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Best facial cleanser for sensitive aging skin?

If there’s one thing you may have noticed as you get older, is that your skin changes. Aside from emerging wrinkles, you probably have realized that your skin is much more sensitive and delicate than it used to be.

That’s why skincare is one of those things that you can’t miss out on. And let me tell you, if there’s one thing you should be doing as you mature is looking after your skin. The first step is cleansing, maybe it’s something that you didn’t really worry about in your 20s, but your skin at 50 just isn’t the same.

I’ve been on the hunt to find out what is the best facial cleanser for mature skin so you can learn how to care for aging skin, comparing several articles and hundreds of reviews so you get products that have really work on your skin type.

But wait, it gets better.

We all know that looking years longer takes a lot of work, and mature skin needs the right products in a skincare routine for aging skin. If you were never the sort to remove your makeup before going to bed, or cleansing your face with a face wash every morning, then you’re making a big mistake.

Cleansing is one of those all important steps that you may not think of when it comes to banishing wrinkles. But trust me, every face wash on this list has anti-aging properties as well as hydrating formulas that help to smooth out fine lines whilst providing key nutrients it needs such as ceramides, retinol, and hyaluronic acid among others.

Here’s a tip- When it comes to treating wrinkles, what’s not in your facial cleanser can be even more important. Avoid harsh surfactants such as sulfates and fragrance, as well as drying alcohols as they can irritate your skin and dry it out, making it easier to get wrinkles.

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A Review of the best facial cleanser for aging skin


L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal Facial Cleanser

best facial cleanser for dry aging skin

If you’re looking for a cleanser that has anti aging properties, then this one is for you.

The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Facial Cleanser is a brightening daily cleanser that treats wrinkles at the same time. If you want to reduce signs of aging and rewind the clock, this is perfect for mature skin. To replenish the skin and reduce texture, it has a variety of good ingredients in it so you can reach for this every day and night.

One of the unique things that I love about this L’Oréal Paris facial cleanser, is that it addresses dull, uneven skin tone as well by shedding dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. The skin loses the ability to get rid of dead skin cells as it ages, so the right cleanser can help you recover that radiance and youthful glow you’re looking for. Whether you have combination skin or oily skin that quickly gets shiny, this one will do the job.

Now, wait until you hear this.

This facial cleanser has been infused with gentle micro pearls as well as glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin and improve texture and clarity. After using it regularly you’ll notice visibly brighter skin and faded wrinkles. Exfoliating acids is key to getting brighter skin and promote cell rejuvenation. This face wash has all the right ingredients if you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and plump the skin to create a firm lift.

With these ingredients, you can expect plump skin and moisture for hours. Try out this wrinkle fighting cleanser for quick, visible results and an anti aging formula that you can use daily or nightly.

It’s worth being on here.

  • Improves tone and texture
  • Glycolic acid
  • Micro pearls
  • Budget friendly
  • Not suitable on delicate eye area

Latest deal: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal Facial Cleanser


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo Face Cleanser

best facial cleanser for sensitive aging skin

Looking for the best cleanser for mature skin? Look no further.

La Roche Posay is ideal if you want oil-free, everyday gentle cleansing. I’m talking about moisture with a light, non-greasy feel that won’t strip your skin or be too harsh when cleansing. The Dermo cleanser for face and eyes is gentle and full of the right ingredients so you can cleanse your face and at the same time look after your skin.

I love that this cleanser has been dermatologically tested and includes key ingredients to look after your skin. This includes Glycerin which is a humectant, known for its hydrating properties, to plump your skin all day.

But wait let me tell you about this.

A great feature of this is the famous La Roche Posay thermal spring water, a key ingredient in all their products. This is a soothing antioxidant and ideal for delicate, sensitive skin. This unique water is rich in selenium, to provide antioxidant properties so you get lightweight moisture that leaves your skin matte. This cleanser will help to tighten your pores after cleansing, to prevent breakouts.

La Roche Posay is known to be a leading skincare brand that provides all the right ingredients in its products so you can keep your skin hydrated. It is also fragrance-free and has a fresh milky texture to nourish your skin and cleanse gently. It’s a winner!

