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Best Elemis Skincare Products [Review] in 2022

Last Updated on March 4, 2022
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Looking to upgrade your skincare?

If you want to know the best skincare buys that are well worth the money, then you’ve come to the right place. No skincare collection is complete without at least one product from Elemis Skincare, but with so many popular products it’s tough to choose the best.

What started in 1994 in cruise ships and spas, and are now modern-day must-haves, Elemis Skincare has become a staple in the skincare community, especially for their anti-aging products. I have picked out my top favorite Elemis products that you’re sure to love, and take you through their best sellers that are actually worth the hype.

You’ll love this.

I have compiled a list based on reviews and Elemis best sellers, as well as the products from Elemis that everyone is talking about. If you haven’t tried Elemis yet, then any of these products are a good choice, and are guaranteed to win your skincare heart.

You’ll know which products from these brands are the holy grails in the skincare world, as well as how to incorporate them into your routine. If you’re looking for one of the best elemis products for aging skin head to product number 2 for a famously good cream!

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A Review of the Best Elemis Products


Pro collagen cleansing balm

This one is hands down worth a try.

After trying so many other balms, I have discovered the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing balm, and let me tell you it is a gamechanger. It is an emollient rich cleansing balm with a creamy texture that will make your skin get the full spa experience.

It smells divine, and really works. Not only is the scent relaxing, helping you to immerse yourself in that spa experience, but it gently removes dirt from your skin once you know how to use Elemis cleansing balm. You will notice your skin feels soft, supple and hydrated, not stripped.

But wait, there’s more.

I love this balm, beacuse it breaks down every bit of dirt and grime, even makeup but without damaging the skin. You simply massage it in and let it melt into the skin. Not only that, but ELEMIS use essential oils to help carry active ingredients for better results and to help penetrate the skin better.

Your skincare doesn’t have to be complicated and boring, thanks to products like ELEMIS this can be an at home spa experience while it works hard to remove everything you don’t want.

Add this one to your basket, trust me.

  • Essential oils
  • Mineral oil free
  • 3 in 1 cleansing
  • Hydrating milky texture
  • Small jar

Latest deal: Pro collagen cleansing balm


Pro collagen marine cream

This is the best anti aging cream by Elemis

You could say that their whole Elemis Pro-collagen range is the star of the show, with most bestsellers coming from this collection. However, their main product the Pro collagen Marine Cream is one of the first products to ever launch and continues to be a best-seller today.

In the form of an innovative gel cream texture that aims to hydrate and lock in moisture to give you result in just 14 days. For all of you looking to get youthful skin, this one does the trick.

Let me tell you the best bit.

The Pro Collagen Marine cream aims to firm the skin, smooth away fine lines, and hydrate it to give you plump skin everyday. Suitable for all ages and skin types, it contains key ingredients your skin will love. This includes Rose, Padina Pavonica, and Mimosa which nourish the skin and lock in hydration for the whole day.

There’s a reason this cream is Elemis’ number 1 best seller. Results have shown that users experienced younger looking skin in just two weeks, making it effective against aging, boosting collagen production. For a full review on the pro collagen marine cream, check out the guide.

If there’s one thing you should get, its this marine cream.

  • Contains natural extracts
  • Results in 2 weeks
  • Firms, smooths and hydrates
  • Anti aging
  • Slightly pricey



Latest deal: Pro collagen marine cream


Dynamic resurfacing facial wash

This is one of the best cleansers for acne prone skin.

The Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash is an enzyme gel cleanser that removes dirt and impurities from the day. We know that our skin is our first line of defense against the outside world, and this can make our skin look dull and tired. If you struggle with acne and breakouts, or want to get glowing skin, then this exfoliating cleanser is ideal.

To get rid of these pollutants in a gentle way, the enzyme facial wash refines the skin with a gentle foaming gel to give you an even complexion. If you suffer with acne scarring or skin texture, this facial cleanser is perfect for smoothing out the skin. It helps to renew and increase cell turnover for glowing, fresh skin.

Check this out.

Their whole Dynamic resurfacing range is based on the idea of smoothing your skin to get rid of textural irregularities. This gel cleanser has key ingredients like Babassu, Patented tri enzyme technology, and white truffle to gently exfoliate.

The Dynamic cleanser aims to purify, renew and revitalise the skin, helping you to feel fresh and cleanse your skin. It also has anti aging properties to renew the skin and help fade dark spots and fine lines, so you can gently exfoliate the skin without stripping it of moisture.

Click on the link below to see the reviews!

  • Exfoliating cleanser
  • Contains Tri-enzyme technology
  • Natural extracts
  • Gel texture
  • Doesn’t remove all eye makeup easily


Latest deal: Dynamic resurfacing facial wash


Soothing apricot toner

This is worth being on here.

The Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner is amongst the top recommended products made by Elemis, and with good reason. This is ideal as part of your skin prep before doing the rest of your skincare routine, and provides a fresh base after cleansing so your skin can absorb all the good stuff.

It contains wrinkle fighting ingredients for a smooth skin finish. This toner is perfect for using in the morning and evening, as the first step to your skincare routine, especially if you have sensitive skin. It refreshes the skin but without drying it out or stripping it of moisture. The Apricot toner aims to soothe, calm and refresh all in one bottle.

But that’s not the best part.

The Apricot toner helps the skin absorb your moisturizer or night cream and open its pores. I love this toner because it doesn’t contain any aggressive detergents or alcohol unlike so many other brands. Not only does it smell of apricot, but it also contains extracts of apricot, Quillja Wood and sweet betty flower to soothe the skin and make it glow.

Whether you’re looking for the best face toner for mature skin for your next favorite toner, the Soothing apricot toner is a great choice. With proven results, we’ll be taking this everywhere.

