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Have you been looking for the best hair gels but just can’t seem to find one that works with your hair type?

Well, you’re not alone. It can be tricky trying to find the right hair products and hair gels for men won’t necessarily work for your hair.

Most hair gels give you a strong hold and high shine so if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re in the right place. Check out our article on best men’s hairstyles to see what kind of styles will work best with hair gel.

We’ve been looking at all kinds of gels from alcohol-free hair gel to matte gel all so we can find the very best one and save you hours of rooting through product pages to find a hair gel that gives you great hair you deserve.

Each product you’re about to see has been quality-checked so you can feel confident making a purchase from any of the links we’ve provided below.

We’ve compared dozens of hair gels based on the natural ingredients, how strong a hold it gives, how well it can retain moisture, whether it has been known to damage hair, as well as the customer reviews.

Be sure to look over every hair product here too and don’t be put off by where we’ve put a certain hair gel on the list because they’ve all got something neat to offer you.

As a side note – if you’re having trouble with getting the most from your hair gel then have a look at our article on how to use hair gel for men.

But that aside, let’s get into the list and find out what the best hair gels are.

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Best Hair Gel For Men


Redken Brews Molding Paste For Men

Our top pick is the Redken Brews men’s holding gel.

Redken Brews Grip Tight Holding Gel gives you a medium hold and a shiny finish for all types of hair however, I found that this really works best on shorter, curly hair.

This styling product for men defines with clean separation and grip for flake-free styles. Redken Brews Holding Gel is great for curly hair and best used for styles that need to be able to move a little more freely throughout the day.

But what really makes this one special?

Well, one thing I noticed is that it has a light pleasant aftershave-like smell that’s extremely subtle and not noticeable to others. This is really rare for gels as they usually have a very strong, artificial smell. This has been mentioned a lot in the reviews too with one customer saying “great smell! Almost wish they would put out a cologne to match”.

On top of that, I found that this gel is much easier to apply than most. It doesn’t make your hair rigid so there’s less need to quickly style your hair into shape before it converts into concrete and you’re stuck with a half-finished style for the rest of the day.

I can’t recommend this one enough so click the link and check it out!

  • Smells nice
  • Lightweight gel
  • Provides a flexible hold
  • Some found it left them with dry hair

    Latest deal: Redken Brews Holding Gel For Men


    Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel

    Next up at number 2 is the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree gel. “This clean, flake-free hair gel with tea tree oil thickens, builds body, and locks style in place.”

    The natural ingredients in this help secure a tight hold on your hair. These ingredients include a burst of cool mint, tea tree, and citrus which all combine together to refresh and revive.

    This one is really easy to use too as all I had to do was distribute a small amount evenly through my damp or dry hair then it would easily form, define, and style in the way I wanted it too. What more could you want?

    Now, we all know that professional grade hair products aren’t cheap but what they are is worth the cost. A little dab goes a long way with this one so you won’t have to constantly buy new bottles every week.

    But that’s not all.

    I’m a sucker for how gel smells, after all, it’s going to be in your hair all day so if it smells funky you’re going to find everyone is suddenly keeping clear of you.

    With this however, the tea tree is sweet and simple. And simpe is the best word to descrie this gel. It does what it’s supposed to and kept my hair in place with a moderate shine. best of all though is that it didn’t give me brittle hair which is all too common with many gels.

    Whether you have thin hair, straight hair, or long hair you should definitely try out this hair gel. It will leave you feeling confident and not bogged down by stiff hair that weighs a ton.

    • Bang for your buck
    • Doesn’t cause brittle or frizzy hair
    • Gives maximum hold
    • Can feel a little slimey on the hands


    Latest deal: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel


    Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel

    Coming in hot at third place we have this 24 Hour Clean Hold Styling Gel from Garnier.

    This naturally derived styling gel offers a 24 hour, extra strong, clean hold and pure performance all day long.

    I always aim to find products with natural ingredients and Garnier have delivered on this one 98 percent naturally derived ingredients such as Acacia Gum, which has long been used worldwide for its natural holding properties.

    You won’t get flaky, dry hair after using this one and I found that hair still retained a natural flow when the gel was applied.

    Better yet.

    Its paraben-free formulas feature something called active fruit protein. This is an exclusive combination of citrus protein, Vitamins B3 and B6, fruit, plant-derived extracts, as well as strengthening conditioners. This one just has it all.

    Garnier has long been known for their products being natural and sensitive promoting healthy hair and even hair growth. This product follows suit and gives you sexy hair that looks and feels natural.

    Try it out now!

    • Natural ingredients
    • Keeps hair soft
    • Retains natural oils preventing dry scalp
    • The scent isn’t as good as other entries


    Latest deal: Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel


    Suave Professionals Men's Styling Gel

    If you want a strong hold with medium shine then this entry is for you.

    This styling gel from Suave Professionals will give you that medium shine but a strong hold to your hair so you can rock your hair in a suave style and not have to worry about it falling down halfway through the day.

    It holds your style intact for a long time but maintains the fresh look which is what really sets this apart from other gels. It also maintains the natural health of your hair and doesn’t make strands too stiff or sticky with leftover residue.

    And if ingredients are your thing then Suave Professionals have you covered.