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  • Nourishing milky texture
  • Soothes sensitive skin
  • Hydrating glycerin
  • Contains antioxidant thermal water
  • Doesn’t smell much

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Prep Facial Cream Cleanser

best drugstore facial cleanser for normal aging skin

This is one of the best budget moisturizers for mature skin.

The Neutrogena Rapid repair face cleanser is amongst the top recommended by dermatologists, and with good reason. This is ideal as a skin prep before doing the rest of your skincare routine, and provides a fresh base so your skin can absorb all the good stuff. It contains wrinkle fighting ingredients for a smooth skin finish.

This cleanser is perfect for using in the morning and evening, as the first step to your skincare routine. If you use retinol in the evenings, then this is the right cleanser to use before as it helps to prepare your skin for retinol. Reviews show clean and younger looking skin in just one week.

But that’s not the best part.

The Neutrogena face cleanser contains accelerated retinol in the form of Retinol SA, plus Hyaluronic Acid and Glucose complex. It also has glycolic acid to help exfoliate your skin and get rid of dirt and dead skin cells for smoother, brighter looking skin. It has been a staple for many years when it comes to looking youthful. Made with pure retinol, it helps fight dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Smoothing out the skin’s surface and fading dark spots to have everyone guessing your age. Plus with a glucose complex to strengthen the skins barrier, it’s everything you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for the best face wash for mature skin for your next favorite retinol cleanser in the evening, the Neutrogena rapid repair cream is your next go-to. With good results in less than a week, we’ll be taking this everywhere.

Have you added this one to your basket yet?

  • Contains retinol
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Glucose complex
  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Not so good for very dry skin

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Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

best gentle facial cleanser for aging skin prone to acne

If you want to know the best cleanser for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, look no further.

The Dermalogica resurfacing cleanser is designed for all skin types, but it’s especially useful if you have mature skin. Best used in the morning and evening, you can use it to prep your skin before doing skincare or simply to freshen up. It helps to protect the skin from the environment and improve the overall complexion.

This Dermalogica cleanser contains lactic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, and smooth any texture is great for sensitive skin too. It helps to retexturize the skin as well as accelerate cell turnover. That means smoother wrinkles and reduced fine lines, and skin that just looks brighter and younger.

But that’s not all.

Dermalogica also contains a range of antioxidants to help condition the skin and plump it so it looks fresh and hydrated. We don’t want any stripping or harsh cleansers that will leave our skin parched, and that’s why I love Dermalogica Resurfacing cleanser. It helps to smooth the skin and turn back the clock but without harming your delicate skin barrier. It cleanses as well as brightens and firms your skin for better clarity and a fresh complexion.

Dermalogica is the ideal option if you want the benefits of anit aging skin care without any of the common irritants. It contains natural exfoliants without the harsh chemicals so many other creams on the market add-in.

Trust me, you’ll love this.

  • Lactic acid
  • Antioxidants
  • Accelerates cell turnover
  • Gentle ingredients
  • Slightly pricey

Latest deal: Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser


Murad Exfoliating AHA/BHA Cleanser

best gentle facial cleanser for aging skin prone to acne

If you struggle with blackheads and clogged pores, an exfoliating cleanser is a good choice.

The Murad cleanser is an AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser ideal for dull skin. If you’re looking for fresh, younger-looking skin, then a cleanser with direct acids is a must. In saying that, this may not be suitable for a daily wash, but you can use it a few times a week to brighten your skin and do a deep cleanse.

I love that Murad contains biodegradable exfoliating jojoba beads to manually exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. It also helps to open hydration pathways and prep your skin for when you apply moisturizer. This creamy exfoliating cleanser gives you all the benefits of exfoliation to gently reveal brighter, smoother looking skin.

But wait.

An extremely important feature of Murad is their transparent list of ingredients. It is formulated without harsh sulfates and phthalates, as well as gluten, mineral oil, formaldehyde, oxybenzone and petroleum. If you’re into vegan skincare and environmentally friendly ingredients, then Murad doesn’t disappoint.

