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Are you looking for the best hair products for men?

It’s no secret that taming our unruly hair is becoming more of a priority in today’s age and managing things like curly hair or thinning hair can prove a challenge for even the most seasoned stylists.

This is why we need hair products to help us such as hair wax to keep a light hold on our mop. however, with the market oversaturated with cheap wannabes and downright terrible attempts at replicating a higher quality, well-known hairstyling brand it’s near impossible to find decent hair styling products that deliver.

But don’t dismay.

We’ve compiled a list of the best men’s hair products for you so you can find the right styling cream, clay, or wax for you.

After researching for hours and comparing each hair product based on how well they can strengthen hair, keep a firm hold, as well as whether they work on wet or dry hair, frizzy hair, etc. we’ve finally found the absolute best hair products for men.

So, read on and you’ll soon find the best men’s hair product for you. oh, and definitely check out our number 2 pick, it has everything you’ll ever need.

Now, let’s get started.

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The Best Hair Products For Men


Brickell Men’s Styling Clay Pomade

In our top spot is the best hair styling product we could find and at $23 it’s an absolute steal.

This clay pomade for men provides a high hold with a matte finish and the benefits can be gained for men of any age and with any hair type, from curly hair to thick hair, who want a strong, yet pliable all-day hold.

Bentonite clay gives this men’s pomade a firm hold, while argan oil and hydrolyzed quinoa provide hair nourishing nutrients down to your hair strand’s roots.

But best of all?

It’s made with natural & certified organic ingredients, including hydrolyzed quinoa, argan oil, and green tea extract so your hair can feel fresh and healthy.

But what’s the customer feedback like? Well, currently this hair gel has over 700 reviews and a 4.5-star rating so you can rest assured this is a popular product that maintains the high level of quality required to make our list.

Check out with confidence when you buy this one. You’ll have the best hair going when you leave the house after applying this.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Great for all hair textures
  • Ideal for short to medium styles
  • Doesn’t last as long for longer hair

Latest deal: Brickell Men’s Styling Clay Pomade


Hanz de Fuko Quicksand: Premium Men’s Hair Styling Wax

Next up is a hair wax that also doubles as a dry shampoo

This groundbreaking formulation, one part styling wax, one part dry shampoo adds volume, absorbs excess oil, and adds texture to towel-dried hair.

Hanz De Fuko’s wax is made with all-natural ingredients too as well as certified organic extracts, meaning it’s good for the hair follicles and doesn’t cause any damage to the hair strands.

Here’s the real draw though.

It works great on thin and thick hair types. Get a small pinch between your fingertips and apply to damp or dry hair beginning at the roots and working your way up for added lift and texture. You should also blow-dry too for added volume.

The jojoba seed oil included within will open your clogged pores, while the castor seed oil helps nourish the scalp. In addition to this the mallow flower, lemon peel, and other organic extracts condition the hair.

And as for the reviews, they’re even more convincing. One customer gave the lowdown on why this is one of the best men’s hair products: “Works perfectly for a matte, messy look, has a soft, moldable finish and texture. It also works as a dry shampoo/texture/sculpting paste. I use this every day! Worth the money 100%. If you haven’t tried it, TRY IT!”

  • Works effectively on all hair types
  • Gives a brilliant matte finish
  • Doubles as dry shampoo and scalp conditioner
  • Not the best smell

Latest deal: Hanz de Fuko Quicksand: Premium Men’s Hair Styling Wax 


L'Oreal Paris Lock It Bold Control Hair Spray

Next up is a hairspray that’s going to keep your hairstyle rock solid all day.

The Lock-It Bold Control anti-humidity hairspray goes on evenly and dries quickly to lock in your hairstyle and lockout frizziness all day long; Simply spray to set and go, or layer for a stronger hold

Bold Control hair spray goes on in a light fine mist for even coverage and holds your hairstyle in place for up to 48 hours. just spray at the root to add volumizing, or all over to control frizz.

And that’s not all.

Whether your style is curly, wavy, or straight, this stronghold hairspray holds your look in place for hours, whether you have fine hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair.

And as for customer feedback? It’s glowing! This is easily one of the best hair styling products on Amazon with its 10,000+ reviews, 4.5-star rating, and criminally cheap price of only $3.

What are you waiting for? pick it up now!

  • Dries quickly
  • Lasts up to 48 hours
  • Works on a variety of hair types
  • The smell can be quite strong

Latest deal: L’Oreal Paris Lock It Bold Control Hair Spray


Smooth Viking Men's Hair Gel

Want something that really keeps your hair in a medium to high hold?

With this men’s hair gel, you can keep your hair tamed all day long, thanks to its long-lasting control effect. Smooth Viking’s hair styling cream will provide you with a matte finish, helping you keep your hair well-shaped but maintain a natural look.

This is a brilliant men’s hair cream with flexible control that lets you restyle your hair throughout the day. It also creates separation and texture with a lasting memory and no crunch. Smooth Viking’s men styling cream gives you a nice natural shine and just the right hold for the day.

Better yet.

