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Looking for a place to store all your essential makeup bits and bobs for on the go? 

Well, you’re at the right place, my friend. 

There’s nothing worse than searching through what feels like a bottomless pit for that one makeup brush that has made its way to the bottom, and an organized makeup bag is what we all deserve than keep having to tip out the whole bag every time. 

But keeping your cosmetics organized can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t have pockets or organizers to keep everything neat. So investing in a high-quality cosmetic case is important for organization and protects your favorite products. 

The last thing we want is your favorite eyeshadow pallet shattered because it was stored in a cheap makeup case. 

But no need to worry; to make things easier for you, I have spent hours trying, testing, and hunting for the very best makeup and cosmetic bags to keep everything organized and protected so you can travel with complete confidence.

Let’s jump in, shall we? 

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best makeup bags and cosmetic cases


Relavel Travel Cosmetics Case Organizer

best makeup bag with compartments

Number one spot goes to this super organized makeup case, one of the best sellers on Amazon. It can not only store your favorite cosmetics but also jewelry, electric accessories, a camera, you name it.

With several compartments and makeup brush slots, you can keep your makeup and brushes neat and tidy and easy to access when you need them. It comes with a cover for your brushes, a two-way zipper, an adjustable compartment, and a durable handle.

I love its cosmetic case’s adjustability; you can pull out the clapboard gently along the card slot and insert the clapboard along the card slot to make compartments smaller, bigger, whatever you need.

But that’s not the only thing cool about this cosmetic case?

This professional makeup case is perfect for all kinds of users, from makeup artists to beginners. It is made from high-quality, durable Oxford Fabric and Lining Nylon which is both waterproof and shockproof. 

Plus, the two-way zipper and wide handle make it more convenient and safe to take on the go. You can store brushes, eyeshadow palettes, even hairbrushes, and skincare products. 

It’s affordable, functional, and practical for home or travel; you can store all your essentials and more!

  • Adjustable compartments
  • Brush slots with a cover
  • Durable design that is waterproof and shockproof
  • Affordable, functional and practical
  • May not be big enough for everyone

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Narwey Hanging Travel Makeup Toiletry Bag

best travel makeup bag

Coming in at number two is another multiple compartment cosmetic bag that can fit everything you need and can think of; plus, with easy-to-grab compartments, you can find everything you need when you need it.

This bag is brilliant for on the go and when you’re at home with the built-in metal hook, allowing hanging this case a complete breeze. Whether it’s from a towel rack or coat hook, everything is easy to reach, plus no more struggling for space.

This cosmetic bag is perfect and will store all your needs for your weekend away, business trip, holiday, camping, keeping in your dorm room, gym, or even for just at-home use to keep everything organized.

So let’s talk about the storage compartments. Well, for starters, it has one large main compartment with 8 mesh pockets, 4 zipper pockets to keep all your items organized. It also has 11 open sides with several organization pockets for easy grab. 

But that’s not all. 

It doesn’t have a bulky design like other cosmetic bags; it is medium in size but has a large capacity; it has a compact design meaning it will fit nicely in your suitcase without taking up too much room. 

In terms of durability, the Narwey is top-notch; they have a practical and sturdy design, plus a small PVC pocket to protect liquid products from spillage. It even comes with two zippers in the case of one breaking (unlikely, but it happens). 

If you frequently travel or have little space in your college dorm room, this product is brilliant; the separate compartments keep everything organized while offering plenty of space for all your essentials and keeping them protected for travel. 

You’re really getting a top-quality product for the price. 

  • Lots of organization pockets
  • Durable design with small PVC pocket to prevent spillages
  • Comes with a built-in hook
  • Great quality for the price
  • Still quite small 

Latest deal: Narwey Hanging Travel Cosmetic Bag


NISHEL Hanging Travel Cosmetic Bag

best hanging makeup bag

Are you looking for a toiletry bag to save your dressing table, organize all your toiletries, or save yourself from searching through the abyss you call your makeup bag looking for that one lipstick to match your outfit? Well, let me introduce you to Nishel.

Nishel is a large travel toiletry bag with a massive capacity with internal pouches, a hanging hook, a zipped pocket inside and out, with a detachable makeup pouch for complete flexibility.

This bag holds more than you can ever dream of.

It keeps things organized and avoids the embarrassment of having nowhere to put your cosmetics in your hotel or when you’re away from home. Even if you’re at college and you and your roomie need to share the crevice they call a bathroom.

