt: 

I would recommend grabbing yourself a men’s long-sleeved XXL tee; it was the easiest to use, especially if you have long, thick curls.

Lay your t-shirt upside down with the sleeves and the neck hole closest to you on a chair or bathroom counter, ideally a flat surface.

Step 3: Wrap the hair: 

Once you’ve applied your stylers, such as a lead-in conditioner or gel, to your sopping wet hair, flip your head over the center of the t-shirt pressing your head down on the curls.

Reach up and grab the bottom of your shirt (with your head still upside down) and lay it over your head so it is touching the nape of your neck and completely covering your hair.

Think of it as creating a protective bag over your curls– turn your head and flip it upside down and wrap the t-shirt, microfiber hair towel over your head.

Step 4: Grab the sleeves and tighten: 

While still holding the edges of the shirt, grab the sleeves and twist them to tighten the t-shirt around your head. (See why I recommended using a long-sleeved tee?)

Then wrap the twisted sleeves around your head and tie them in place to keep the shirt from sliding or falling off; if it looks like a wet helmet, then you’ve done it right.

I would recommend wearing this for like 10-20 minutes, and then you’ll open the shirt to voluminous, frizz-free curls as the hair begins to dry– it’s pretty cool! 

You can even plop your hair overnight if you feel comfortable sleeping with your hair tied up in a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt or microfiber hair towel.

It all depends on what works for you and your hair type. Check out my full guide on the best ways to plop your hair using a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does plopping work on straight hair?

Don’t worry, my straight-haired girls, you can still plop your hair, and there are still some major benefits of plopping straight hair, including leaving your hair frizz-free.

Plopping can give straight strands of hair a natural bend without using a curling iron or rollers. This is brilliant for those that have caused excessive heat damage over the years.

It can also promote shine and leave the hair looking hydrated and nourished. When applying a mask, you can even use it in your hair care routine, allowing the mask to penetrate more deeply into the hair strand.

Can you use a microfiber towel on straight hair?

Absolutely! Anyone can benefit from using a microfiber hair towel, especially if your hair is particularly dry or frizzy. Microfiber hair towels are brilliant for retaining moisture and adding shine to any hair type.

You don’t need to have curly hair to use a microfiber towel; your hair will than you for doing the switch, your hair will look and feel stronger, and you will be less prone to breakage over using a regular cotton towel.


So there you have it, there are some serious benefits of using a microfiber towel for your hair. So throw out your cotton towel– or use it for your body and switch to a microfiber hair towel instead. 

You will notice your hair will look a lot shinier, stronger, healthier, and if you have curly hair, your curls will look extremely defined and luscious. Cut your drying time in half with the right microfiber hair towel!

I also love using mine when using a treatment on my hair; it allows the products to penetrate more deeply and work more effectively. I find it leaves my hair more nourished and hydrated.

Give one a go today!

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