    This hair gel is alcohol-free and enriched with vitamins that keep your hair healthy. You simply apply it to damp or dry hair (not wet hair). Emulsify the gel between your palms and apply it evenly on hair then form it into your chosen style. Check out “how to style men’s hair” for some tips and ideas.

    Now, one other thing I noticed about this gel is that it doesn’t just hold the hair in place. It also does a fantastic job of taming hair that’s messy and doesn’t like to do as it’s told. So, if you find yourself struggling to keep those stray hairs in place, this may be the one for you!

    You’d be crazy not to try this out so click the link!

    • Extreme hold gel
    • Works on messy, long, or short hair
    • Nourishing ingredients
    • None that we could find


    Latest deal: Suave Professionals Men’s Styling Gel


    Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue

    Last but not least on our list is the Got2b styling glue.

    This is ideal for creating spiky hair styles with a medium shine. When this is applied, your hair will stick to you (like glue) and withstand even the toughest winds.

    I loved how this one worked for messier styles. Just twist the tips so they stand up straight or alternatively, ruffle your hair in all directions for that unkempt but stylish look that has become increasingly popular with guys.

    Now by now you know there’s more to this.

    It delivers hold so strong that your style will last pretty much until you go to bed and shampoo your hair the following day. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s wind-tunnel tested and water-resistant so you can use it on damp hair.

    Just squeeze a small dime-sized amount into your palms, rub your hands together, and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. For over-the-top spikes, apply to your fingertips and pull them through your hair twisting at the tips.

    I absolutely adore this one because it actually delivers on its promises, unlike many hair gels. It’s easily a contender for the best hair gels and worth every cent.

    • Perfect for the bed head, messy look
    • Wind-tunnel tested
    • Water-resistant
    • Sets very quickly


    Latest deal: Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue

    Other Hair Styling Products


    You’ll want to use this if you have longer, curly, or wavy hair. Wax can be greasy and has thick viscosity but provides a solid hold. Wax will give you a high shine and a strong hold providing a wet but sleek look.


    Use this one if you have sense, coarse hair. Styling pomade has a matte finish and tends to be more clay-based giving you a drier, lived-in texture. I’d recommend using pomade for short to medium styles. It will help you achieve a low to a high shine with a firm hold.


    The great thing about hair spray is it can be used effectively by anyone with any hair type. Some brands have released products with a low-key grip so you can still make amendments and don’t have everything locked into place with no hope of running a finger through your hair. Hair spray is more of an afterthought and should be used as a finishing touch to keep everything where it should be. It will give a medium to a high shine, as well as a medium to strong hold.


    This is the one to go for if you have wavy or curly hair with some body. It’s especially effective for curly hair as it can set the curl without it getting frizzy giving a more finished look. Once applied you’ll have a light, low-shine, natural-looking hold.


    This one is ideal for fine hair. Balm doesn’t have much weight to it and should be used to achieve a natural look. it will give you a medium shine and low to medium hold.


    Hair paste is best used on medium to thick hair. It’s like a heavier cream with a decent amount of viscosity and tack. You’ll want to pick this if you’re seeking a finished but natural look for short- to medium-length haircuts. It provides medium shine and medium hold.

    Sea Salt Spray

    This isn’t a commonly used product but you may want to try it if you have finer, long, or thick hair. It’s great at adding texture and giving dimension as well as more volume without looking too over the top.

    Frequently Asked Questios

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I make my own hair gel?

    Yes, in fact making your own gel at home can often be a lot cheaper and healthier for your hair as you get to pick the ingredients that go into it. Check out our article on DIY hair gel for some easy-to-follow recipes and guides on how to make gel at home.

    Why do men use gel in their hair?

    If you want to tame hard-to-manage hair or don’t mind a wet look, then gel may be worth trying. If you have thick, dark, or curly hair, again, gel might be worth trying in moderation. It’s also effective if you want to create dry matte finishes, big or ambitious styles, natural looks, reworkable styles, etc.

    Is gel bad for your hair?

    In addition to the alcohols, they often contain corrosive chemicals that strip all moisture from the hair and scalp. These gels mess with the moisture levels and reduce the production of sebum creating dry, brittle, and breakage-prone hair which gives rise to problems of itchy and flaky scalp.


    So there we have it, you’ve seen the best hair gel according to us and you’re hopefully ready to add one of these products to your basket.

    Every product has been carefully chosen based on its ingredients, hold, sensitivity to hair, and customer reviews.

    Each one has something to offer and will work differently for everyone so always do your own research too by clicking the link and taking a look at the customer reviews for those unbias insights that reveal all the details the manufacturer doesn’t want you to know.

    My top pick was the Redken Brews holding gel which is a fantastic lightweight hair gel that has a subtle but pleasant smell and provides a flexible hold so you can make amendments to your hair after applying the gel.

    Whichever hair gel you pick though make sure that it works for you and doesn’t cause adverse effects like dry scalp, brittle hair, or even soreness to your head and neckline.

    Prioritize natural ingredients too where you can as these are far less toxic and unlikely to cause irritation or long-term hair damage. Another thing to consider is alcohol-free gels as these are much more hair-friendly than those with alcohol.

    But all that aside, good luck with your search and keep your hair looking healthy and fresh.

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    Jess Rowley, a veteran nail tech, has been studying beauty over the last 11 years and has completed the nail technology program in California. Watching the latest trends in beauty, Jess searches for the highest quality products that make your nails feel loved.