Have you added this one to your basket yet?

  • Natural ingredients
  • Soothes, calms and refreshes
  • No aggressive ingredients
  • Aids moisture penetration
  • Not everyone likes the smell



Latest deal: Soothing apricot toner


Superfood Facial Oil

This one is worth a look at.

A very popular collection in Elemis is the Superfood range. This oil is a concentrated blend of 9 different oils to nourish your skin. If you’re looking for an easy way to get nutrients into your skin and help lock in moisture, then the Superfood Facial Oil is worth a try.

Packed with vitamins and prebiotics, the goal of this facial oil is to boost your skin’s health by harnessing the power of nature. You’ll notice your skin feeling smooth, brighter, and radiant. Light and non-greasy, it’s easy to use on a daily basis for that glowing complexion.

But there’s more to it.

This oil is a natural blend of plant based super ingredients that help to hydrate the skin. It includes Broccoli, Linseed as well as Daikon Radish for a healthy glow. Simply use a few drops every morning after cleansing your skin, and massage gently into your face.

Additionally enriched with Organic Pumpkin Seed oil and Black Seed oil, as well as Nettle extract, its sure to nourish your skin and give it a boost of vitamins and antioxidants. If you want to spice up your skincare game and enrich your skin, then the Superfood Facial Oil is a definite winner.

Check out the product by clicking on the blue button below.

  • Full of natural ingredients
  • Minimises dull skin
  • Smoother skin
  • Non greasy
  • Earthy smell



Latest deal: Superfood Facial Oil

The Best Products By Elemis Skincare – A Buyer’s Guide

Since starting the brand in 1988, ELEMIS has been continually sought after in spas around the country, helping every client receive an excellent treatment. If you’ve ever had a facial using ELEMIS products, then you’ve probably remember it as a great experience.

Once Elemis brought out their award winning Pro Collagen Marine Cream, its popularity grew. Thanks to the cream’s luxurious gel texture, and hydration that showed visible results, Elemis became at the top of high ranking skincare brands everyone must have.

If you’ve ever wanted to try out Elemis products, but not sure where to start, then this buyer’s guide is for you. I’ve reviewed some of the best sellers by ELEMIS that people cant get enough of. Whether you have aging skin or breakout prone skin, or even sensitive skin, there’s a product for you on here.

With the brand focusing on aromatherapy as a basis for all their products, you can expect natural fragrances, botanical ingredients paired with scientific innovation that not only treat you to a spa experience, but will transform your skin.

Which skincare product will you be trying?


About ELEMIS Skincare

Now with over 30 years of expertise and a global brand available in more than 45 years, where did its roots begin?

Their slogan “truth in beauty” began when entrepreneur and investor Linda Steiner had the vision to create a skincare range that was close to nature. In London in 1989, she teamed up with Noella Gabriel, Sean Harrington and Oriele Frank to evolve the brand and carry her vision.

You’ve probably seen them around in Ulta as they’ve expanded in the US. Today they’ve won multiple Special Industry Awards, and in recent times ELEMIS have been named Best Premium Skincare Brand by the Sunday Times in the UK. To be honest, were not surprised. Elemis has got products that work because they use active plant extracts and have banned over 2000+ harmful ingredients. They also carefully undergo third party testing to bring you only the products that work.

Founded: in 1988 Noella Gabriel, Oriele Frank, Sean C.Harrington

Based: London, UK

Brand values: Delivers spa quality products that are designed with aromatherapy and scientific innovation.

Best selling product: Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Why go for ELEMIS: Elemis has won over 200 beauty and spa awards for the quality of its products.

Why try ELEMIS Skincare

For the past decades, Elemis has been delivering quality products that you can use for your daily skincare routine. They not only look and smell nice, but have been clinically proven to actually work.

One of the things that makes ELEMIS stand out is that they are devoted to skin wellness, and make sure every product provides benefit to the skin’s health.

Their mission statement is to deliver Truth in Beauty, meaning that all of their skincare is powered by active natural ingredients, have soft textures, proven results and contribute to skin wellness.

Elemis bases all of its products on four key principles

Skin health– All of their products work to protect the skin’s microflora as well as fight off environmental aggressors. They aim to promote healthy skin pH and can even arrange a virtual or in store skin consultation so you can personalize your skincare routine to an Elemis Skin Wellness Plan tailored to your skin.

Proven results– All of the Elemis products have gone through testing to ensure they work, and include powerful active ingredients for proven results. That means you can trust that every product is designed to feel good, but also make your skin look good.

Feel good- The brand wants you to have a spa like experience that makes you feel good. That means their products are created using natural fragrances and luxurious textures that melt into your skin. They aim to engage your senses when doing your skincare routine, so you enjoy the journey as well as the results.

Transparency– The Elemis brand believes that being transparent and honest about what’s in their products is key. All of their skincare products have been developed in the Elemis Innovation Hub in London, manufactured in England and with high standards of quality.

Elemis aim to bring positivity into the lives of its clients, by improving your complexion as well as beauty, knowing you are using products with quality ingredients. The best bit is that Elemis cater for all genders and age groups, and there truly is a product for everyone. Don’t be fooled into thinking their brand is for older people simply because their anti aging creams are famous. Everyone needs a holistic, feel good skincare routine that delivers results.

Final Thoughts

ELEMIS is a beauty brand known by skin fanatics to bring results driven, luxury spa products into the comfort of our bathroom. With a British Heritage, they create indulgent creams and cleansers with sublime textures and scientific innovation paired with aromatherapy to delight your skin.

If you’ve never tried Elemis before, this is your sign to give them a go. Whether you want to nourish your skin with vitamins, find a better anti aging skin cream, or want to boost your complexion overall, give Elemis a try.

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