The built-in hook frees up your dresser, helps you organize your makeup, and search quickly and easily. We’ve all been there when the makeup is taking up the whole sink as you search for your next product, well, not anymore!

Nishel’s toiletry bag is good quality and spacious; it is also super lightweight, so it won’t hold down too much weight in your luggage if you’re traveling by plane and the compact design folds down to fit in your bag or suitcase.

It will be your new travel buddy!

  • Built-in hook 
  • Saves counter space
  •  Lightweight design 
  • Lots of internal pockets 
  • None so far

Latest deal: NISHEL Hanging Travel Cosmetic Bag


Pocmimut Makeup Bag

best makeup organizer bag

Next up is yet another perfect carry-on companion; Pocmimut is brilliant for home and travel use with organization pockets and durable design. You can access your makeup easily and without scrambling to find what you’re looking for.

After traveling for 2 years, I found that my makeup brushes were getting wrecked from just shoving them in a makeup bag; this is why makeup brush holders with a cover are so handy; it also prolongs your life brushes.  

Luckily Pocmimut comes with a separate compartment to hold all your brushes and protect them from dust; it also adds extra room in your cosmetic bag. With 2 big sections, one holds your brushes and the other for the rest of your cosmetics. 

But wait, let me tell you something. 

This bag is made of premium quality with soft and padded reliable zippers, a durable lining, and high-quality compartments. It is also a super practical yet compact design weighing lighter than any bulky makeup bag. 

This bag is even water-resistant inside and out thanks to the durable fabric, protecting all your cosmetic kits from spills, and makes cleaning a breeze. It comes in beautiful color designs too to express your personality. 

There’s so much room in this one little bag; you can store full-size foundation bottles, an entire brush set, and even a few eyeshadow palettes with room to spare; it’s brilliant! 

 I have full-size foundation bottles, an entire brush set, 4 eyeshadow palettes among copious other items with room to spare.

  • Soft padded zippers, durable lining, and high-quality compartments
  • Water-resistant design
  • Very roomy but compact design
  • Separate section for brushes
  • Could be sturdier

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Narwey Large Makeup Bag

You may be looking for a more basic option for stashing your essential makeup on the go, and that’s fine. Not everyone needs a fancy cosmetic bag with hundreds of pockets; just a simple design will do the trick for everyday access to makeup on the go. 

We’ve already spoken about the hanging cosmetic bag by Narwey, but what about their large makeup bag? 

Well, for starters, there are two versions of the same bag; the smaller version is ideal for daily touch-ups of concealer, blush, blush, mascara, etc., and keeping in your for on the go while the large is big enough to store travel size cosmetics. 

But just because it’s regular makeup doesn’t mean there’s no organization…

Narwey is known for its organization, and this makeup bag is no exception, with 1 main compartment and 5 little compartments to keep things even just a little bit organized and to hold small items like concealer or lipstick. 

The fabric used for this makeup bag is a water-resistant and durable fabric that protects your gear from spills and is easy to wipe down in the case of a spill. Plus, the thick fabric, high quality, and double zippers add quality to the product. 

Treat yourself or a friend with this super handy makeup bag; it’s brilliant for on the go! 

  • One main compartment and five little compartments
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Durable and water resistant material
  • High quality fabric
  • May damage brushes if used consistently 

Latest deal: Narwey Large Makeup Bag


Joligrace Travel Makeup Train Case

best travel cosmetic case

Are you a professional makeup artist or just looking for enough space to store all your beauty essentials while on the go? Well, this train case is the best makeup organizer for all your kit. It will help keep all your products organized for ease of use.

This extra-large box has all the compartments for all kinds of makeup storage; you can organize all your lipsticks, foundations, and palettes, keeping everything neat and tidy. The tray is also super adjustable with dividers; all 6 trays can be customized.

This is such a cool feature about this case as you can adjust each length of the tray for various size makeup; this keeps everything looking sleek and prevents the chance of spillages. It is the best cosmetic train case on the market.

Looking for an easy clean? No worries with Joligrace Travel Makeup Train Case. The outside is made from a strong and durable aluminum frame. The inside is made from plastic, meaning it’s wear-resistant and easy to clean with the diamond finish.

But wait, get this:

This train case is super heavy-duty; you can buckle in and be ready to move, even when it is fully loaded with makeup. Plus, it comes with a safety lock and key for that little extra confidence, making it perfect for traveling.

This travel case is high quality, spacious, and will allow you to reach anything with ease. It is also super versatile; you don’t just need to use it for makeup. You can use it for all kinds of things like art too!