What more can I say? Murad exfoliating cleanser also comes in a mini travel sized bottle so you can give it a try without splurging on a full size bottle, and see how good it is for yourself is a gentle cleanser that promises to promote moisture retention from dry, sensitive skin and clean the skin gently. I’d say it does the job pretty well. Enriched with botanical extracts and value for money, it’s a winner!

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  • Contains alpha hydroxy acids
  • Free from irritating ingredients
  • Exfoliates gently
  • Redices appearance of dark spots
  • Slightly pricey

Latest deal: Murad Exfoliating AHA/BHA Cleanser

Best facial cleanser for aging skin- A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for the best anti aging face washes, you’ve come to the right place.

The best anti aging face washes need to be able to care for excess oil, acne prone skin, oily skin as well as sensitive skin. If your goal is to make your skin soft and balance your skin tone, then you need a good face wash.

The best anti aging cleansers will have salicylic acid, aloe vera and will be oil free to soothe the skin, especially if you have acne prone skin or excess oil. To get glowing skin then get a face wash with alpha hydroxy acids to improve skin texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Getting youthful looking skin is easier than you think.

What is a facial cleanser?

In simple terms, a facial cleanser is designed to clean our skin. They are made to break down oil and dirt, makeup sunscreen and the remains of dead skin cells and pollutants. It’s essential for unclogging pores and exfoliating the top layer of the skin, without damaging the skin barrier or leaving it too dry.

There are many different types of facial cleansers, and it’s important you find the one that works best for you. Cleansers range from micellar water, foaming cleansers, cleansing gels, creams and balms, oils and even wipes.

Benefits of using Facial Cleansers

If you’re not using a facial cleanser in your skin care routine, then you’re seriously missing out. What is a facial cleanser used for?

Here are a few benefits to convince you to invest in a good facial cleanser:

Keep your skin hydrated and soft– cream cleansers can help restore moisture to your skin

Get rid of dead skin cells– reveal a fresh layer for a natural glow and brighter skin

Clear up buildup– get rid of dirt and grim from the day, as well as helping to unclog pores

Boost blood circulation– stimulate blood circulation around your face

Fight signs of aging– make your skin look fresher and younger

Prepping your skin– get the most from your skincare products by prepping your face and leaving it clean and ready to soak up all the skincare benefits.

How to choose the best anti aging face cleanser?

If you’re struggling to choose an anti aging cleanser that fits right in with your skincare routine, then have a look at a few of these important things to keep in mind.

Non drying– When your skin matures, it loses the ability to hold moisture. When your skin is dry, wrinkles form more easily, so it’s key you use a cleansing milk to restore moisture. Avoid harsh, stripping cleansers that leave your skin dry, as this can cause more fine lines.

Contains anti aging ingredients– Ideally, you want a cleanser that contributes to cell rejuvenation. That means looking out for ingredients like collagen, retinol, alpha hydroxy acids for cell turnover, vitamin c to brighten skin tone, and hyaluronic acid for hydration. Choose the most important ingredients for you and get a cleanser that includes them.

Free from irritating ingredients-When you have mature skin, it’s important to avoid harsh or irritating ingredients that can damage sensitive skin. That includes synthetic fragrances, parabens and harsh surfactants like sodium Laureth sulfate that can damage the skin barrier.

Final Thoughts

Finding an anti aging cleanser that effectively cleanses and reduces visible signs of aging. Unfortunately, face washes are not all created equally, but you can find some good options full of anti aging benefits. That means good for sensitive skin types, boosts collagen production, good ingredients like vitamin e and green tea.

Look for a sulfate-free or soap free cleanser that has a gel texture and soothing ingredients like cucumber extract. A good cleanser will smooth dark circles and effectively wash away eye makeup and removes makeup and removes dirt.

Anti aging products can work wonders for your skin, especially when it gently cleanses and has exfoliating ingredients. You can hydrate dry skin, get rid of dark spots, and remove dirt, improve skin texture, and many other anti aging benefits.

What are your favorite anti aging cleansers?

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