It’s made with a naturally-based blend that gives a great hold with low shine. Just evenly distribute the molding cream for men through slightly dry or damp hair then shape them as you like. And in case you make a mistake, it’s super easy to rinse out with water.

Onto the reviews, there’s been a lot of praise for this one. This customer said “I have very fine hair and it’s so hard to do anything with it. This stuff is great! After I blow-dry my hair, I add a small amount into my hand and then begin to apply it. It gives my hair a nice shine but more importantly, it gives my hair the fullness and hold that I need.”

And then there’s this happy customer who loved how “This product gives me volume, lift, makes my hair thicker & holds my style. I have wasted $$$ trying several hair products but no more. A little goes a long way.”

But if you’re still having doubts then check it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

  • Works well with thinning hair
  • #1 bestseller in men’s hair products
  • Easily rinsed
  • Some didn’t like the texture

Latest deal: Smooth Viking Men’s Hair Gel


Hair Dough Styling Clay For Men

Last but not least on our list is the best hair clay money can buy.

Hair Dough Styling Clay is made using a carefully selected blend of ingredients that give you the strong hold your hair needs to let you make thick, textured, and modern hairstyles.

If you’re like me and tired of using hair gels and hair waxes that leave behind residue or a shine then use this and gasp in amazement at the shine-free finish that doesn’t leave behind any residue and gives you the pro-hair styler matte look you’ve been begging for.

And by now you should know that’s not all.

This styling clay pomade is made without any harmful chemicals or ingredients to ensure strong holding power while keeping your hair healthy and well-nourished. Whether it’s thick short hair or long wavy hair this styling clay delivers on its promises.

And you’ll be happy to know other customers agree. One customer especially holds this one in high regard: “Aside from the fresh/clean scent (closely resembles Lipton lemon iced tea, in my opinion), this product offers a flexible (yet firm) hold. I tend to be heavy-handed with the product, but I only need a dime-sized amount for what I’m after.”

Stop searching now because this one is all you need to get that long-lasting style you’ve always wanted.

  • Works on wet hair, damp hair, or dry hair
  • Ideal for short and medium styles
  • Keeps hair healthy and low shine
  • Some found it a little greasy

Latest deal: Hair Dough Styling Clay For Men

Best Hair Products For Men - A Buyer's Guide

Now you’ve seen the best products available, it’s time to look at what to look for in hair products and answer some burning questions about hairstyling.

Types Of Male Hair Styling Products

Now you’ve probably noticed on your search that there are a lot of different kinds of hair products which is confusing when you don’t know the differences. Here’s a rough idea of what hair type and style each product is better suited to.

Putties/Clay – These are best for a medium hold and matte finish with texture on straight hairstyles

Hair Gel – Best for maximum hold and high shine on most hairstyles

Hair Wax – Ideal for medium hold and low shine on shorter hairstyles

Texture Spray/Hair Spray – Also known as sea salt spray, best for a strong hold and added volume on all hairstyles

Hair Paste – Best for medium hold and matte finish on messy, textured hairstyles

Styling Cream – This one is best for medium and long hairstyles and gives a light hold

Hair Pomade – Best for medium-to-high hold and shine on short-to-medium hairstyles

Hair Mousse – Best for a firm hold and added volume on straight hairstyles

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to style my hair?

  1. Gel (high hold and shine)
  2. Wax (both a medium hold and shine)
  3. Pomade (a medium hold with a ton of shine)
  4. Clay (a very strong hold and matte shine)
  5. Paste (like wax, both a medium hold and shine)
  6. Cream (low hold, medium shine)
  7. Mousse (to build volume)
  8. Hair serum (low hold, high shine)

Why does my hair look damaged?

If your hair is healthy, natural oils in the outer layer helps protect the inner layers. When your hair is dry, the outer layer breaks down, causing it to appear dull and unhealthy. To avoid this you could always try shaving your head. Many men are put off by this but you’d be surprised how easy it is to shave your head and how good you can look while rocking the bald look.

Should I apply pomade to wet or dry hair?

It’s best to apply pomade to dry hair. Wet hair just won’t stick. How much you apply depends on your hair type and style. Pomade’s great for adding volume to thin hair but works on thicker hair too.

What ingredients are bad for hair?

Some ingredients to avoid are:

  1. Sulfates
  2. Mineral Oil
  3. Parabens
  4. Denatured Alcohols
  5. Synthetic Fragrances
  6. Formaldehyde
  7. Coal Tar
  8. Silicones


There you have it, the best male hair products you can get right now!

Every product here is from a reputable brand and has tons of customer feedback to support it so you can add any of them to your basket and not worry about getting a dud.

Everybody’s hair is different and so each product will garner different results in which case it’s worth checking through all of the items we’ve listed here to gauge which one will suit you and your locks best.

Our top spot was taken by Brickell’s male styling clay pomade. this outstanding little pot of clay has all-natural ingredients, is great for all hair textures, and is ideal for short to medium styles.

Whichever hair product you settle for though, make sure it’s right for you and gives you that hold you’ve been looking for regardless of straight hair, thin hair, wavy hair, etc.

Good luck and stay groomed!

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