This travel case will be sure to up your makeup game.

  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lots of space to store all your essentials
  • Adjustable compartments
  • None

Latest deal: Joligrace Travel Makeup Train Case

Best Makeup Bags And Cosmetic Cases-- A Buyer's Guide

When it comes to storing our makeup and cosmetics, we want something convenient, organized, and high quality. We’ve all shoved our makeup in a cheap makeup bag we found at Walmart, and then our eyeshadow shatters, and we regret it.

Keeping your makeup organized in pouches and divided sections will help protect your precious kits when traveling on the go; padding is also key as otherwise, your makeup will be jumping all over the place, and that never ends well. 

But choosing what makeup bag is best is quite a tricky question as it’s down to the individual and how much stuff they need to carry. If you have a full kit and a selection of 10 different palettes that you need to take, you’ll need a different bag from someone that has one. 

But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through everything you should be looking for to ensure you have the very best cosmetic bag to store all your kit like a breeze. 

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Cosmetic Case

Here are the top things to consider when buying yourself a cosmetic case to ensure you’re getting the right one for you.


The size is a super important factor to consider as the last thing you want is buying a cosmetic makeup bag, and it is not big enough to fit all your kit or vice versa; it’s just a pain in the ass having to return and buy a new one. 

You need to think about the purpose of this makeup bag. Will it need to fit your entire makeup routine and potentially your skincare too? Or will you just be packing a few essentials for touch-ups in the day or taking them away on the weekend. 

Are you planning a getaway and need four different lipsticks, two different foundations, a whole contour kit, and concealer? Or are you more of a natural makeup kind of person, then a smaller bag may suffice? 

Sadly I cannot put on a plate that is the best size for your makeup as it is different for every person; you need to factor in everything you’re planning on fitting in this cosmetic bag before buying. 


Going for a waterproof and durable material is super important for your cosmetic bag; it protects your bag from spills and accidental leaks from your cosmetics. Durable materials also tend to have padding to protect your cosmsrtics too. 

The best materials you should go for are nylon, PVC, thick canvas materials, and even leather. All of the makeup bags I have found for you today are extremely durable and water-resistant so that you can buy them with confidence. 


Compartments are also super important as they not only help keep things organized but also protect the products you are using. I would especially recommend going for a makeup bag with a separate brush holder to protect your brushes from dust and spills. 

Compartments are also brilliant for ensuring little things don’t get lost, such as lipsticks or even something as little as bobby pins, little compartments help keep things organized, so you’re not scrambling through your bits looking for that one lipstick. 

Added features: 

Some cosmetic cases come with other added features like a hook that can hold up the whole makeup bag on the wall; this is super convenient as it saves counter space and allows easy access when space is little. 

Some cosmetic cases also come with adjustable compartments to adjust the size; this is super convenient as not all makeup bits are the same size. It allows you to adjust the compartment to fit each piece of kit perfectly. 

Frequently asked Questions

How do you clean a makeup bag?

For most makeup bags, it’s best to hand wash the bag with gentle dish soap. However, if you have a fairly durable bag, you can toss it into a mesh bag (to protect the zippers or velcro) and put it in the wash on a gentle cycle.

Some bags can also be easily wiped down with a paper towel or a wipe for general maintenance and quick clean on the go.

Check out my full guide as to how to clean your makeup bag here

What should you store in your makeup bag? 

Well, this depends from person to person, but if you’re looking to pack all the essentials, then you should pack your makeup base, such as your concealer, foundation, contour, etc. You should also pack your mascara and eye makeup, such as an eyeshadow palette. 

Brows are also key, too, if you’re not blessed with naturally beautiful eyebrows or just plucked them to oblivion in the 2000s. After that, you should remember your lip products (if you want to do your lips). 

If you need something bigger, then maybe you could pack your hair products and skincare products too, so everything is in one place.

Here’s all the essentials I keep in my makeup bag here.  


So there you have it, everything you should consider when buying yourself a makeup bag or cosmetic case. Being organized is key when traveling, and having that confidence that everything is in the compartment, should ensure you don’t forget anything.

Whether you’re looking for a makeup bag for the daily or a cosmetic case to store all your essentials while you’re traveling, then I’ve got you covered. It will be so organized that your makeup will look satisfying rather than an unorganized mess.

Choose any of the products I have selected for you today; I have made sure that they are made from high-quality materials that offer insane levels of durability and have many compartments for everything you need.

These cases will transform your organization game on the go and make life a hell of a lot easier, trust me!

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